Mid Market

AT0000616701 Athos Immobilien AGATH
CH0328339665-AT BiovoltagVOLT
AT0000764626 Hti High Tech Industries AGHTI
AT0000A021K7 Hutter & Schrantz Stahlbau AGHST
AT0000776307 Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AGSAC
AT0000816301 Unternehmens Invest AGUIV

Other Austrian

AT0000676903 Rhi AGRHI

Prime Market

AT0000603709 Agrana Beteiligungs-agAGR
AT00000AMAG3 Amag Austria Metall AGAMAG
AT0000730007 Andritz AGANDR
AT0000969985 At&s Austria Tech.&systemtech.ATS
AT0000BAWAG2 Bawag Group AGBG
AT0000641352 Ca Immobilien Anlagen AGCAI
AT0000818802 Do & Co AktiengesellschaftDOC
AT0000652011 Erste Group Bank AGEBS
AT0000741053 Evn AGEVN
AT00000VIE62 Flughafen Wien AGFLU
AT0000809058 Immofinanz AGIIA
AT000KAPSCH9 Kapsch Trafficcom AGKTCG
AT0000644505 Lenzing AGLNZ
AT0000938204 Mayr-melnhof Karton AGMMK
AT0000APOST4 Oesterr. Post AGPOST
AT0000743059 Omv AGOMV
AT0000758305 Palfinger AGPAL
AT0000A00XX9 Polytec Holding AGPYT
AT0000609607 Porr AGPOS
AT0000606306 Raiffeisen Bank Internat. AGRBI
AT0000922554 Rosenbauer International AGROS
AT0000652250 S Immo AGSPI
AT0000946652 Schoeller-bleckmann AGSBO
AT0000785555 Semperit Ag HoldingSEM
AT000000STR1 Strabag SeSTR
AT0000720008 Telekom Austria AGTKA
AT0000815402 Ubm Development AGUBS
AT0000821103 Uniqa Insurance Group AGUQA
FR0004056851-AT Valneva Se StVLA
AT0000746409 Verbund Ag Kat. AVER
AT0000908504 Vienna Insurance Group AGVIG
AT0000937503 Voestalpine AGVOE
AT0000827209 Warimpex Finanz- Und Bet. AGWXF
AT0000831706 Wienerberger AGWIE
AT0000834007 Wolford AGWOL
AT0000837307 Zumtobel Group AGZAG

Standard Market

JE00B3DCF752-AT AtriumATRS
AT0000625504 Bank Für Tirol Und VbgBTS
AT0000625538 Bank Für Tirol Und VbgBTV
AT0000624739 Bks BankBKV
AT0000624705 Bks Bank Ag StBKS
AT0000640552 Burgenland HoldingBHD
AT0000613005 C-quadrat InvestmentC8I
AT0000A1PY49 Cleen Energy AGCLEN
AT0000762406 Frauenthal HoldingFKA
AT0000A0Z9G3 GurktalerGAGS
AT0000A0Z9H1 GurktalerGAGV
AT0000728209 Josef Manner & Comp.MAN
AT0000820659 KTM IndustriesKTMI
AT0000723606 Linz Textil HoldingLTH
AT0000690151 Maschinenfabrik HeidHED
AT0000625108 OberbankOBS
AT0000625132 OberbankOBV
AT00000OESD0 Oester Staatsdruckerei HoldingOESD
AT0000758008 Ottakringer GetränkeOTS
AT0000758032 Ottakringer GetränkeOTV
AT0000800800 Pankl Racing Systems AGPARS
AT0000767306 RathRAT
AT0000797303 Stadlauer MalzfabrikSTM
AT0000808209 Sw UmwelttechnikSWUT
AT0000824701 Volksbank VorarlbergVVPS
AT0000741301 Wiener PrivatbankWPB



BE0974275076 2valoriseVALOR
BE0974293251 AB InbevABI
BE0003877942 AblynxABLX
BE0974278104 ABO GroupABO
GB00BYWF9Y76-BE Acacia PharmaACPH
BE0003696102 AccentisACCB
BE0003764785 Ackermans V.haarenACKB
BE0003851681 AedificaAED
BE0974264930 AgeasAGS
BE0003755692 Agfa-gevaertAGFB
NL0011794037-BE Ahold DelAD
BE0003676872 Antares CertANT
LU0569974404-BE AperamAPAM
NL0010832176-BE Argenx SeARGX
BE0003856730 AscencioASC
BE0974289218 AsitASIT
BE0003837540 AtenorATEB
NL0012047823-BE AvantiumAVTX
BE0974314461 Balta GroupBALTA
BE0003870871 Banimmo ABANI
BE0003790079 BarcoBAR
BE0003674851 Basilix CertBAS
BE0003661726 Beaulieu-av. CertBEAB
BE0003678894 BefimmoBEFB
BE0974258874 BekaertBEKB
BE0020575115 BelrecaBELR
BE0003723377 BelugaBELU
BE0974281132 BiocartisBCART
BE0974280126 Bone TherapeuticsBOTHE
BE0974268972 BpostBPOST
BE0003008019 Bque Nat. BelgiqueBNB
LU1068091351-BE BrederodeBREB
BE0003825420 CampineCAMB
BE0974298300 Candela InvestCAND
BE0974273055 Care Property Inv.CPINV
BE0974260896 CelyadCYAD
BE0974303357 CenergyCENER
BE0003883031 CfeCFEB
BE0003592038 CIE Bois SauvageCOMB
BE0003593044 CofinimmoCOFB
BE0003811289 Cofinimmo Priv1COFP1
BE0003813301 Cofinimmo Priv2COFP2
BE0974256852 ColruytCOLR
BE0003786036 Connect GroupCONN
NL0011509294-BE CuretisCURE
BE0974259880 D''ieterenDIE
BE0003789063 DeceuninckDECB
BE0974290224 DexiaDEXB
BE0003698124 Diegem KennedycertDIEG
BE0003605160 Distri-land CertDISL
BE0974300320 Eckert-ziegler BgEZBG
BE0974313455 Econocom GroupECONB
BE0003822393 EliaELI
BE0003843605 Emakina GroupALEMK
BE0003849669 EMD MusicEMD
FR0010208488-BE EngieENGI
NL0009901610-BE EnvipcoENVI
BE0003816338 EuronavEURN
NL0006294274-BE EuronextENX
BE0003842599 EuropublidisALPBS
BE0003840577 EvadixALEVA
BE0003820371 EVS Broadc.equipm.EVS
BE0003808251 ExmarEXM
BE0003874915 FagronFAGR
BE0003885051 FlexosFLEX
BE0003215143 FloridienneFLOB
BE0974265945 Fluxys Belgium DFLUX
BE0003752665 FountainFOU
BE0003818359 GalapagosGLPG
BE0003797140 GblGBLB
BE0003740546 Genk Logist. CertGENK
FR0011790542-BE GenkyotexGKTX
BE0003699130 GimvGIMB
GB00BYN5BY03-BE Global GraphicsGLOG
BE0003765790 GreenyardGREEN
BE0003861789 GrownersGROWN
BE0003700144 HamonHAMO
BE0003760742 Home Invest Be.HOMI
BE0003766806 IbaIBAB
BE0003860773 ICE ConceptICE
BE0003748622 IEP InvestIEP
BE0974287196 Immo MccMCC
BE0003893139 Immo MouryIMMOU
BE0003599108 ImmobelIMMO
BE0003866838 ImmopoolIMMOP
NL0011821202-BE ING Groep N.v.INGA
BE0003746600 Intervest Off-wareINTO
BE0003858751 Jensen-groupJEN
BE0003565737 KbcKBC
BE0003867844 KBC AncoraKBCA
BE0003880979 Keyware Tech.KEYW
NL0011323407-BE KiadisKDS
BE0974274061 Kinepolis GroupKIN
BE0974285174 KKO Int Warrant AKKOWA
BE0974284169 KKO InternationalALKKO
BE0003770840 LeasinvestLEAS
BE0003604155 Lotus BakeriesLOTB
LU0092846210-BE Lux-airport CertLUXA
BE0003844611 MdxhealthMDXH
IL0010846314-BE MedivisionMEDV
BE0165385973 MelexisMELE
BE0003731453 MikoMIKO
BE0974283153 MithraMITRA
BE0003853703 Montea C.v.a.MONT
NL0000488153-BE MopoliMOP
NL0000488161-BE Mopoli FondMOPF
BE0003602134 Moury ConstructMOUR
BE0003680916 Neufcour-fin.NEU
BE0003832491 NewtreeNEWT
FR0004166155-BE Nr21NR21
BE0974294267 NyrstarNYR
GB00B063YS85-BE OimOIM
BE0974276082 Ontex GroupONTEX
BE0003836534 OptionOPTI
BE0003735496 Orange BelgiumOBEL
XS0290764728-BE Orcobsaar1219ORCOW
IL0010830391-BE Payton PlanarPAY
BE0003503118 PcbPCBB
BE0003835528 PharcoPHAR
BE0003807246 PicanolPIC
BE0003838555 PnsPNSB
BE0003810273 ProximusPROX
BE0974272040 QrfQRF
BE0003730448 Questfor Gr-pricafQFG
BE0003841583 RealcoREAL
BE0003899193 RealdolmenREA
BE0003656676 RecticelREC
BE0003829463 ReibelREI
BE0003707214 ResiluxRES
BE0003720340 Retail EstatesRET
BE0003575835 RosierENGB
BE0003741551 RoulartaROU
LU0061462528-BE RTL GroupRTL
BE0003654655 SabcaSAB
FR0000125007-BE Saint GobainSGO
BE0003625366 SapecSAP
BE0012378593 Scheerd.v KerchoveSCHD
BE0974261902 SettlementsSTTL
BE0003743573 SioenSIOE
BE0003898187 SipefSIP
BE0974323553 Smartphoto GroupSMAR
BE0003717312 SofinaSOF
BE0003773877 SoftimatSOFT
BE0003545531 Solvac Nom(retail)SOLV
BE0003470755 SolvaySOLB
BE0003798155 SpadelSPA
BE0003620318 St.gudule-pl. CertSAIG
BE0003463685 Sucraf A & BSUCR
FR0010613471-BE SuezSEV
BE0003852697 Team KalorikTEAM
BE0003826436 Telenet GroupTNET
BE0003573814 TER BekeTERB
BE0003555639 TessenderloTESB
BE0974263924 TexafTEXF
BE0003846632 ThrombogenicsTHR
BE0003864817 TigenixTIG
BE0974282148 TincTINC
FR0000120271-BE TotalFP
BE0003823409 Tubize-finTUB
BE0003847648 U&I LearningUNI
BE0003739530 UcbUCB
BE0974320526 UmicoreUMI
BE0003839561 VAN De VeldeVAN
BE0003754687 Vastned Retail BelVASTB
BE0003878957 VgpVGP
BE0974271034 ViohalcoVIO
FR0000062796-BE Vranken-pommeryVRAP
BE0003734481 WarehousesWEB
BE0003763779 WdpWDP
BE0003724383 Wereldhave BelgiumWEHB
BE0003600112 Wol. Extens. CertWOLE
BE0003571792 Wol. Shopping CertWOLS
BE0974288202 XiorXIOR
BE0974311434 ZenitelZENT
BE0003809267 Zenobe Gramme CertZEN

Other Belgian

BE0974275076 2valoriseVALOR
BE0974293251 AB InbevABI
BE0003877942 AblynxABLX
BE0974278104 ABO GroupABO
GB00BYWF9Y76-BE Acacia PharmaACPH
BE0003696102 AccentisACCB
BE0003764785 Ackermans V.haarenACKB
BE0003851681 AedificaAED
BE0974264930 AgeasAGS
BE0003755692 Agfa-gevaertAGFB
BE0003676872 Antares CertANT
NL0010832176-BE Argenx SeARGX
BE0003856730 AscencioASC
BE0974289218 AsitASIT
BE0003837540 AtenorATEB
BE0974314461 Balta GroupBALTA
BE0003870871 Banimmo ABANI
BE0003790079 BarcoBAR
BE0003674851 Basilix CertBAS
BE0003661726 Beaulieu-av. CertBEAB
BE0003678894 BefimmoBEFB
BE0974258874 BekaertBEKB
BE0020575115 BelrecaBELR
BE0003723377 BelugaBELU
BE0974281132 BiocartisBCART
BE0974280126 Bone TherapeuticsBOTHE
BE0974268972 BpostBPOST
BE0003008019 Bque Nat. BelgiqueBNB
LU1068091351-BE BrederodeBREB
BE0003825420 CampineCAMB
BE0974298300 Candela InvestCAND
BE0974273055 Care Property Inv.CPINV
BE0974260896 CelyadCYAD
BE0974303357 CenergyCENER
BE0003883031 CfeCFEB
BE0003592038 CIE Bois SauvageCOMB
BE0003593044 CofinimmoCOFB
BE0003811289 Cofinimmo Priv1COFP1
BE0003813301 Cofinimmo Priv2COFP2
BE0974256852 ColruytCOLR
BE0003786036 Connect GroupCONN
BE0974259880 D''ieterenDIE
BE0003789063 DeceuninckDECB
BE0974290224 DexiaDEXB
BE0003698124 Diegem KennedycertDIEG
BE0003605160 Distri-land CertDISL
BE0974300320 Eckert-ziegler BgEZBG
BE0974313455 Econocom GroupECONB
BE0003822393 EliaELI
BE0003843605 Emakina GroupALEMK
BE0003849669 EMD MusicEMD
NL0009901610-BE EnvipcoENVI
BE0003816338 EuronavEURN
BE0003842599 EuropublidisALPBS
BE0003840577 EvadixALEVA
BE0003820371 EVS Broadc.equipm.EVS
BE0003808251 ExmarEXM
BE0003874915 FagronFAGR
BE0003885051 FlexosFLEX
BE0003215143 FloridienneFLOB
BE0974265945 Fluxys Belgium DFLUX
BE0003752665 FountainFOU
BE0003818359 GalapagosGLPG
BE0003797140 GblGBLB
BE0003740546 Genk Logist. CertGENK
BE0003699130 GimvGIMB
GB00BYN5BY03-BE Global GraphicsGLOG
BE0003765790 GreenyardGREEN
BE0003861789 GrownersGROWN
BE0003700144 HamonHAMO
BE0003760742 Home Invest Be.HOMI
BE0003766806 IbaIBAB
BE0003860773 ICE ConceptICE
BE0003748622 IEP InvestIEP
BE0974287196 Immo MccMCC
BE0003893139 Immo MouryIMMOU
BE0003599108 ImmobelIMMO
BE0003866838 ImmopoolIMMOP
BE0003746600 Intervest Off-wareINTO
BE0003858751 Jensen-groupJEN
BE0003565737 KbcKBC
BE0003867844 KBC AncoraKBCA
BE0003880979 Keyware Tech.KEYW
BE0974274061 Kinepolis GroupKIN
BE0974285174 KKO Int Warrant AKKOWA
BE0974284169 KKO InternationalALKKO
BE0003770840 LeasinvestLEAS
BE0003604155 Lotus BakeriesLOTB
LU0092846210-BE Lux-airport CertLUXA
BE0003844611 MdxhealthMDXH
IL0010846314-BE MedivisionMEDV
BE0165385973 MelexisMELE
BE0003731453 MikoMIKO
BE0974283153 MithraMITRA
BE0003853703 Montea C.v.a.MONT
NL0000488153-BE MopoliMOP
NL0000488161-BE Mopoli FondMOPF
BE0003602134 Moury ConstructMOUR
BE0003680916 Neufcour-fin.NEU
BE0003832491 NewtreeNEWT
FR0004166155-BE Nr21NR21
BE0974294267 NyrstarNYR
GB00B063YS85-BE OimOIM
BE0974276082 Ontex GroupONTEX
BE0003836534 OptionOPTI
BE0003735496 Orange BelgiumOBEL
IL0010830391-BE Payton PlanarPAY
BE0003503118 PcbPCBB
BE0003835528 PharcoPHAR
BE0003807246 PicanolPIC
BE0003838555 PnsPNSB
BE0003810273 ProximusPROX
BE0974272040 QrfQRF
BE0003730448 Questfor Gr-pricafQFG
BE0003841583 RealcoREAL
BE0003899193 RealdolmenREA
BE0003656676 RecticelREC
BE0003829463 ReibelREI
BE0003707214 ResiluxRES
BE0003720340 Retail EstatesRET
BE0003575835 RosierENGB
BE0003741551 RoulartaROU
LU0061462528-BE RTL GroupRTL
BE0003654655 SabcaSAB
BE0003625366 SapecSAP
BE0012378593 Scheerd.v KerchoveSCHD
BE0974261902 SettlementsSTTL
BE0003743573 SioenSIOE
BE0003898187 SipefSIP
BE0974323553 Smartphoto GroupSMAR
BE0003717312 SofinaSOF
BE0003773877 SoftimatSOFT
BE0003545531 Solvac Nom(retail)SOLV
BE0003470755 SolvaySOLB
BE0003798155 SpadelSPA
BE0003620318 St.gudule-pl. CertSAIG
BE0003463685 Sucraf A & BSUCR
BE0003852697 Team KalorikTEAM
BE0003826436 Telenet GroupTNET
BE0003573814 TER BekeTERB
BE0003555639 TessenderloTESB
BE0974263924 TexafTEXF
BE0003846632 ThrombogenicsTHR
BE0003864817 TigenixTIG
BE0974282148 TincTINC
BE0003823409 Tubize-finTUB
BE0003847648 U&I LearningUNI
BE0003739530 UcbUCB
BE0974320526 UmicoreUMI
BE0003839561 VAN De VeldeVAN
BE0003754687 Vastned Retail BelVASTB
BE0003878957 VgpVGP
BE0974271034 ViohalcoVIO
BE0003734481 WarehousesWEB
BE0003763779 WdpWDP
BE0003724383 Wereldhave BelgiumWEHB
BE0003600112 Wol. Extens. CertWOLE
BE0003571792 Wol. Shopping CertWOLS
BE0974288202 XiorXIOR
BE0974311434 ZenitelZENT
BE0003809267 Zenobe Gramme CertZEN


Absalon Invest

DK0060632842 Absalon Invest EM Virk OblABIEVO
DK0060632925 Absalon Invest ObligationerABIO
DK0060182897 Balance (Absalon)ABIPPB
DK0060269157 Danske Aktier (Absalon)ABIDA
DK0016108640 High Yield (Absalon)ABIHYO
DK0060182541 Moderat (Absalon)ABIPPM
DK0010237809 Rusland (Absalon)ABIRUS
DK0060182707 Stabil (Absalon)ABIPPS
DK0060182970 Vækst(Absalon)ABIPPV

Alm. Brand Invest

DK0060872216 EU Højrente EtikALIEHE
DK0010244854 Europæiske (Alm.Brand Invest)ALIEUA
DK0010270693 Globale Akt (Alm.Brand Invest)ALIGLO
DK0060232312 Korte Obl (Alm.Brand)ALIKOB
DK0015974778 Lange Obl (Alm.Brand Invest)ALILO
DK0016195431 Mix (Alm.Brand Invest)ALIMIX
DK0060541613 Mix Defensiv (Alm. Brand Inv)ALIMD
DK0010289602 Mix Offensiv (Alm.Brand Invest)ALIMOF
DK0010237569 Nordiske Ak (Alm.Brand Invest)ALINA
DK0060689289 Virksomhedsobl. (Alm.brand)ALIVOB

Amalie Invest

DK0016111511 Global AK (Amalie Invest)AMIGLO

BIL Danmark

DK0060917847 BIL Danmark DK Small Cap akt AKK KL ABDIDKSMALCAPAA
DK0015762249 Danske Small Cap KL (BIL Nordic)BDIDSCAKLA

BLS Invest

DK0060560167 BLS Invest Globale Aktier Akk.BLIGAA
DK0060188902 Danske Aktier KL (BLS)BLIDA
DK0060189041 Globale Aktier KL (BLS)BLIGA


DK0015939359 Asiatiske Aktier (BankInvest)BAIAAA
DK0060576163 BankInvest EM Virksomhedsobl 2BAIEMV
DK0060762540 BankInvest Optima 10 KLBAKO10KL
DK0060745966 BankInvest Optima 30 Akk. KLBAKO30AKL
DK0060762623 BankInvest Optima 30 KLBAKO30KL
DK0060762706 BankInvest Optima 55 KLBAKO55KL
DK0060762896 BankInvest Optima 75 KLBAKO75KL
DK0060853349 BankInvest Select Fokus Danske Aktier KLBSKFDAKL
DK0060784270 BankInvest Select Fokus Globale Akt KLBSKFGA
DK0010296227 Basis Globale (BankInvest)BAIBGAAKA
DK0015773873 Basis Globale Aktie (BankInvest)BAIBGAKTA
DK0010310077 Basis Globale Aktier (BankInvest)BAIGLAEA
DK0016060346 Danmark (BankInvest)BAIDKAA
DK0060622967 Danske Aktier Akk (BankInvest)BAIDKAAKA
DK0060012037 EM Obl Lokalvaluta (BankInvest)BAIEMOLVA
DK0016112832 EM Obligationer (BankInvest)BAIEMOBA
DK0060019552 EM Obligationer Akk (BankInvest)BAIEMOAKA
DK0060516854 Emerging Markets Ak (BankInvest)BAIEMAA
DK0060571362 Europa SmallCap Ak(BankInvest)BAIESCA
DK0015908719 Globale Indeksobl.(BankInvest)BAIGIOA
DK0010266741 Globalt Forbrug (BankInvest)BAIGFA
DK0060293538 Højt Udbytte Aktier (BankInvest)BAIHUAA
DK0016109614 Korte Danske Obl.(BankInvest)BAIKDOBA
DK0060130318 Korte Danske Obl.(BankInvest)BAIKDKOAKA
DK0016109531 Lange Danske Obl.(BankInvest)BAILDOBA
DK0060053734 New Emerging Mk.(BankInvest)BAINEMAA
DK0060335552 Optima 10 AKK (BankInvest)BAKO10AKKKL
DK0060335636 Optima 55 AKK (BankInvest)BAKO55AKKKL
DK0060089092 Optima 75 Akk (BankInvest)BAKO75AKKKL
DK0010032671 Udenlandske Obl.(BankInvest)BAIUOBA
DK0060571289 USA Small Cap Aktie (BankInvest)BAIUSCA
DK0060019636 Virksom.Obl IG (BankInvest)BAIVOIGAKA
DK0060461424 Virksomhedsobl HY (BankInvest)BAIVOHYA
DK0010296813 Virksomhedsobl.(BankInvest)BAIVOIGA
DK0060003044 Virksomhedsobl.IG(BankInvest)BAIVOIGEA

C WorldWide

DK0060057644 Asien KL (CWW)CWIASKL
DK0010249655 Danmark KL (CWW)CWIDKKL
DK0015945166 Emerging Markets KL (CWW)CWIEMMKL
DK0060655702 Globale Aktier Akk.KL (CWW)CWIGAAKKKL
DK0060287217 Globale Aktier Etik KL (CWW)CWIGAEKL
DK0010157965 Globale Aktier KL(CWW)CWIGAKL
DK0010312529 Stabile Aktier KL (CWW)CWISAKTKL

Danske Invest

DK0010252873 Danmark (Danske Invest)DKIDK
DK0016208515 Danmark - Akkumu (Danske Invest)DKIDKA
DK0060244325 Danmark Fokus (Danske Invest)DKIDKF
DK0010266238 Danmark Indeks (Danske Invest)DKIDKIX
DK0060244242 Danmark Small Ca (Danske Invest)DKIDKSC
DK0010078070 Dannebrog Mellem (Danske Invest)DKIDMOBL
DK0015942650 Danske Indeksobl (Danske Invest)DKIDIO
DK0060548899 Danske Inv NyeMarkedOblLokVal Akk kl DKKDKINMOLV
DK0060640274 Danske Inv NyeMarkedSmallCap Akk, kl DKKDKINMSCADKK
DK0016290422 Danske Korte Obl (Danske Invest)DKIKO
DK0016105380 Danske Lange Obl (Danske Invest)DKIDKLOBL
DK0016303936 DI Engros Eu Inv Grade Corp BoDKIENEICBR
DK0016057474 Engros Emerging Markets KL (Danske Invest)DKISEMM
DK0060244408 Engros Global (Danske Invest)DKIENGLO
DK0060497378 Euro High Yield Obl.Akk (Danske Inv)DKIEUHYADKKH
DK0060486843 Euro High Yield-Obl. (Danske Inv.)DKIEHY
DK0060448751 Euro Invment (Danske Invest)DKIEIGO
DK0010252956 Europa (Danske Invest)DKIEU
DK0016290265 Europa - Akk DKK (Danske Invest)DKIEUADKKH
DK0010245901 Europa Fokus (Danske Invest)DKIEUFOK
DK0060229011 Europa Fokus Akk (Danske Invest)DKIEFA
DK0016253651 Europa Højt Udb.(Danske Invest)DKIEAUHU
DK0060058618 Europa Højt Udb.Akk (Danske Invest)DKIEUHUDBA
DK0010266311 Europa Indeks (Danske Invest)DKIEUIX
DK0015737563 Europa Indeks BN (Danske Invest)DKIEUIXBNP
DK0060046019 Europa Small Cap (Danske Invest)DKIEUSC
DK0060640191 Europa Small Cap Ak (Danske Inv )DKIEUSCADKK
DK0015966758 Fjernøsten (Danske Invest)DKIFJE
DK0010207141 Fjernøsten Indek (Danske Invest)DKIFJIX
DK0015989610 Fonde (Danske Invest)DKIFO
DK0016248222 Glob Index Valut (Danske Invest)DKIGLOIXVAKK
DK0060550523 Glob Mellemlange (Danske Invest)DKIGMI
DK0060577484 Global Højt Udby(Danske Invest )DKIGHU
DK0010263052 Global Indeks (Danske Invest)DKIGI
DK0016255193 Global Obl (Danske Invest)DKIGOM
DK0010270503 Global Plus (Danske Invest)DKIGLOP
DK0010264530 Global StockPick (Danske Invest)DKIGLOSP
DK0016208788 Global Stockpick Akk (Danske Invest)DKIGLOSPAKK
DK0010253095 Global Stockpick2 (Danske Invest)DKIGLOSP2
DK0060448918 Globale High Yield-Obligat (Danske Invest)DKIGHYB
DK0060187771 Globale Indeksob (Danske Invest)DKIGIO
DK0060140705 Globale Indeksob Akk.(Danske Invest)DKIGLOIXOAKK
DK0016075294 Globale Virksomh (Danske Invest)DKIGLOVO
DK0015971675 Japan (Danske Invest)DKIJAP
DK0010295336 Kina (Danske Invest)DKIKI
DK0060187698 KlimaTrends (Danske Invest)DKIKTR
DK0016205685 Kommuner4 (Danske Invest)DKIENGK4
DK0060010841 Mix - Akk (Danske Invest)DKIMA
DK0060228633 Mix Defensiv - A (Danske Invest)DKIMDA
DK0060430627 Mix obl (Danske Invest)DKIMOB
DK0060010924 Mix Obligationer (Danske Invest)DKIMOA
DK0060228716 Mix Offensiv - A (Danske Invest)DKIMOAK
DK0060228989 Mix Offensiv Plu (Danske Invest)DKIMOPA
DK0060500502 Nordiske Virk Ob (Danske Invest)DKINVO
DK0060073252 Nye Mark Obl Lok (Danske Invest)DKINMOBLLV
DK0015710602 Nye Markeder (Danske Invest)DKINYM
DK0060042026 Nye Markeder Akk (Danske Invest)DKINMAKK
DK0016209323 Nye Markeder Obl (Danske Invest)DKINMOBL
DK0060080380 Nye Markeder Sma (Danske Invest)DKINMSC
DK0060041564 Tyskland (Danske Invest)DKITYSK
DK0010257757 USA (Danske Invest)DKIUSA
DK0016290349 USA Akk (Danske Invest)DKIUSAVADK
DK0010257914 Østeuropa (Danske Invest)DKIEEU
DK0016275464 Østeuropa ex Rusland (Danske Invest)DKIEEUEXRUS

First North Danmark

GB00BD1LVD21-DK Cleantech Building Materials PCBM
DK0060816148 Conferize A/SCONFRZ
DK0060118453 EgnsINVEST Ejd., TysklandEGNETY
DK0060070589 EnalyzerENALYZ
DK0060101483 ErriaERRIA
DK0060069813 esoft systemsESOFT
DK0060568145 FastPassCorp A/SFASTPC
GB00BYX2WP92-DK Gate Ventures PLCGATE
DK0060817898 GreenMobility A/SGREENM
DK0060088367 JobindexJOBNDX
DK0060827269 NPInvestorNPINV
GB00B6S0HR95-DK Optima Worldwide GroupOWG


DK0060498269 Epikur KL (Formuepleje)FPKEPI
DK0060498509 Fokus (Formuepleje)FPKFO
DK0060337335 Forbrugsaktier(Formuepleje)CCIFK
DK0060337095 Globale Aktier(Formuepleje)CCIGAK
DK0060502631 LimiTTellus (Formuepleje)FPILIM
DK0060498426 Merkur KL (Formuepleje)FPKMER
DK0060455962 Optimum (Formuepleje)FPIOPT
DK0060497964 Pareto KL (Formuepleje)FPKPAR
DK0060498343 Penta KL (Formuepleje)FPKPEN
DK0060498186 Safe KL (Formuepleje)FPKSAF

Fundamental Invest

DK0016272602 Stock Pick (Fundamental Inv)FUISP
DK0060521854 Stock Pick II (Fundamental Inv)FUISPA

Gudme Raaschou

DK0060260602 Emerg.Mark.(Gudme Raaschou)GRIEMD
DK0060184083 Emerg.Mark.(Gudme Raaschou)GRIEMA
DK0016205255 Europ.High Yield (Gudme Raaschou)GRIEHY
DK0060477859 Gudme Raaschou US High YieldGRIUSHY

HP Invest

DK0060227239 Danske obl Akk.(HP Invest)HPIDOAKL
DK0060118610 Korte Danske obl (HP Invest)HPIKDOKL
DK0060141786 Lange Danske obl (HP Invest)HPILDOKL

Halberg-Gundersen Invest

DK0060579423 Halberg-Gundersen Invest GlobalHGIGA


DK0010232768 Danmark (HandelsInvest)HAIDK
DK0060040087 Danske obl (HandelsInvest)HAIDKOBL
DK0060774479 Defensiv 10 (Handelsinvest)HAID10A
DK0060774552 Defensiv 30 (Handelsinvest)HAID30A
DK0015809065 Europa (HandelsInvest)HAIEU
DK0015994453 Fjernøsten (HandelsInvest)HAIFJ
DK0060014918 Højrentelande (HandelsInvest)HAIHRTL
DK0016275977 Kina (HandelsInvest)HAIKI
DK0060103422 Latinamerika (HandelsInvest)HAILAT
DK0060159218 Nordamerika (HandelsInvest)HAINAM
DK0060048064 Norden (HandelsInvest)HAINOR
DK0060774636 Offensiv 60 (Handelsinvest)HAIO60A
DK0060774719 Offensiv 80 (Handelsinvest)HAIOF80A
DK0010157296 Verden (HandelsInvest)HAIVER
DK0060262061 Virksomhedsobl (HandelsInvest)HAIVOB

Independent Invest

DK0060091908 Independent BondIIVBOND
DK0060782068 Independent Generations AkkIIVGEA
DK0060549277 Independent GlobalIIVGEN
DK0060781920 Independent Global AkkIIVGLA
DK0060549350 Independent New GlobalIIVGLO


DK0060429108 Balanced Risk (Investin)INIBRA
DK0060696656 Investin Advice Capital GlobalINIACG
DK0060575942 Investin Aktiv BalanceINIAB
DK0060511897 Investin DemetraINIDEM
DK0060542504 Investin EMD Local CurrencyINIELC
DK0060636595 Investin K Invest US Small Cap AktierINIKUS
DK0060518983 Investin Optimal Livscyklus 20INIOLC
DK0060518710 Optimal Stabil (Investin)INIOPS
DK0060254712 Optimal Verd.(Investin)INIOVM

Jyske Invest

DK0010267715 Danske Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIDKA
DK0010243104 Europæiske Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIEUA
DK0010277862 Favorit Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIFAV
DK0016105703 Favorit Obl.(Jyske Invest)JYIFOB
DK0010240431 Fjernøsten Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIFJE
DK0010264027 Globale Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIGLO
DK0060208791 Globale Aktier Sp (Jyske Invest)JYIGAS
DK0060185726 Højt Ratede Virks (Jyske Invest)JYIHRV
DK0010303296 Indiske Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIINA
DK0060512275 Jyske Invest Aktier Lav VolatiJYIALV
DK0060762466 Jyske Invest Virksomhedsobl Special KLJYIVOSKL
DK0010293554 Kinesiske Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIKI
DK0010106111 Korte Obl.(Jyske Invest)JYIKOB
DK0015855332 Lange Obligatione (Jyske Invest)JYILOB
DK0010149863 Nye Aktiemarkeder (Jyske Invest)JYINYA
DK0016002652 Nye Obl.(Jyske Invest)JYINOB
DK0060010098 Nye Obl.markeder (Jyske Invest)JYINOBV
DK0010106384 Obl.og Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIOBAK
DK0010251396 USA Aktier (Jyske Invest)JYIUSA
DK0016112915 Virksomhedsobl.(Jyske Invest)JYIVIRK

Lån & Spar Invest

DK0010301241 Balance 20 (Lån&Spar MixInvest)LSKB20
DK0060448405 Balance 40 (Lån&Spar MixInv)LSKB40
DK0060101996 Danske Aktier (Lån&Spar)LSIDKA
DK0010235431 Europa Classics (Lån&Spar)LSIEUC
DK0060461341 Lån & Spar Invest MixObligatioLSIOB
DK0016102361 MixInvest Balance 60LSKB60
DK0010301167 MixInvest Balance 80 (Lån&Spar)LSKB80
DK0015686554 Obl.(Lån&Spar Invest)LSIOBL
DK0010274760 Verden selection (Lån&Spar)LSIVSE

MS Invest

DK0060120863 MS Inv Value AktierMSIVAK

Maj Invest

DK0060005171 Danske Aktier (Maj Invest)MAJDKA
DK0060005098 Danske obl (Maj Invest)MAJDKO
DK0060522316 Emerging Markets (Maj Invest)MAJEMA
DK0060157196 Global Sundhed (Maj Invest)MAJMKL
DK0060642809 High Income Obl.(Maj Invest)MAJHIO
DK0060037455 Kontra (Maj Invest)MAJKON
DK0060442713 Makro (Maj Invest)MAJMAK
DK0060004950 Obligationer (Maj Invest)MAJGO
DK0060004877 Pension (Maj Invest)MAJPEN
DK0060005338 Value Aktier (Maj Invest)MAJVAL
DK0060642726 Value Aktier Akk.(Maj Invest)MAJVAA
DK0060005254 Vækstaktier (Maj Invest)MAJVA

Multi Manager Invest

DK0060031250 Europa (Multi Man.Invest)MMIEUR
DK0060032738 Europa Akk (Multi Man.Invest)MMIEUA
DK0060447274 Globale Aktier (MMI)MMIGA
DK0060447357 Globale Aktier Akk. (MMI)MMIGAA
DK0060032811 Japan (Multi Man.Invest)MMIJAP
DK0060033033 Japan Akk (Multi Man.Invest)MMIJAA
DK0060316685 Nye Aktiemark (Multi Man.Invest)MMINAM
DK0060316768 Nye Aktiemark Akk (Multi Man.Invest)MMINAA
DK0060254043 Nyeobl.mar.(Multi Man.Invest)MMIOL
DK0060254126 Nyeobl.mar.Akk (Multi Man.Invest)MMIOLA
DK0060031177 USA (Multi Man.Invest)MMIUSA
DK0060038347 USA Akk.(Multi Man.Invest)MMIUSK


DK0010291269 Nielsen Global ValueNGIVAL

Nordea Invest

DK0010250158 Aktier (Nordea Invest)NDIA
DK0015357065 Aktier II (Nordea Invest)NDIAKTII
DK0016195860 Basis 1 (Nordea Invest)NDIB1
DK0016195944 Basis 2 (Nordea Invest)NDIB2
DK0016196082 Basis 3 (Nordea Invest)NDIB3
DK0060075893 Basis 4 (Nordea Invest)NDI4
DK0010265859 Danmark (Nordea Invest)NDIDK
DK0060012466 Danske Aktier Fo (Nordea Invest)NDIDAF
DK0010308170 Emerging Markets (Nordea Invest)NDIEM
DK0060586394 Emerging Stars (Nordea Invest)NDIES
DK0010265693 Europa (Nordea Invest)NDIEU
DK0015960983 Europa Small Cap (Nordea Invest)NDIEUSC
DK0016306798 European High Yi (Nordea Invest)NDIEHY
DK0010197839 Fjernøsten (Nordea Invest)NDIFJE
DK0060145183 Fonde (Nordea Invest)NDIFON
DK0016050974 Global Small Cap (Nordea Invest)NDIGSC
DK0010301324 Global Stars (Nordea Invest)NDIGST
DK0010265503 Globale Aktier (Nordea Invest)NDIGLA
DK0060451623 Globale Aktier Indeks (Nordea Invest)NDIGAI
DK0010170398 Globale Obl.(Nordea Invest)NDIGOBL
DK0016254899 HøjrenteLande (Nordea Invest)NDIHOJL
DK0060144962 Indien (Nordea Invest)NDIIND
DK0010112432 Japan (Nordea Invest)NDIJAP
DK0060134302 Kina (Nordea Invest)NDIKI
DK0060192185 Klima og Miljø (Nordea Invest)NDIKM
DK0060014678 Korte Obl (Nordea Inv)NDIKOL
DK0060268506 Korte Obl.2 (Nordea Invest)NDIKO2
DK0060187342 Lange Obl.(Nordea Invest)NDILAO
DK0015168686 Mellemlange Obl.(Nordea Invest)NDIMLO
DK0060831451 Nordea Invest North America EnhancedNDINAE
DK0015974695 Nordic Small Cap (Nordea Invest)NDINSC
DK0060095735 Nordic Stars (Nordea Invest)NDINOR
DK0060014595 Stabil Balancere (Nordea Invest)NDISTAB
DK0060048304 Stabile Aktier (Nordea Invest)NDISTABA
DK0060096030 Stabile Aktier A (Nordea Invest)NDISTAA
DK0010265776 USA (Nordea Invest)NDIUSA
DK0060353886 Verdens Obl.marked (Nordea Invest)NDIVOM
DK0016067432 Virksh. Obl. Højrente(Nordea Invest)NDIVOH
DK0016015399 Virksomhedsobl.(Nordea Invest)NDIVOB
DK0015919591 Østeuropa (Nordea Invest)NDIEEU


DK0060361046 Bæredygtige Aktier (Nykredit Invest)NYIBDA
DK0010297118 Dan.Aktier (Nykredit Invest)NYIDA
DK0060034270 Dan.Aktier Akk (Nykredit Invest)NYIDAA
DK0060231777 Danske Fokusak (Nykredit Invest)NYIDFA
DK0060356392 Eur.Virksomhedsobl.(Nykredit Invest)NYIEVO
DK0060447274 Globale Aktier (MMI)MMIGA
DK0060447357 Globale Aktier Akk. (MMI)MMIGAA
DK0060360824 Globale Fokusaktier (Nykredit Invest)NYIGLA
DK0016286230 Globale SRI Ak (Nykredit Invest)NYIGSA
DK0060009249 Korte Obl.(Nykredit Invest)NYIKO
DK0060033975 Korte Obl.Akk (Nykredit Invest)NYIKOA
DK0060009405 Lange Obl.(Nykredit Invest)NYILO
DK0060034007 Lange Obl.Akk (Nykredit Invest)NYILOA
DK0060316685 Nye Aktiemark (Multi Man.Invest)MMINAM
DK0060316768 Nye Aktiemark Akk (Multi Man.Invest)MMINAA
DK0060254043 Nyeobl.mar.(Multi Man.Invest)MMIOL
DK0060441749 Nykredit Invest Balance OffensivNYIBO
DK0060643021 Nykredit Invest Kreditobligationer Akk.NYIKA
DK0016188733 Spec.Balance Def(Nykredit Inv.)NYISPBD
DK0016188816 Spec.Balance Mod(Nykredit Inv.)NYISPBMO
DK0060356202 Virks.obl (Multi Man.Invest)MMIVO

OMXC Large Cap

DK0010244425 A.P. Møller - Mærsk AMAERSK A
DK0010244508 A.P. Møller - Mærsk BMAERSK B
DK0060027142 ALK-Abelló BALK B
DK0015250344 Alm. BrandALMB
DK0060946788 AmbuAMBU B
DK0010181676 Carlsberg ACARL A
DK0010181759 Carlsberg BCARL B
DK0060227585 Chr. Hansen HoldingCHR
DK0060448595 Coloplast BCOLO B
DK0010274414 Danske BankDANSKE
DK0060655629 DFDSDFDS
DK0060079531 DSVDSV
DK0010234467 FLSmidth & Co.FLS
GB00B01FLG62-DK G4S plcG4S
DK0010272202 GenmabGEN
DK0010272632 GN Store NordGN
DK0060542181 ISSISS
DK0010171362 JeudanJDAN
DK0010307958 Jyske BankJYSK
DK0010201102 Københavns LufthavneKBHL
DK0010287234 LundbeckLUN
DK0060907293 Nilfisk HoldingNLFSK
DK0010287663 NKT HoldingNKT
SE0000427361-DK Nordea Bank (DKK)NDA-DKK
DK0060534915 Novo Nordisk BNOVO B
DK0060336014 Novozymes BNZYM B
DK0060252690 PandoraPNDORA
DK0010219070 Rockwool Int. AROCK A
DK0010219153 Rockwool Int. BROCK B
DK0060634707 Royal UnibrewRBREW
DK0060696300 Scandinavian Tobacco GroupSTG
DK0010253921 Schouw & Co.SCHO
DK0060495240 SimCorpSIM
DK0060036564 Spar Nord BankSPNO
DK0010311471 SydbankSYDB
DK0060228559 TDCTDC
DK0060477503 TopdanmarkTOP
DK0060636678 TrygTRYG
DK0010268606 Vestas Wind SystemsVWS
DK0060738599 William Demant HoldingWDH
IS0000000040-DK ÖssurOSSR
DK0060094928 ØrstedORSTED

OMXC Mid Cap

DK0010218429 Bang & OlufsenBO
FO0000000088-DK BankNordikBNORDIK CSE
DK0015998017 Bavarian NordicBAVA
DK0010256197 Brdr.HartmannHART
DK0010268366 ColumbusCOLUM
DK0060083210 D/S NordenDNORD
DK0010255892 Højgaard Holding AHOEJ A
DK0010255975 Højgaard Holding BHOEJ B
DK0010221803 IC GroupIC
DK0060050045 Jutlander BankJUTBK
DK0060497295 MatasMATAS
DK0060580512 NNIT A/SNNIT
DK0060034353 Nordjyske BankNORDJB
DK0060910917 OrphazymeORPHA
DK0060700516 Per Aarsleff BPAAL B
DK0060854669 Ringkjøbing LandbobankRILBA
SE0003366871-DK SAS (DKK)SAS-DKK
DK0010274844 Solar BSOLAR B
DK0010244771 SP GroupSPG
DK0060670776 Sparekassen Sjælland-FynSPKSJF
DK0060726743 Tivoli A/STIV
BSP951331318-DK United Int. EnterprisesUIE
DK0060048148 Veloxis PharmaceuticalsVELO
DK0010304500 Vestjysk BankVJBA
DK0060257814 Zealand PharmaZEAL

OMXC Small Cap

DK0060052843 Admiral CapitalADMCAP-B
DK0010263722 AGF-BAGF-B
DK0010283597 Andersen & Martini BAM B
DK0010025113 Arkil Holding BARKIL B
FO000A0DN9X4-DK Atlantic Petroleum (DKK)ATLA-DKK
DK0011048619 BioPortoBIOPOR
DK0060700359 Blue VisionBLVIS-A
DK0010129089 Brd. Klee BKLEE B
DK0060803831 Brdr. A & O Johansen præf.AOJ P
DK0010247956 Brøndby IFBIF
DK0060030286 cBrainCBRAIN
DK0010271584 CematCEMAT
DK0060055861 ChemoMetecCHEMM
DK0060093607 Copenhagen Capital CPHCAP-ST
DK0060732980 Copenhagen Capital PræfCPHCAP PREF
DK0060299063 Danske Andelskassers BankDAB
DK0015205637 DantaxDANT
DK0060136273 Djurslands BankDJUR
DK0060038933 DLHDLH
DK0060458206 Egetæpper BEGE-B
DK0060074656 Euroinvestor.comEI
DK0010008028 F.E. Bording BBORD B
DK0060522746 Fast Ejendom DanmarkFED
DK0060056166 FirstFarmsFFARMS
DK0010218189 Flügger BFLUG B
DK0060520377 Fynske BankFYNBK
DK0060124691 Gabriel HoldingGABR
DK0060093524 German High Street PropertiesGERHSP B
DK0010249309 Glunz & JensenGJ
DK0010240514 Greentech Energy SystemsGES
DK0010230630 GrønlandsbankenGRLA
DK0010247527 Gyldendal AGYLD A
DK0010247600 Gyldendal BGYLD B
DK0015202451 H+H InternationalHH
DK0060014751 Harboes Bryggeri BHARB B
DK0060135978 Hvidbjerg BankHVID
DK0010212224 InterMail BIMAIL B
DK0010253764 KreditbankenKRE
DK0060000107 Lollands BankLOLB
DK0010213628 Luxor BLUXOR B
DK0010201532 Lån og Spar BankLASP
DK0010225127 Migatronic BMIGA B
DK0010224310 Monberg & Thor. BMT B
DK0060133841 Møns BankMNBA
DK0010224666 NeuroSearchNEUR
DK0010212570 Newcap HoldingNEWCAP
DK0010015072 Nordfyns BankNRDF
DK0060083996 Nordic ShipholdingNORDIC
DK0010270347 North MediaNORTHM
DK0010027671 NTR Holding BNTR B
FR0010095596-DK Onxeo SAONXEO
DK0010158500 Park Street NordicomPSNRDC A
DK0010237643 Parken Sport & EntertainmentPARKEN
DK0060137594 Prime OfficePRIMOF
DK0010125848 Rias BRIAS B
DK0060485019 Roblon BRBLN B
DK0060400398 RovsingROV
DK0010267129 RTXRTX
DK0010017367 Salling BankSALB
DK0010245661 SanistålSANI
DK0010006329 Santa fe groupSFG
DK0060042612 Scandinavian Brake SystemsSBS
DK0060068682 Scandinavian Private EquitySPEAS
DK0010128008 Silkeborg IF Invest BSIF
DK0010231877 SkakoSKAKO
DK0010295922 Skjern BankSKJE
DK0010305077 Small Cap DanmarkSCD
DK0010271238 Strategic InvestmentsSTRINV
DK0060915478 TCM GroupTCM
DK0010258995 TK DevelopmentTKDV
DK0060082758 TotalbankenTOTA
DK0015216675 Victoria PropertiesVIPRO
DK0060868966 AaBAAB
DK0010017607 Østjydsk BankOJBA

Other Danish

DK0060027142 ALK-Abelló BALK B
DK0060946788 AmbuAMBU B
FO0000000088-DK BankNordikBNORDIK CSE
DK0060079614 BI Private Equity (BankInvest)BAKPEQ
DK0060868107 Blue Strait Capital KLBLKBSCKL
DK0060854313 Falcon Invest Falcon C25 MomentumFIKC25
DK0060854586 Falcon Invest Falcon Europe MomentumFIKEUM
DK0060854230 Falcon Invest Falcon Flex MomentumFIKFLM
DK0060889962 IR Invest Danske AktierIRIDKA
DK0010171362 JeudanJDAN
DK0060907293 Nilfisk HoldingNLFSK
DK0060368991 OMX C20 CAP IndexOMXC20CAP
DK0060775369 OMXC25OMXC25
DK0060696300 Scandinavian Tobacco GroupSTG
DK0010253921 Schouw & Co.SCHO
DK0060036135 SmallCap Danmark, InvForeSMCAPDK
DK0060036564 Spar Nord BankSPNO
DK0060726743 Tivoli A/STIV
DK0060908341 Wealth Invest AKL Lannebo EU SmallCap PWEILESCP
DK0060660389 Wealth Invest Linde & Partners Div. FondWILPDF
DK0060660462 Wealth Invest Linde&Partners Gl Val FondWILPGV
DK0060637130 Wealth Invest Saxo European High YieldWEIEHY
DK0060577211 Wealth Invest Saxo Global EquitiesWEISGE
DK0060571529 Wealth Invest Secure Globale AktierWEISGA
DK0060571446 Wealth Invest Secure Globale Obl.WEISGO
DK0060460103 Wealth Invest Siruis BalanceWEISIB
DK0060474088 Wealth Invest SK Inv. F.East Eq.WEIFEE
DK0060209336 World Wide InvWWKINV

PFA Invest

DK0060446979 Balance (PFA Invest)PFIBAL
DK0060446623 Danske Aktier (PFA Invest)PFIDKA
DK0060446706 Globale Aktier (PFA Invest)PFIGLA
DK0060457901 Højt Udbytte Aktier (PFA Invest)PFIHUA
DK0060446896 Kreditobl (PFA Invest)PFIKRB
DK0060522829 PFA Invest Balance APFIBAA
DK0060814440 PFA Invest Balance AkkumulerendePFIBAK
DK0060622884 PFA Invest Balance CPFIBAC
DK0060814366 PFA Invest Balance AAPFIBA
DK0060579183 PFA Invest Europa Value AktierPFIEVA
DK0060700433 PFA Invest Mellemlange ObligationerPFIMLO
DK0060750966 PFA Invest Udenlandske OblPFIUDO
DK0060750883 PFA Invest USA Stabile AktierPFIUSA

SEB Invest

DK0010273523 Balance Defensiv (SEB Invest)SEIBDP
DK0010273606 Balance Stabil P (SEB Invest)SEIBSP
DK0010273796 Balance Vækst (SEB Invest)SEIBVP
DK0060059186 Danske Aktier Akk (SEB Invest)SEIDAAP
DK0010260629 Danske Aktier P (SEB Invest)SEIDKAP
DK0016002496 Europa Højt Udbytte (SEB Invest)SEIEHUP
DK0016283054 Europa Indeks (SEB Invest)SEIEUII
DK0016283211 Europa Small Cap.(SEB Invest)SEIESCP
DK0016284029 Global Tactical Credit (SEB Invest)SEIGTCP
DK0016283484 Japan Hybrid (DIAM) (SEB Invest)SEIJHP
DK0060159135 Kreditobl (EUR) (SEB Invest)SEIKOBP
DK0060046951 Lange obl (SEB Invest)SEILOBL
DK0016283567 M Bond Index (SEB Invest)SEIEMBI
DK0016015639 Mellemlange obl (SEB Invest)SEIMOBL
DK0016283997 Nordamerika Indeks (SEB Invest)SEINAII
DK0060130235 Nordiske Aktier (SEB Invest)SEINAKP
DK0060065829 US High Yld Bonds (Columbia) (SEB Invest)SEIUHYBP
DK0060606689 US HY Bonds Sh Dur (SEBinv)SEIHYSP

Skagen Fondene

NO0008000452-DK SKAGEN AvkastningSKIAVK
NO0010735129-DK SKAGEN Focus ASKIFOA
NO0008004009-DK SKAGEN Global ASKIGLO
NO0010801558-DK SKAGEN Insight ASKIIA
NO0010140502-DK SKAGEN Kon-Tiki ASKIKON
NO0010657356-DK SKAGEN m2SKIM2
NO0010327786-DK SKAGEN TellusSKITEL
NO0008000445-DK SKAGEN Vekst ASKIVEK


DK0010014778 Cumulus Value (Sparinvest)SPICUMKL
DK0010068006 Danske Aktier (Sparinvest)SPIDKAKLA
DK0060300762 Emerging Markets (SparInvest)SPIEMIKL
DK0010297548 Europe Growth Index (SparInvest)SPIEUGKL
DK0010297621 Europe Small Cap Ind (SparInvest)SPIEUCKL
DK0010297704 Europe Value Index (SparInvest)SPIEUVKL
DK0060031847 Global Aktier Min Risiko(SparInvest)SPIGLAMRIKL
DK0060444255 Grade Val Bonds Udb AllCount (Sparinvest)SPIGVBKLA
DK0060088607 High Yield Value Bo (Sparinvest)SPIHYVBKLA
DK0015762082 Indeksobligationer (Sparinvest)SPIIOBKL
DK0060442556 INDEX OMX C25 KL (SparInvest)SPIC25KL
DK0060057487 INDEX Stabile Obl (Sparinvest)SPISOKL
DK0010297977 Japan Growth Index (SparInvest)SPIJAGKL
DK0010298009 JAPAN Small Cap Index (SparInvest)SPIJASKL
DK0010298199 Japan Value Index (SparInvest)SPIJAVKL
DK0060105203 Korte Obligationer (Sparinvest)SPIKOOKLA
DK0060105393 Lange Obligationer (Sparinvest)SPILOLKLA
DK0060105476 Mellemlange Obligat (Sparinvest)SPIMLOKLA
DK0060623346 Mix Høj Risiko (Sparinvest)SPIMHRKLA.CO
DK0060623189 Mix Lav Risiko (Sparinvest)SPIMLRKLA
DK0060623262 Mix Mellem Risiko (Sparinvest)SPIMMRKLA.CO
DK0010311125 Momentum Aktier (Sparinvest)SPIMAKKLA
DK0060012896 Momentum Aktier Akk (Sparinvest)SPIMAAKLA
DK0016030786 Nye Obligationsmar (Sparinvest)SPINOBKLA
LU0138501191-DK S.Global Value € (Sparinvest)SSIGVEURR
LU0264925727-DK S.Invment Grade V (Sparinvest)SSIIGVBEURR
LU0138507396-DK S.Long Danish Bonds (Sparinvest)SSILDBDKKR
LU0362354549-DK SICAV - Equitas (Sparinvest)SSIEEURR
LU0362355355-DK SICAV - Ethical Glo (Sparinvest)SSIEGVEURR
LU1276826820-DK SICAV - Ethical HY (Sparinv)SSIEHYVBDKKR
LU0650088072-DK SICAV Balance (Sparinvest)SSIBAEURR
LU0673458609-DK SICAV Balance DKK (Sparinvest)SSIBDKKR
LU0620744002-DK SICAV Corporate Value Bonds (Sparinvest)SSIEHYVBEURR
LU0519053697-DK SICAV Emerg Mar Cor (Sparinvest)SSIEMCVBEURR
LU0264920413-DK SICAV European Val (Sparinvest)SSIEUVEURR
LU0686499277-DK SICAV Procedo DKK (Sparinvest)SSIPDKKR
LU0139792278-DK SICAV Procedo € (Sparinvest)SSIPEURR
LU0686498972-DK SICAV Securus DKK (Sparinvest)SSISDKKR
LU0139791205-DK SICAV Securus € (Sparinvest)SSISEURR
DK0060748127 Sparindex INDEX Glob Akt Min. Ris Akk KLSPVIGAMRAKL
DK0060747822 Sparindex INDEX Globale Aktier KLSPVIGAKL
DK0060748713 Sparindex INDEX Høj Risiko KLSPVIHRKL
DK0060748556 Sparindex INDEX Lav Risiko KLSPVILRKL
DK0060748630 Sparindex INDEX Mellem Risiko KLSPVIMRKL
LU1735614239-DK Sparinv SICAV Emerging Mark Corp EUR RSSIEMCEURR
LU1735614155-DK Sparinv SICAV Val Bo Glo Eth HY DKK RSSIVBGEHYDKKR
LU1735613934-DK Sparinv SICAV Val Bo Glo Eth HY EUR RSSIVBGEHYEURR
DK0060530764 Sparinv Val Virk.obl-Glo Hø Ko Løb Ud KLSPIVAVOKL
DK0060584936 Sparinv Value Bonds 2018 Udb. KL ASPIV18KLA
DK0060501823 Sparinvest EM ValueVirk.obl KLSPIEMVKLA
DK0060914901 Sparinvest Mix Minimum Risiko KL ASPIMIXMINRISKKLA
LU1438960566-DK Sparinvest SICAV Glob Conver Bonds EUR RSSIGCBEURR
DK0010298272 USA Growth Index (SparInvest)SPIUSGKL
DK0010298355 USA Small Cap Index (SparInvest)SPIUSSKL
DK0010298439 USA Value Index (SparInvest)SPIUSVKL
DK0010079631 Value Aktier (Sparinvest)SPIVAKLA
DK0010304856 Value Emerging Mark (Sparinvest)SPIVEMKLA
DK0060032571 Value Europa (Sparinvest)SPIVEUKLA
DK0010204551 Value USA (Sparinvest)SPIVUSKLA
DK0010297464 World Index (SparInvest)SPIDJWKL


DK0060206316 Globale Aktier Udlod (StockRate Invest)SRIGAU


DK0060188662 Globale Aktier KL (Stonehenge)SHIGVAKL
DK0060188746 Globale obl KL (Stonehenge)SHIGOKLA
DK0060300176 Value Mix Akk KL (Stonehenge)SHIVMAKL

Strategi Invest

DK0060308310 Aktier (Strategi invest)STIAKT
DK0060308583 Stabil (Strategi invest)STISTA


DK0060749950 Aggressiv Akk A (Sydinvest)SYVAAA
DK0060749521 Aggressiv Udb A(Sydinvest)SYVAUA
DK0060749794 Balanceret Akk A(Sydinvest)SYVBAA
DK0060749364 Balanceret Udb A(Sydinvest)SYVBUA
DK0060013001 BRIK Akk.(Sydinvest)SYIBRIKADKKAKK
DK0015298384 Danmark (Sydinvest)SYIDK
DK0015323406 Europa (Sydinvest)SYIEULVADKK
DK0010169549 Fjernøsten (Sydinvest)SYIFJEADKK
DK0060036994 Fjernøsten Akk (Sydinvest)SYIFJERNAKK
DK0016271042 Fonde Udb (Sydinvest)SYIFON
DK0060499747 Globale EM Akk (Sydinvest)SYIGAA
DK0016039654 HøjrenteL.(Sydinvest)SYIHY
DK0060030872 HøjrenteL.Lokal (Sydinvest)SYIHYLV
DK0016231921 HøjrenteL.Mix (Sydinvest)SYIHYMADKK
DK0016313810 HøjrenteL.Valuta (Sydinvest)SYIHYV
DK0060012979 HøjrenteLande Akk (Sydinvest)SYIHYAKK
DK0060227908 HøjrL KoOb A DKK Akk(Sydinvest)SYIHRLKOADKKA
DK0010140805 International Udb (Sydinvest)SYIINT
DK0015916225 Korte Obligationer KLSYIKOADKK
DK0010169465 Latinamerika (Sydinvest)SYILAT
DK0060585073 Mellemlange Obl A DKK (Sydinvest)SYIMOADKK
DK0060585156 Mellemlange Obl A DKK Akk (Sydinvest)SYIMOADKKA
DK0060089332 Scandi (Sydinvest)SYISCA
DK0060499663 Sydinvest Globale EM-AktierSYIGEAADKK
DK0060749604 Sydinvest Konservativ Akk ASYVKAA
DK0060749281 Sydinvest Konservativ Udb ASYVKUA
DK0060749877 Sydinvest Vækstorienteret Akk ASYVVAA
DK0060749448 Sydinvest Vækstorienteret Udb ASYVVUA
DK0010303882 SYIBRIK (Sydinvest)SYIBRIKL
DK0060033116 Tyskland (Sydinvest)SYIBRIKADKKAKK
DK0010270776 USA Ligevægt & Value (Sydinvest)SYIULVADKK
DK0010101740 Verden Ligevægt & VA DKK(Sydinvest)SYIVLVADKK
DK0060089415 Virk.obl.HY Akk (Sydinvest)SYIVOHYA
DK0016098825 Virks.obl.(Sydinvest)SYIVOHYADKK
DK0060409266 Virksom.obl IG (Sydinvest)SYIVIGADKK


DK0060032498 Global Akk(ValueInvest)VAIGAKA
DK0010246396 Global(ValueInvest)VAIGLOA
DK0010246479 Japan KL(ValueInvest)VAIJAPA


First North Finland

FI4000251830 Admicom OyjADMCM
FI4000127535 Ahola TransportAHOLA
FI4000260583 BBS-Bioactive Bone SubstitutesBONEH
FI4000115464 Detection Technology OyjDETEC
FI4000282868 Efecte OyjEFECTE
FI4000157441 Elite VarainhoitoELVHB
FI4000148606 FIT Biotech OyFITBIO
FI4000232913 FondiaFONDIA
FI4000283130 Gofore OyjGOFORE
FI4000127527 HeerosHEEROS
FI4000087861 Herantis PharmaHRTIS
FI4000092523 LoudspringLOUDS
FI4000102678 Nexstim (EUR)NXTMH
FI4000233267 Next GamesNXTGMS
FI0009008387 Nixu OyjNIXU
FI4000123070 Piippo OyjPIIPPO
FI4000153515 Privanet GroupPRIVA
FI4000251897 Remedy EntertainmentREMEDY
FI4000123096 Savo-SolarSAVOH
FI4000270350 Titanium OyjTITAN
FI4000081427 United BankersUNIAV
FI4000049812 OyjVERK
FI4000185533 Vincit GroupVINCIT
FI0009015580 Zeeland FamilyZEE1V

OMXH Large Cap

FI4000048418 Ahlstrom-MunksjöAM1
FI0009000285 Amer SportsAMEAS
FI0009013429 CargotecCGCBV
FI0009002471 CityconCTY1S
FI4000062385 DNADNA
FI0009007884 ElisaELISA
FI0009003230 FinnairFIA1S
FI0009000400 Fiskars AbpFSKRS
FI0009007132 FortumFORTUM
FI0009000459 HuhtamäkiHUH1V
FI0009004824 KemiraKEMIRA
FI0009007900 Kesko AKESKOA
FI0009000202 Kesko BKESKOB
FI0009013403 KONEKNEBV
FI0009005870 KonecranesKCR
FI0009007835 MetsoMETSO
FI0009000640 Metsä Board AMETSA
FI0009000665 Metsä Board BMETSB
FI0009013296 Neste CorporationNESTE
FI0009000681 Nokia CorporationNOKIA
FI0009005318 Nokian RenkaatNRE1V
FI0009902530 Nordea Bank AB FDRNDA1V
FI0009014369 Orion AORNAV
FI0009014377 Orion BORNBV
FI0009002422 OutokumpuOUT1V
FI0009003305 Sampo ASAMPO
FI0009007694 SanomaSAA1V
SE0000120669-FI Ssab B (EUR)SSABBH
FI0009005953 Stora Enso ASTEAV
FI0009005961 Stora Enso RSTERV
SE0000667925-FI Telia Company(EUR)TELIA1
FI4000252127 Terveystalo OyjTTALO
FI0009000277 TietoTIE1V
FI0009005987 UPM-KymmeneUPM
FI0009002158 UponorUPONOR
FI4000074984 ValmetVALMT
FI0009003727 Wärtsilä AbpWRT1V
FI0009800643 YITOyjYTY1V

OMXH Mid Cap

FI4000058870 Aktia Bank AAKTAV
FI4000058888 Aktia Bank RAKTRV
FI0009013114 Alma MediaALMA
FI4000123195 Asiakastieto GroupATG1V
FI0009008072 AspoASU1V
FI0009006548 Atria AATRAV
FI0009008403 BaswareBAS1V
FI0009007264 BittiumBITTI
FI0009009377 CapMan BCAPMAN
FI4000062781 CaverionCAV1V
FI0009900476 CramoCRA1V
FI0009009617 eQEQV1V
FI4000170915 Evli PankkiEVLI
FI0009801310 F-SecureFSC1V
FI0009006308 HKScan AHKSAV
FI4000148648 HoivatilatHOIVA
FI4000206750 Kamux OyjKAMUX
FI0009010854 Lassila & TikanojaLAT1V
FI4000081138 Lehto GroupLEHTO
FI0009900401 Olvi AOLVAS
FI0009014344 Oriola-KD AOKDAV
FI0009014351 Oriola-KD BOKDBV
FI0009014575 OutotecOTE1V
FI4000092556 PihlajalinnaPIHLIS
FI0009005078 Ponsse 1PON1V
FI0009006696 PöyryPOY1V
FI0009002943 Raisio Vaihto-osakeRAIVV
FI0009007066 RamirentRMR1V
FI0009007355 Rapala VMCRAP1V
FI0009010912 Revenio GroupREG1V
FI4000150016 Robit OyjROBIT
FI4000266804 RovioROVIO
FI4000029905 ScanfilSCANFL
FI0009015309 SRV YhtiötSRV1V
FI0009000236 Stockmann Abp ASTCAS
FI0009000251 Stockmann Abp BSTCBV
FI0009010862 SuominenSUY1V
FI0009006886 TechnopolisTPS1V
FI0009007728 TelesteTLT1V
FI4000008719 TikkurilaTIK1V
FI4000197934 Tokmanni GroupTOKMAN
FI4000062195 TaaleriTAALA
FI0009900682 Vaisala AVAIAS
FI0009005250 Viking Line AbpVIK1V
FI0009000103 Ålandsbanken Abp AALBAV
FI0009001127 Ålandsbanken Abp BALBBV

OMXH Small Cap

FI0009800098 Afarak GroupAFAGR
FI0009003503 ApetitAPETIT
FI0009008080 Aspocomp GroupACG1V
FI0009005482 Biohit BBIOBV
FI0009010110 ComponentaCTH1V
FI4000178256 Consti Yhtiöt OyjCONSTI
FI0009007983 DigiaDIGIA
FI0009008007 Digitalist GroupDIGIGR
FI0009008098 Dovre GroupDOV1V
FI0009900054 EforeEFO1V
FI0009900658 Elecster AELEAV
SE0008294334-FI EndominesENDOM
FI0009008650 EtteplanETTE
FI0009007306 Exel CompositesEXL1V
FI0009010219 Glaston AbpGLA1V
FI0009900104 Honkarakenne BHONBS
FI0009800205 Ilkka-Yhtymä 2ILK2S
FI0009006407 IncapICP1V
FI0009007637 Innofactor PlcIFA1V
FI0009900559 Investors HouseINVEST
FI0009007546 Keskisuomalainen AKSLAV
FI0009900237 Kesla AKELAS
FI4000157235 Kotipizza GroupPIZZA
FI0009007660 MarimekkoMMO1V
FI0009900385 Martela AMARAS
FI0009800296 Neo IndustrialNEO1V
FI0009900187 Nurminen LogisticsNLG1V
FI4000068614 Orava AsuntorahastoOREIT
FI0009800379 PanostajaPNA1V
FI0009900468 Pohjois-Karjalan KirjapainoPKK1V
FI0009008668 QPR SoftwareQPR1V
FI4000198031 Qt GroupQTCOM
FI0009004741 Raute ARAUTE
FI4000064332 RestamaxRESTA
FI0009800551 Saga Furs CSAGCV
FI0009008924 Sievi CapitalSIEVI
FI4000043435 Siili Solutions OyjSIILI
FI4000243399 Silmäasema OyjSILMA
FI0009007991 SolteqSOLTEQ
FI0009012793 SopranoSOPRA
SE0001057910-FI Sotkamo SilverSOSI1
FI0009008270 SSH Communications SecuritySSH1V
FI4000153580 TalenomTNOM
FI0009014716 Talvivaaran KaivososakeyhtiöTLV1V
FI0009010227 TecnotreeTEM1V
FI0009008122 Trainers´ HouseTRH1V
FI0009900583 Tulikivi ATULAV
FI0009900708 Uutechnic GroupUUTEC
FI0009006951 ValoeVALOE
FI0009008452 Wulff-YhtiötWUF1V
FI0009900724 Yleiselektroniikka EYLEPS

Other Finnish

FI4000048418 Ahlstrom-MunksjöAM1
FI0009009377 CapMan BCAPMAN
SE0008294334-FI EndominesENDOM
FI0009009617 eQEQV1V
FI0008900212 OMX Helsinki 25OMXH25
FI0009014575 OutotecOTE1V
FI0009010912 Revenio GroupREG1V
FI4000029905 ScanfilSCANFL
FI0009010862 SuominenSUY1V
FI0009007728 TelesteTLT1V
FI0009000103 Ålandsbanken Abp AALBAV
FI0009001127 Ålandsbanken Abp BALBBV



DE000A1EWWW0 AdidasADS
DE0008404005 AllianzALV
DE000BAY0017 BayerBAYN
DE0005200000 BeiersdorfBEI
DE0005190003 BMWBMW
DE000CBK1001 CommerzbankCBK
DE0005439004 ContinentalCON
DE0007100000 DaimlerDAI
DE0005140008 Deutsche BankDB
DE0005810055 Deutsche BörseDB1
DE0005552004 Deutsche PostDPW
DE0005557508 Deutsche TelekomDTE
DE0005785604 Fresenius SEFRE


DE000A1EWWW0 AdidasADS
DE000A0WMPJ6 AixtronAIXA
DE0008404005 AllianzALV
DE0006766504 AurubisNDA
DE000BAY0017 BayerBAYN
CH0038389992-DE BB BiotechBBZA
DE0005158703 BechtleBC8
DE0005909006 Bilfinger BergerGBF
DE0005190003 BMWBMW
DE0005313704 Carl Zeiss Meditec AGAFX
DE0007257503 CeconomyCEC
DE0007100000 DaimlerDAI
DE0005140008 Deutsche BankDB
DE0005552004 Deutsche PostDPW
DE0005557508 Deutsche TelekomDTE
DE0005550636 Drägerwerk Vz.DRW3
DE000A0Z2ZZ5 FreenetFNTN
DE0005785802 Fresenius Medical CareFME
DE0005785604 Fresenius SEFRE
DE0006602006 GeaG1A
DE0005878003 GildemeisterGIL
DE0006047004 HeidelbergCement AGHEI
DE0007314007 Heidelberger DruckHDD
DE0006048432 Henkel Vz.HEN3
DE0006231004 InfineonIFX
DE0006204407 KukaKU2
DE0005408884 LeoniLEO
DE0008232125 LufthansaLHA
DE0005937007 MANMAN
DE0006599905 MerckMRK
DE0006569908 MLPMLP
DE0006632003 MorphoSysMOR
DE0008430026 Münchener RückMUV2
DE0006916604 Pfeiffer VacuumPFV
DE0006969603 PumaPUM
NL0012169213-DE Qiagen Nv Eo -,01QIA
DE0005137004 QSCQSC
DE0007030009 RheinmetallRHM
DE0007042301 Rhön-KlinikumRHK
DE0007037129 RWERWE
DE0007164600 SAPSAP
DE0007235301 SGL CarbonSGL
DE0007236101 SiemensSIE
DE0007251803 Stada NASAZ
DE0007500001 ThyssenKruppTKA
DE0005089031 United InternetUTDI
DE0007664005 Volkswagen AGVOW
DE0007667107 VosslohVOS
DE0007472060 WirecardWDI


NL0000235190-DE Airbus groupAIR
DE000A0LD2U1 Alstria OfficeAOX
DE0006766504 AurubisNDA
DE0005501357 Axel SpringerSPR
DE000A1DAHH0 Brenntag AGBNR
DE0007257503 CeconomyCEC
DE0006062144 Covestro Ag O.N.1COV
DE0005470306 CTS EventimEVD
DE000A0HN5C6 Deutsche Wohnen AG INHDWNI
DE0007480204 Dt. EuroshopDEQ
DE0008019001 Dt.Pfandbriefbk AgPBB
DE0005565204 DuerrDUE
DE000EVNK013 Evonik Industries AgEVK
DE0005772206 FielmannFIE
DE0005773303 FraportFRA
DE0005790430 Fuchs Vz.FPE3
DE0006602006 GeaG1A
DE000A0LD6E6 GerresheimerGXI
LU0775917882-DE Grand City Propert.Eo-,10GYC
DE0008402215 Hannover RückHNR1
DE000A13SX22 Hella Kgaa Hueck+co. O.N.HLE
DE0006070006 HochtiefHOT
DE000A1PHFF7 Hugo BossBOSS
DE000A2AADD2 Innogy Se Inh. O.N.IGY
DE0006219934 Jungheinrich Vz.JUN3
DE000KGX8881 Kion Group AGKGX
DE0006335003 KronesKRN
DE0005470405 LanxessLXS
DE000LEG1110 Leg Immobilien AgLEG
DE0005408884 LeoniLEO
DE000BFB0019 Metro AgB4B
DE000A0D9PT0 MTU Aero EnginesMTX
DE000A1H8BV3 Norma GroupNOEJ
DE000LED4000 Osram LichtOSR
DE0007030009 RheinmetallRHM
LU0061462528-DE Rtl GroupRRTL
DE0006202005 SalzgitterSZG
DE000SHA0159 Schaeffler Ag Inh. VzoSHA
DE0007251803 Stada NASAZ
NL0011375019-DE Steinhoff Int.Hldg.Eo-,50SNH
DE0007493991 StroeerSAX
DE000SYM9999 SymriseSY1
DE0007297004 SüdzuckerSZU
DE0008303504 TAG ImmobilienTEG
DE000TLX1005 Talanx Ag Na O.N.TLX
DE000UNSE018 Uniper Se Na.UN01
DE000WCH8881 Wacker ChemieWCH
DE000ZAL1111 Zalando SEZAL
DE0005408116 Aareal BankARL

Other German

DE0005118806 11880 Solutions AgTGT
DE000A0HL8N9 2G Energy2GB
US88579Y1010-DE 3M (EUR)MMM
DE0005167902 3U Holding AgUUU
LU1072910919-DE 3W Power S.a.3W9K
DE000A14KL72 4SC AgVSC
DE000A11QW68 7C Solarparken AgHRPK
DE0007228009 A.a.a. AgAAA
DE0006492903 A.i.s AgLUM
DE000A1TNNN5 A.s. Création Tapeten AgACWN
DE000A0KFKB3 Accentro Real Estate AgE7S
NL0000238145-DE ad Pepper Media International N.v.APM
DE000A0Z23Q5 Adesso AgADN1
DE000A1H8MU2 Adler Modemärkte AgADD
DE000A1A6XX4 Agennix AgAGX
DE0005009708 AHLERSAAH
DE0005009732 AHLERS VZAAH3
GB00B128C026-DE Air BerlinAB1
DE000A2LQHL9 Aixtron Se Aus KonversionAIXC
DE0006209901 Alba SeABA
DE0006569403 Albis Leasing AgALG
US01609W1027-DE Alibaba (EUR)AHLA
DE000A2GS633 Allgeier SeAEIN
DE000A2G8XR5 Allianz Se Em 2018ALVN
DE0007788408 Alno AgANO
US02079K3059-DE Alphabet A (EUR)ABEA
US02079K1079-DE Alphabet C (EUR)ABEC
DE000A0LD2U1 Alstria OfficeAOX
DE000A0AHT46 Alzchem Group AgSFP1
DE0005093108 Amadeus Fire AGAAD
DE0005192801 Amatech AgTXA
US0231351067-DE Amazon (EUR)AMZ
CNE000001KT3-DE Anhui Hengyuan Coal IndustryD1BA
US0378331005-DE Apple Inc (EUR)APC
DE0006275001 Arcandor Ag I.i.ARO
DE0005209589 Artec Technologies AgA6T
DE000A1K0375 Artnet AgART
DE000A0M6M79 Asian Bamboo AG Inh.On5AB
DE0005104400 ATOSS Software AGAOF
DE0006757008 Audi AgNSU
DE000A2DAM03 Aumann AgAAG
DE000A168114 Aves One AgAVES
DE0001262152 B+S BanksystemeDTD2
DE0005203947 B.r.a.i.n. Biotechnology ResearchBNN
DE0005284004 Babcock-bsh AgBTT
DE0005102008 Basler AG O.N.BSL
DE000A1X3YY0 Bastei Lübbe AgBST
DE0005168108 BauerB5A
DE0002605557 Bavaria IndustriekapitalB8A
DE000BAY0181 Bayer AGBAY1
DE0005190037 Bayerische Motoren WerkeBMW3
DE0005194005 Baywa Ag (na)BYW
DE0005194062 BayWa vink.BYW6
DE0005196232 BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik Ag I.i.BKS3
DE0007551400 Beate Uhse AgUSE
LU1704650164-DE Befesa S.a. Registered ShsBFSA
DE000A2BPP88 Beta Systems Software AgBSS
DE0006102007 BHS Tabletop AgHUL
DE0005229504 Bijou BrigitteBIJ
DE0006046113 Biofrontera AgB8F
DE0005227201 Biotest AGBIO
DE000A1TNV91 Bitcoin Group SE O.N.ADE
DE000A0JM2M1 Blue Cap AgB7E
DE0008618737 BP PlcBPE
DE000A2G82Z8 Brenntag Ag Em 2017BNRN
DE0005239701 Böwe Systec AgBSY
AT0000613005-DE C-quadrat Investment AgC8I
AT0000A00Y78-DE C.A.T. OilO2C
DE000A2G83C5 Capital Stage Ag Inhaber-akt Em 2017CAPN
INE862D01019-DE Capman Financial Services Ltd DematerialisedA8RD
DE0007257503 CeconomyCEC
DE0005407100 Cenit AgCSH
DE0005407506 Centrotec SustainableCEV
DE000A1TNMM9 Centrotherm PhotovoltCTNK
DE000A1EL8Y8 China Specialty Glass Ag8GS
PLCIECH00018-DE Ciech S.a.CHX
DE000A0HHJR3 Cliq Digital AgCLIQ
DE000A1K0227 Co.don AgCNWK
DE0005428007 Comdirect BankCOM
DE0009147207 Constantin MedienEV4
LU1296758029-DE Corestate Capital Holding S.a.CCAP
LU0251710041-DE CPI Property GroupO5G
DE000A0LAUP1 Cropenergies AgCE2
DE0005494538 Curasan AgCUR
DE0007830572 Daldrup & Söhne (daldrup) Ag4DS
DE0005498901 Data Modul AgDAM
DE000A0JC8S7 Datagroup AGD6H
DE000A0V9LA7 DatronDAR
DE0008469008 DAX 30 IndexDAX30
DE000A0Z23G6 Deag Deutsche Entertainment AgERMK
DE000A1YDDM9 Decheng Technology Ag333
DE000A0MZ4B0 Delignit AgDLX
DE0005146807 DelticomDEX
DE000A0XFSF0 Demire Deutsche MittelstandDMRE
DE000A2GS5D8 Dermapharm Holding SeDMP
US2515421061-DE Deutsche Boerse ADR 1/1063DA
DE000A0S9GB0 Deutsche Börse Xetra Gold4GLD
DE000A0BVVK7 Deutsche Cannabis AgFAM1
DE000A2DA6T5 Deutsche Cannabis Ag Inhaber-akt Em 2016FAM2
DE0005533400 Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen AgDGR
DE000A14KRD3 Deutsche Konsum Reit-agDKG
DE000A2G82W5 Deutsche Post Ag (neue Namensaktien)DPWN
DE0008055021 Deutsche Real Estate AgDRE2
DE000A0XYG76 Deutsche RohstoffDR0
DE000A2G8183 Deutsche Wohnen Se Inhaber-akt Em 2017DWNN
DE000A2AA204 DF Deutsche Forfait AgDFTK
US2536511031-DE Diebold Nixdorf Inc.DBD
DE0005580005 Dierig HoldingDIE
DE0005538607 Diskus Werke AgDIS
DE000A1A6WE6 DocCheck AGAJ91
DE0005157101 Dr. Hönle AGHNL
DE0005550602 Draegerwerk Ag & Co. KgaaDRW8
DE0005550677 Draegerwerk Aggenusssch. Serie KDRW7
DE0005550651 Draegerwerk Aggenussschein Serie -a-DRW5
DE0006299001 Dürkopp Adler AgDKA
DE0005634000 Easy Software AgESY
DE0005659700 Eckert & ZieglerEUZ
DE0005854343 Ecotel Communication AgE4C
CH0303692047-DE Edag Engineering Group AgED4
DE0005647937 EddingEDD3
DE0005649503 Edel AGEDL
DE0005653604 Eifelhöhen-KlinikEIF
DE0005654933 Einhell GermanyEIN3
DE000A0WMJQ4 Elanix Biotechnologies AgELN
LU0538936351-DE Electrawinds SeEWI
DE0005677108 ELMOS Semiconductor AGELG
DE0007856023 ElringKlingerZIL2
DE000A11Q059 Elumeo SeELB
DE0005220008 EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AGEBK
DE0005313506 Energiekontor AgEKT
IT0003132476-DE ENI S.P.A.ENI
DE000A11QW50 Epigenomics AgECX
DE0005494165 EQS Group AgEQS
DE000A161077 Ernst RussHXCK
DE000A1K0300 Euromicron AgEUCA
DE0005660104 EuwaxEUX
LU0472835155-DE Exceet Group SeEXC
DE000A0V9L94 Eyemaxx Real Estate AgBNT1
AT0000785407-DE Fabasoft AgFAA
DE000A0MW975 Fair ValueFVI
DE000A1YCNB3 Feike AgFKE
DE000A13SX89 Fenghua Soletech AgFGT
FI4000106299-DE Ferratum OyjFRU
DE0001218063 Finlab AGA7A
DE000FTG1111 Fintech Group AgFTK
DE0007201907 First Sensor AGSIS
DE0005775803 Foris AgFRS
DE000A1EWVY8 FormyconFYB
DE0005774103 FortecFEV
DE000FPH9000 Francotyp-postalia Holding AgFPH
DE000A2G9L83 Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co. Kgaa Inhaber-akt Aus KonversionFMEN
DE0005785604 Fresenius SEFRE
DE000A2DANS3 Fresenius Se & CoFREB
DE0005070908 Fritz Nols AgFNG
DE0006201106 FRIWO AGCEA
DE0005790307 Froehlich Bau AgFRO
DE0005790331 Froehlich Bau Ag Vz.FRO3
DE0005790406 Fuchs Petrolub SEFPE
NL0012377394-DE Fyber N.v.FBEN
CH0114405324-DE Garmin LtdGRMN
US3682872078-DE Gazprom (EUR)GAZ
DE0007760001 Gelsenwasser AgWWG
DE0005495626 GerathermGME
DE000A1MMEV4 German Startups Group GSJ
DE0003304101 Gerry WeberGWI1
DE000A1K0201 Gesco AG NA O.N.GSC1
DE0005156004 GigasetGGS
DE0007571424 GK SoftwareGKS
DE000GSW1111 GSW Immobilien AGGIB
DE000A0JKHG0 GWB Immobilien AgG7B
DE000A2E4T77 H&R Gmbh & Co. Kgaa2HRA
DE000A0KF6M8 Hanseyachts AgH9Y
DE0006042708 Hawesko Holding AG SVGHAW
DE0008469016 HDAX IndexHDAX
DE000A11QVV0 Heidelberg Pharma AgWL6
DE0005250005 Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding AgIPO
DE000A0L1NN5 Heliad Equity Partners Gmbh & Co. KgaaHPBK
DE000A1MMHE3 Heliocentris Energy Solutions AgH2FA
DE000A161408 HellofreshHFG
DE000A0EQ578 Helma Eigenheimbau AGH5E
DE0006048408 Henkel AG & Co. KGaAHEN
DE0006052830 Hermle AgMBH3
DE000HNC2059 Hesse Newman CapitalRTML
CH0006539198-DE Highlight Com.HLG
DE0005495329 Holidaycheck AgHOC
DE0005297204 HomagHG1
DE0006084403 Hornbach-baumarktHBM
DE000A0XYHT5 Ibu-tec AgIBU
DE0006131204 IFA Hotel & Touristik AgIFA
DE0006097108 Infas Holding AktiengesellschaftIFS
DE000A2GSV17 Infineon Technologies Ag Aus KonversionIFXN
DE0005759807 Init InnovationIXX
NL0012757355-DE Instone Real Estate Group N.v.INS
DE000A0EPUH1 Intershop Communications AgISH2
DE0006223605 IntertainmentITN
DE0005874846 Intica Systems AgIS7
DE0005859698 Invision AgIVX
DE0005488100 Isra Vision AG.ISR
DE000A0JL461 ItN Nanovation AgI7N
DE0007448508 IVU Traffic Technologies AGIVU
DE000A0B9N37 JDC Group AgA8A
DE000A1TNS70 JJ Auto AgJJO
DE000JST4000 Jost Werke AgJST
NL0000233195-DE Jubii Europe N.v.LCY
DE0006269103 Kampa AgKPH
DE0006208408 Kap-beteiligungs-agIUR
DE000A1X3WW8 KHD Humboldt WedagHETA
DE0006578008 KHD Humboldt Wedag International AgKWG
DE0007857476 Klassik Radio AgKA8
DE000KC01000 Klöckner & Co.KCO
DE000A0KFUJ5 Kromi Logistik AgK1R
DE0006292006 KSB AktiengesellschaftKSB
DE0006292030 KSB AktiengesellschaftKSB3
DE0006458003 LechwerkeLEC
DE000LEG1185 LEG Immobilien Ag Em 2017LEGN
DE0006464506 Leifheit AGLEI
DE0006483001 LindeLIN
DE000A2E4L75 Linde Ag O.N. Z.Umt.LINU
DE000A12UP29 Lloyd Fonds AgL1OA
LU1618151879-DE Logwin Ag Registered ShsTGHN
DE000LTT0243 Lotto24 AGLO24
DE0006450000 Lpkf Laser+electron.LPK
DE0005754402 LS Telcom AGLSX
DE0005199905 Ludwig BeckECK
DE0006617400 m+s Elektronik AgMUS
DE000A0MSN11 M-u-t AgM7U
DE000A0HGQF5 Magforce AgMF6
DE000A1MMCY2 Maier + Partner AgMPRK
DE0006553464 Mainova AgMNV6
DE0005937031 MAN SEMAN3
DE000A0JQ5U3 Manz AutomationM5Z
CH0132106482-DE Mars One Ventures AgKCC
DE0008646654 Marudai Food DzMFL
DE0005492938 Masterflex SeMZX
DE0006044001 Maternus KlinikenMAK
DE000A2DA588 MAX Automation AgMXHN
DE000A0D88T9 Max21 AgMA1
DE0008467416 MDAX IndexMDAX
DE0006595101 Mediclin AgMED
DE0006605009 MedionMDN
DE000A1MMCC8 Medios AgILM1
DE0006580806 Mensch und Maschine Software SEMUM
DE000A1X3X66 Metric Mobility Solutions AgHWSA
DE0007257537 MetroMEO3
DE000BFB0027 Metro Ag prefB4B3
DE000A0LBFE4 Mevis MedicalM3V
DE000A0KF6S5 mic AgM3B
DE0006614001 MineralbrunnenMUT
DE0006614035 Mineralbrunnen 3MUT3
DE000A2BPK91 Ming Le SportsML2K
JP3899800001-DE Mitsubishi MotorsMMO
DE0005218309 MobotixMBQ
DE0006637200 MologenMGN
DE000A1TNWJ4 MPC Münch.Pet.Cap.MPCK
DE0005855183 MS Industrie AgMSAG
DE000A2G83P7 MTU Aero Engines Ag Em 2017MTXN
DE0006214687 MuellerMLL
DE000A0SMSH2 Mutares AgMUX
DE0006204589 Mvise AgC1V
DE000A0H52F5 MVV EnergieMVV1
DE000A0JRU67 Mybet Holding SeXMY
LU1404975507-DE Mybucks S.a.MBC
DE000A0JCY11 MynaricM0Y
US34969P1021-DE Myphotoalbum Inc.FCT
DE0006628100 Mühl Product & ServiceMPS
DE000A0KPPR7 NabaltecNTG
DE000A161NR7 Naga Group AgN4G
DE000A0JKHC9 Nanogate SeN7G
DE0005021307 Neschen AgNSN
DE0005220909 NexusNXU
JP3756600007-DE Nintendo (EUR)FNTO
FI0009000681-DE Nokia Corporation (EUR)NOK1V
DE000A2E4MK4 Noratis AgNUVA
DE000A12UP37 Norcom AgNC5A
DE0006775505 Nordwest Handel AGNWX
DE000A2GS7A0 Nordwest Handel Ag Inhaber-akt Zum Verkauf Eingereichte I-aktienNWXB
DK0060534915-DE Novo-Nordisk (EUR)NOVC
DE0008435967 Nürnberger Beteiligungs-agNBG6
SE0000722365-DE Oasmia Pharmaceutical AbOMAX
DE0006853005 Odeon Film AgODE
DE0005936124 OHB SEOHB
DE0008647488 Omron Corp. DzOMR
CH0022237009-DE Openlimit Holding AgO5H
DE0005228779 Orbis AgOBS
DE0006286560 OVBO4B
DE000A0B65S3 Paion AGPA8
DE000A1R1C81 Panamax AktiengesellschaftICP
DE000A12UPJ7 Pantaflix AgPAL
DE0005558696 Paragon AGPGN
DE000A0AFGF3 Pearl Gold Ag02P
DE000A1K0409 AgEMH1
DE000A1A6WB2 Phicomm AgHBD1
DE0006082001 Philipp Holzmann Ag I.l.HOZ
DE000A0BVU93 Phoenix SolarPS4
DE0006925001 Pittler Maschinenfabik Ag I.a.PIT
DE000A2G8X15 PNE Wind Ag Em 2018PNEN
DE0006954001 Pongs & Zahn AgPUZ
DE000PAH0038 Porsche Autom.Hldg VZOPAH3
DE0006223407 Procredit Holding Ag & Co.kgaaPCZ
DE0006968001 Progress-Werk OberkirchPWO
DE000PSM7770 Prosiebensat.1 Na O.N.PSM
DE0006972508 publity AGPBY
DE0007461006 PVA Tepla AgTPE
DE0005202303 Quirin bankQB7
DE000A1PHBB5 R. Stahl AgRSL2
DE000A1RFMY4 RCM Beteiligungs AgRCMN
DE000A1E89S5 Readcrest Capital AgEXJ
DE0007008906 Realtech AgRTC
DE0007850000 RENKZAR
DE0006001902 Ringmetall AktiengesellschaftHP3
NL0000289783-DE Robeco Global Stars Equities Fund N.v.ROB
NL0000289817-DE Rolinco N.v.ROC
DE000RYSE888 ROY Ceramics SeRY8
DE0007037145 RWE AGRWE3
DE0005236202 S&O Agrar AgBUF
US7960502018-DE Samsung (Xetra)SSUN
DE0007165607 Sartorius AktiengesellschaftSRT
DE0007170300 Schaltbau Holding O.NSLT
DE0006942808 Scherzer & Co. AGPZS
DE0007229007 Schloss Wachenheim AgSWA
DE0007216707 Schumag AgSCM
DE0005156236 Schweizer Electronic AgSCE
DE0007218901 SchwälbchenSMB
DE0009653386 SDAX 30 IndexSDAX
DE0007276503 Secunet Security Networks AGYSN
LU1377527517-DE Senvion S.a.SEN
DE0007568578 SFC Energy AgF3C
DE000A2G8YM4 SGL Carbon Se Inhaber-akt Em 2018SGLE
JE00B2QKY057-DE Shire PLC (EUR)S7E
NL0012044747-DE Shop Apotheke Europe NvSAE
DE000A1JBPV9 Shw AgSW1
DE0007239402 Simona AgSIM
DE000A1681X5 Singulus Technologies AgSNG
DE0007241002 Sinner AgSIN
DE0005141907 SinnerschraderSZZ
DE0005765507 SINOXTP
DE000SGU8886 Sino-german United AgSGU
DE000A0DPRE6 Sixt Leasing O.N.LNSX
DE0007231334 Sixt Se Vz.SIX3
DE000A2E3772 Sleepz AgBTBB
DE000A2LQHN5 SLM Solutions Group Ag Inhaber-akt Aus KonversionAM3N
DE0005751986 SMT Scharf AgS4A
DE000A1PHEL8 Snowbird Ag8S9
DE0007203705 SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner AGSHF
DE0005178008 SoftingSYT
DE0006614712 Solar-fabrik AgSFX
DE000A1YCMM2 SolarworldSWVK
DE0007279507 Splendid Medien AgSPM
DE000A1EMG56 Sporttotal AgWIG1
DE000A1K03W5 Staramba Se99SC
DE000A0LR936 Steico SEST5
DE000A14KR50 Steilmann SeSTE
DE000A2G9MZ9 Stemmer Imaging AgS9I
DE0007274136 STO SE & Co. KGaASTO3
SE0006027546-DE Stockholm It VenturesSVAB
DE000A0Z23N2 StrabagSTB1
DE000STRA555 Stratec Biomedical Nam.OnSBS
DE000A1K0235 Suess Microtec NA O.N.SMHN
DE0005176903 Surteco SeSUR
DE000A1RFM03 Sygnis AgLIO1
DE0005104806 Syzygy AgSYZ
DE000A2G83A9 TAG Immobilien Ag Inhaber-akt Em 2017TEGN
MHY849271058-DE Tanker Investments Ltd Reg-sIQQB
DE0007454209 TC Unterhaltungselektronik AgTCU
DE0005098008 Tdmi AgARX
DE000A0XYGA7 TechnotransTTR1
DE0007454902 Teles Ag InformationstechnologienTLI
KYG875721634-DE Tencend HoldingsNNND
DE0007458804 Tiscon AgTIS
CH0016458363-DE tmc Content Group AgERO1
DE000A0STST2 TOM Tailor Holdg.AgTTI
DE000A1EMHE0 Tonkens Agrar AgGTK
DE0007501009 TTL Beteiligungs- Und Grundbesitz-agTTO
DE000TUAG000 TuiTUI1
DE0007504508 Turbon AgTUR
DE000A1KREX3 Ultrasonic AgUS5
DE0005493654 UMS United Medical SystemsUMS
IT0005239360-DE Unicredit S.p.a.CRIN
DE000UNSE1V6 Uniper Se Zum VerkaufUN02
DE0005509129 Uniprof Real Estate Holding AgUPR
DE0005489561 United Labels AgULC
DE000A1EMAK2 United Power Technology AgUP7
DE000A0BVU28 USU Software AgOSP2
DE0007551509 UzinUZU
DE0006636681 Va-q-tec AgVQT
DE000A1RFHN7 Value Management & Research AgVMR1
DE000A0WMNK9 VapianoVAO
DE000A0TGJ55 Varta AgVAR1
DE0006455009 VDN Vereinigte Deutsche Nickel-werke Ag I.i.VDN
DE000A0KEXC7 Vectron Systems AgV3S
DE0006851603 Verallia Deutschland AgOLG
DE000A0JL9W6 Verbio Ver.BioenergieVBK
DE0007657231 Villeroy&Boch Vz.VIB3
DE0007846867 Viscom AgV6C
DE000A0BL849 Vita 34 AgV3V
DE000A1E8G88 Vivanco Gruppe AgVG0K
DE0007664039 Volkswagen Vz.VOW3
DE000A2E4LE9 VoltaboxVBX
DE000A1ML7J1 VonoviaVNA
DE0007477507 Walter Bau-ag StWTB
DE0007477531 Walter Bau-ag VzWTB3
DE0007016008 Wasgau Produktions & Handels AgMSH
DE000A1X3X33 Wcm Bet.Grd.Ag O.N.WCMK
DE0008103102 Webac Holding AgRKB
DE0007775207 Westag & Getalit Ag (st.)WUG
DE0007775231 Westag & Getalit Ag (vz.)WUG3
DE000A0HN4T3 Westgrund AgWEG1
DE000A13SXB0 Wild Bunch AgWBAG
DE000A1H6VM4 Williams Grand Prix Holdings PlcWGF1
DE000A0CAYB2 Wincor Nixdorf O.N.WIN
DE000WNDL110 Windeln.deWDL
DE000WNDL1J7 Se Inhaber-akt Em 2018WDLJ
IL0010830706-DE Wizcom Technologies Ltd.WZM
DE0007847303 Ymos AgYMO
DE0005932735 YOC AgYOC
DE000A2BPG14 Youbisheng Green PaperYB1A
DE000A161N14 Your Family Entertainment AgRTV
GB00BHD66J44-DE Zeal NetworkTIM
DE000ZDWT018 ZhongDe WasteZEF
DE0005066609 aap Implantate AgAAQ
DE0005408686 Ökoworld (ex Versiko) Vz.VVV3


DE0005008007 Adler Real Estate AgADL
LU1250154413-DE Ado Properties S.A. NpvADJ
LU1673108939-DE Aroundtown Eo-,01AT1
DE0005232805 BertrandtBDT
DE000A0DNAY5 Bet-at-home.comACX
DE0005909006 Bilfinger BergerGBF
DE0005227235 Biotest Vz.BIO3
DE0005493092 Borussia DortmundBVB
DE0006095003 Capital StageCAP
DE0005403901 Cewe ColorCWC
DE000A2E4K43 Delivery Hero Ag Na O.N.DHER
DE0006305006 DeutzDEZ
DE000A1X3XX4 Dic AssetDIC
DE000A1TNUT7 Dt.Beteilig.AgDBAN
DE0007856023 ElringKlingerZIL2
DE0003304101 Gerry WeberGWI1
DE0005878003 GildemeisterGIL
DE0005895403 GrammerGMM
DE000A161N30 Grenkeleasing Ag Na O.N.GLJ
DE0006013006 Hamborner ReitHAB
DE000A0S8488 Hamburger HafenHHFA
DE000HLAG475 Hapag-lloyd Na. O.N.HLAG
DE0007314007 Heidelberger DruckHDD
DE0006083405 Hornbach Hold.St O.N.HBH
DE0005493365 Hypoport AgHYQ
DE0006200108 IndusINH
DE000KC01000 Klöckner & Co.KCO
DE0007193500 Koenig&BauerSKB
DE0007074007 KWS SaatKWS
DE0006569908 MLPMLP
DE000PAT1AG3 Patrizia ImmobilienP1Z
DE0006969603 PumaPUM
DE0007010803 RationalRAA
DE0007042301 Rhön-KlinikumRHK
DE000A12UKK6 Rocket Internet SeRKET
LU0307018795-DE SAF Holland S.A. EO-,01SFQ
DE000A12DM80 Scout24 Ag NaG24
DE0007235301 SGL CarbonSGL
DE0007231326 SixtSIX2
LU1066226637-DE StabilusSTM
DE0007446007 TakktTTK
DE000TCAG172 Tele Columbus AgTC1
DE000A12B8Z4 Tlg Immobilien AgTLG
DE0007667107 VosslohVOS
DE000WACK012 Wacker Neuson SEWAC
DE0007507501 Washtec Ag O.N.WSU
DE000A0CAYB2 Wincor Nixdorf O.N.WIN
DE0008051004 Wuestenrot+wuertt.Ag O.N.WUW
DE0005111702 Zooplus AGZO1


DE0005103006 Adva OPT.NETW.SE O.N.ADV
DE000A0WMPJ6 AixtronAIXA
DE0005158703 BechtleBC8
DE0005419105 Cancom SECOK
DE0005313704 Carl Zeiss Meditec AGAFX
DE0005437305 Compugroup Med.Ag O.N.COP
GB0059822006-DE Dialog SemiconductorDLG
DE0005545503 DrillischDRI
DE0005550636 Drägerwerk Vz.DRW3
DE0005664809 EvotecEVT
DE000A0Z2ZZ5 FreenetFNTN
DE0005800601 Gft Technologies AgGFT
DE0006229107 JenoptikJEN
DE000A1X3W00 Medigene Ag Na O.N.MDG1
DE0006632003 MorphoSysMOR
DE0006452907 Nemetschek Ag O.N.NEM
DE000A0D6554 NordexNDX1
DE0006916604 Pfeiffer VacuumPFV
NL0012169213-DE Qiagen Nv Eo -,01QIA
DE000A0Z2XN6 Rib Software Ag NaRIB
AT0000A0E9W5-DE S+t Ag (Z.Reg.Mk.Z.)O.N.SANT
DE0007165631 Sartorius Ag Vzo O.N.SRT3
DE000WAF3001 Siltronic Ag Na O.N.WAF
DE000A111338 Slm Solutions Grp AgAM3D
DE000A0DJ6J9 SMA SolarS92
DE000A2GS401 Software Ag Na O.N.SOW
DE000A1J5RX9 Telefonica Dtld Hldg AgO2D
DE0005089031 United InternetUTDI
DE0007472060 WirecardWDI
DE000XNG8888 Xing AGO1BC



NL0011540547 ABN AMROABN
NL0009767532 Accell GroupACCEL
NL0000303709 AegonAGN
NL0011794037 Ahold DelhaizeAD
FR0000031122-NL Air France (Amsterdam)AIRF
NL0000018034 AjaxAJAX
NL0000009132 Akzo NobelAKZA
NL0011333760 Altice BATCB
NL0011333752 Altice NVATC
NL0012194724 Alumexx N.V.ALX
NL0000888691 AMGAMG
NL0000313286 Amsterdam Commod.ACOMO
NL0000430106 ANDAND
GB00B15Y0C52-NL AP Alternat AssetsAAA
LU0569974404-NL AperamAPAM
NL0006237562 ArcadisARCAD
LU1598757687-NL ArcelorMittalMT
NL0000334118 ASM InternationalASM
NL0010273215 ASML HoldingASML
NL0011872643 ASR NederlandASRNL
JE00B3DCF752-NL AtriumATRS
NL0012047823 AvantiumAVTX
NL0000337319 BAM GroepBAMNB
NL0011872650 Basic-fitBFIT
NL0006292906 Batenburg TechniekBATEN
NL0000339760 BE SemiconductorBESI
NL0000339703 Beter Bed HoldingBBED
NL0000285278 BeverBEVER
NL0000335578 BinckbankBINCK
NL0000852580 Boskalis WestminBOKA
GG00B1FQG453-NL Boussard GavaudanBGHL
GG00B39VMM07-NL Boussard Ghl GbpBGHS
NL0000442523 Brill KonBRILL
CA1125851040-NL Brookfield Asset MBAMA
NL0010776944 Brunel InternatBRNL
GB00BDCPN049-NL Coca-Cola EU PartnersCCE
NL0010583399 CorbionCRBN
NL0000200384 Core LabsCLB
NL0000345577 CTACCTAC
NL0011509294 Curetis AGCURE
NL0009169515 DGB GroupDGB
NL0000345627 DocDataDOCD
NL0009197771 DPA GroupDPA
NL0000009827 DSM KonDSM
NL0012747059 Dutch Star C SharDSC1
NL0012747067 Dutch Star C WarDSC1W
NL0009272137 EsperiteESP
GB00B94QM994-NL Eurocastle InvestmentECT
NL0000288876 Eurocommercial PropertiesECMPA
NL0006294274 EuronextENX
BE0003874915-NL FagronFAGR
NL0011279492 Flow Traders BVFLOW
NL0012047849 FNGFNG
NL0011832811 ForfarmersFFARM
NL0000352565 FugroFUR
BE0003818359-NL GalapagosGLPG
NL0000400653 GemaltoGTO
NL0010937066 Grandvision BVGVNV
NL0000440824 GroothandelsgebouwenGROHA
BMG455841020-NL HAL TrustHAL
CWN814651014-NL Headfirst Source GHFS
NL0009269109 HeijmansHEIJM
NL0000009165 HeinekenHEIA
NL0000008977 HeinekenHEIO
NL0000440311 Holland ColoursHOLCO
ANN4327C1303-NL Hunter DouglasHUNDP
ANN4327C1220-NL Hunter DouglasHDG
NL0009391242 Hydratec IndustriesHYDRA
NL0000359537 ICT AutomatiseringICT
NL0010556726 IEX GroupIEX
NL0010801007 IMCD GroupIMCD
NL0011821202 ING GroepINGA
NL0010937058 Intertrust Group Holding SAINTER
NL0000113652 KardanKARD
NL0000362648 KAS BankKA
NL0000852531 KendrionKENDR
NL0011323407 Kiadis Pharma BVKDS
NL0012294466 Koninklijke Volker Wessels StevinKVW
NL0000009082 KPN KonKPN
NL0010545679 LavideLVIDE
NL0010998878 Lucas Bols BVBOLS
GG00B1ZBD492-NL NB Private EquityNBPE
NL0000371243 NedapNEDAP
NL0009312842 Nedsense EnterprisesNEDSE
IM00BDD7WV31-NL Nepi RockcastleNRP
NL0009822014 New Sources EnergyNSE
NL0000440618 Neways ElectronicsNEWAY
NL0010773842 NN GroupNN
NL0010696704 Novisource NVNOVI
NL0012365084 NSI N.V.NSI
NL0010558797 OCIOCI
NL0000370419 Oranjewoud AORANW
NL0000440584 OrdinaORDI
NL0010391025 Pharming GroupPHARM
NL0000009538 PhilipsPHIA
NL0011821392 Philips LightingLIGHT
NL0000378669 Porceleyne FlesPORF
NL0009739416 PostNLPNL
DE0007921835-NL ProbiodrugPBD
NL0000379121 RandstadRAND
NL0006144495 Reed ElsevierREN
NL0011214010 Refresco Gerber NVRFRG
LU0383812293-NL Reinet InvestmentsREINA
NL0000440477 RoodmicrotecROOD
NL0011556972 Roodmicrotecwar2WROD2
GB00B03MLX29-NL Royal Dutch Shell A (EUR)RDSA
GB00B03MM408-NL Royal Dutch Shell BRDSB
FR0000125007-NL Saint GobainSGO
NL0000360618 SBM OffshoreSBMO
NL0011660485 Sif Holding NVSIFG
NL0000817179 Sligro Food GroupSLIGR
NL0010627865 SnowWorld NVSNOW
NL0000336303 Stern GroepSTRN
NL0012015705 Takeaway ComTKWY
GG00B1RMC548-NL TetragonTFG
VGG885761061-NL ThunderbirdTBIRD
NL0010389508 TIE KinetixTIE
NL0000852523 TKH GroupTWEKA
NL0000387058 TomTomTOM2
FR0000124711-NL Unibail-RodamcoUL
NL0000009355 UnileverUNA
NL0000388742 Unilever 6%UNCP6
NL0000388726 Unilever 7%UNCP7
NL0000388684 Unilever Dr7cpUNCC7
NL0000388619 Unilever OsUNIA
NL0010661864 Value8VALUE
NL0009875483 Value8 Cum PrefPREVA
NL0000302636 Van LanschotLANS
NL0000288918 VastnedVASTN
BMG9349W1038-NL VeonVEON
GG00B1GHHH78-NL Volta FinanceVTA
NL0009432491 VopakVPK
BE0003763779-NL WDPWDP
NL0000289213 WereldhaveWHA
NL0000395317 Wessanen KonWES
NL0000395903 Wolters KluwerWKL
NL0000852564 Aalberts IndustriesAALB

Other Nederland

NL0000000107 AEXAEX
NL0000367993 Macintosh RetailMACIN
NL0009272749 Think AEXTDT
NL0010408704 Think Sustainable WorldTSWE


Merkur Market

NO0010755051 Atlantic LumpusATLU-ME
NO0010810476 Baltic Sea PropertiesBALT-ME
NO0010755101 Black Sea PropertyBSP-ME
VGG3175Q1081-NO Epic GasEPIC-ME
NO0010748866 Gentian DiagnosticsGENT-ME
NO0010636491 Grong SparebankGRONG-ME
NO0010536048 InductINDUCT-ME
GB00BF2PG875-NO J.P. Kenny PetroleumJPK-ME
NO0010069982 Kolibri KapitalKOLKAP-ME
NO0010808405 Lillestrøm SparebankLSTSB-ME
NO0010752231 MonobankMONO-ME
NO0010816002 MPC Container ShipsMPCB-ME
KYG7153K1739-NO PolarcusPLCS-ME
US8293552050-NO Sino Agro FoodSIAF-ME
NO0010810120 Tysnes SparebankTYSB1-ME
NO0010731615 Tysnes SparebankTYSB-ME
NO0010755077 WR EntertainmentWRE-ME
NO0010672181 Aasen SparebankAASB-ME

OB Match

NO0003021909 ABG Sundal Collier HoldingASC
NO0003078107 AF GruppenAFG
NO0003108102 Agasti HoldingAGA
NO0010215684 AkastorE:AKA
NO0010234552 AkerAKER
NO0003097503 AKVA GroupAKVA
NO0010272065 American Shipping CompanyAMSC
NO0010123060 ApptixAPP
BMG0451H1170-NO ArcherARCHER
NO0010776875 ArcusARCUS
DK0060477263-NO AsetekASETEK
NO0004822503 AteaATEA
NO0010073489 Austevoll SeafoodAUSS
BMG067231032-NO Avance Gas HoldingAVANCE
GB00BZBVR613-NO Avocet MiningAVM
SE0005569100-NO AxactorAXA
NO0010633951 B2HoldingB2H
NO0003094104 BelshipsBEL
NO0010379779 Bergen GroupBERGEN
NO0010650013 BerGenBioBGBIO
NO0010014632 Biotec PharmaconBIOTEC
NO0003110603 BonheurBON
NO0003111700 BorgestadBOR
BMG1466R1088-NO Borr DrillingBDRILL
NO0010657505 BorregaardBRG
BMG1738J1247-NO BW Offshore LimitedBWO
SE0000371239-NO ContextVisionCOV
NO0010808892 Crayon Group HoldingCRAYON
NO0010671068 Cxense ASACXENSE 
NO0003064107 Data ResponsDAT
NO0010070063 DOFDOF
NO0010263023 Eidesvik OffshoreEIOF
NO0003035305 EkornesEKO
NO0010358484 Electromagnetic GeoservicesEMGS
NO0010716418 EntraE:ENTRA
NO0010735343 EuroprisEPR
NO0010019649 EVRYEVRY
NO0010792625 Fjord1FJORD
NO0003089005 Fred. Olsen EnergyFOE
BMG3682E1921-NO FrontlineFRO
NL0012756266-NO FuncomFUNCOM
US4593781051-NO Gaming Innovation GroupGIG
NO0004913609 GoodtechGOD
NO0010257728 Havila ShippingHAVI
NO0010708605 Havyard GroupHYARD
NO0003067902 Hexagon CompositesHEX
BMG454221059-NO Höegh LNG HoldingsHLNG
NO0003072803 I.M. SkaugenIMSK
NO0003070609 IDEXIDEX
NO0003053308 Incus InvestorINC
NO0010789506 InfrontINFRNT
NO0010284318 InterOil ExplorationIOX
NO0003055808 Intex ResourcesITX
BMG5137R1088-NO Jinhui ShippingJIN
NO0010743545 KidKID
NO0003079709 KitronKIT
NO0010694029 Komplett BankKOMPo
NO0003033102 Kongsberg Automotive HoldingKOA
NO0003043309 Kongsberg GruppenKOG
NO0010605371 KværnerKVAER
NO0010219702 Link Mobility Group ASALINK 
NO0010734338 MulticonsultMULTI
DK0060520450-NO NapatechNAPA
NO0010205966 NavamedicNAVA
NO0010081235 NELNEL
NO0010629108 Next Biometrics GroupNEXT
NO0010597883 Nordic NanovectorNANO
NO0003055501 Nordic SemiconductorNOD
NO0010331838 Norway Royal SalmonNRS
NO0010379266 Norwegian Energy CompanyNOR
NO0010317811 Norwegian PropertyNPRO
NO0003679102 NRC GroupNRC
NO0010657448 Ocean YieldOCY
NO0010317316 Oceanteam ShippingOTS
BMG671801022-NO Odfjell DrillingODL
NO0003399909 Odfjell ser. AODF
NO0003399917 Odfjell ser. BODFB
NO0005638858 Olav Thon EiendomsselskapOLT
NO0010040611 Opera SoftwareOPERA
NO0010564701 Panoro EnergyPEN
NO0010397581 Pareto BankPARB
NO0010000045 PhotocurePHO
KYG7153K1085-NO PolarcusPLCS
CY0100470919-NO ProsafePRS
NO0010209331 Protector ForsikringPROTCT
NO0003103103 Q-FreeQFR
NO0003117202 Reach SubseaREACH
NO0010112675 REC SiliconREC
CY0101550917-NO S.D. Standard DrillingSDSD 
NO0010781743 Saferoad HoldingSAFE
SE0003366871-NO SAS (NOK)SAS-NOK
NO0010715139 Scatec SolarE:SSO
NO0010736879 Schibsted BSCHB
JE00B61ZHN74-NO Scottish Salmon CompanySSC
CY0101162119-NO SeaBird ExplorationSBX
BMG7945E1057-NO SeadrillSDRL
NO0010781206 Self Storage GroupSSG
NO0010612450 Selvaag BoligSBO
BMG8070J1099-NO Sevan DrillingSEVDR
NO0010187032 Sevan MarineSEVAN
NO0010739402 SkandiabankenSKBN
NO0003106700 Solon EiendomSOLON
NO0003080608 Solstad OffshoreSOFF
CY0100962113-NO Songa OffshoreSONG
NO0010631567 SpareBank 1 SR-BankSRBANK
NO0010429145 SpectrumSPU
BMG850801025-NO Stolt-NielsenSNI
NO0010098247 StrongpointSTRONG
NO0010689326 TargovaxTRVX
NO0003095309 Techstep TechnologyTECH
NO0010299068 Thin Film ElectronicsTHIN
NO0005668905 Tomra SystemsTOM
NO0010763550 TreasureTRE
NO0003049405 TTS GroupTTS
NO0010593544 Vardia Insurance GroupVARDIA
NO0005806802 VeidekkeVEI
NO0003025009 Voss Veksel- og LandmandsbankVVL
NO0010571680 Wallenius Wilhelmsen LogisticsWWL
NO0010609662 WebstepWSTEP
CA9506771042-NO Wentworth ResourcesWRL
NO0010571698 Wilh. Wilhelmsen Hold. AWWI
NO0010576010 Wilh. Wilhelmsen Hold. BWWIB
NO0010716863 XXLE:XXL
NO0010708910 ZalarisZAL

OB Nye

CL0002409135-NO Salmones CamanchacaSALMON

OB Standard

NO0010715394 AqualisAQUA
NO0003572802 Arendals FossekompaniAFK
FO000A0DN9X4-NO Atlantic Petroleum (NOK)ATLA
NO0010360266 BouvetBOUVET
NO0003087603 ByggmaBMA
SG1AD2000008-NO EMas OffshoreEMAS
NO0010262686 GC Rieber ShippingRISH
NO0004288200 GyldendalGYL
NO0010001118 IteraITE
NO0010159684 MedistimMEDI
NO0004895103 Namsos TrafikkselskapNAM
NO0010199052 NextGenTelNGT
CY0102630916-NO PetroliaPDR
NO0010466022 Polaris MediaPOL
CL0002409135-NO Salmones CamanchacaSALMON
KYG813131011-NO Siem OffshoreSIOFF
NO0010360175 Storm Real EstateSTORM
BMG870871057-NO Team Tankers InternationalTEAM
NO0010252356 WilsonWILS


NO0010345853 Aker BPAKERBP
NO0010716582 Aker SolutionsAKSO
FO0000000179-NO BakkafrostBAKKA
NO0010031479 DNBDNB
NO0003921009 DNO InternationalDNO
NO0010582521 Gjensidige ForsikringGJF
BMG396372051-NO Golden Ocean GroupGOGL
NO0010365521 Grieg SeafoodGSF
NO0003096208 Lerøy Seafood GroupLSG
NO0003054108 Marine HarvestMHG
NO0005052605 Norsk HydroNHY
NO0010196140 Norwegian Air ShuttleNAS
NO0010387004 Norwegian Finans HoldingNOFI
NO0003733800 OrklaORK
NO0010199151 Petroleum Geo-ServicesPGS
CA74836K1003-NO Questerre Energy CorporationQEC
NO0010310956 SalMarSALM
NO0003028904 Schibsted ASCHAO
NO0010096985 StatoilSTL
NO0003053605 StorebrandSTB
LU0075646355-NO Subsea 7SUBC
NO0010063308 TelenorTEL
NO0003078800 TGS-NOPEC Geophysical CompanyTGS
NO0010208051 Yara InternationalYAR

Oslo Axess

NO0010626559 Aega ASAAEGA 
AU000000AOQ0-NO African Petroleum CorporationAPCL 
NO0010307135 Aqua Bio Technology ASAABT 
GB00B5LJSC86-NO Awilco DrillingAWDR
NO0010607971 Awilco LNG ASAALNG 
NO0010607781 EAM Solar ASAEAM 
NO0010598683 Hofseth BioCare ASHBC 
DK0060945467-NO Hugo Games A/SHUGO 
NO0010283211 Hunter GroupHUNT
NO0010663669 Magseis ASAMSEIS 
NO0010791353 MPC Container ShipsMPCC
NO0010289200 NattoPharmaNATTO
NO0010317340 Nordic MiningNOM 
NO0010550056 North Energy ASNORTH 
BMG6624L1090-NO Northern DrillingNODL
NO0010405640 PCI Biotech Holding ASAPCIB 
NO0010395577 Philly ShipyardPHLY 
BMG763301022-NO RomRealROM 
NO0010572589 Saga Tankers AsaSAGA 
NO0010708068 Scanship Holding ASASSHIP 
NO0010778095 Songa BulkSBULK
NO0010044225 Unified Messaging SystemsUMS
NO0010734122 Vistin PharmaVISTIN 

Other Norwegian

NO0010345853 Aker BPAKERBP
NO0010716582 Aker SolutionsAKSO
NO0003097503 AKVA GroupAKVA
NO0006001601 Aurskog SparebankAURG
BMG067231032-NO Avance Gas HoldingAVANCE
SE0005569100-NO AxactorAXA
FO0000000179-NO BakkafrostBAKKA
NO0003921009 DNO InternationalDNO
NO0010070063 DOFDOF
US4593781051-NO Gaming Innovation GroupGIG
NO0010262686 GC Rieber ShippingRISH
NO0010365521 Grieg SeafoodGSF
NO0010029804 Helgeland SparebankHELG
NO0010012636 Holand og Setskog SparebankHSPG
NO0006000603 Indre Sogn SparebankISSG
NO0010359433 Jaeren SparebankJAEREN
NO0010605371 KværnerKVAER
NO0006001908 Melhus SparebankMELG
NO0010081235 NELNEL
NO0010629108 Next Biometrics GroupNEXT
NO0010597883 Nordic NanovectorNANO
NO0010379266 Norwegian Energy CompanyNOR
NO0003679102 NRC GroupNRC
BMG671801022-NO Odfjell DrillingODL
NO0010199151 Petroleum Geo-ServicesPGS
CY0100470919-NO ProsafePRS
NO0006001007 Sandnes SparebankSADG
JE00B61ZHN74-NO Scottish Salmon CompanySSC
NO0006001809 Skue SparebankSKUE
NO0003106700 Solon EiendomSOLON
CY0100962113-NO Songa OffshoreSONG
NO0006000207 SpareBank 1 Buskerud-VestfoldSBVG
NO0006000801 SpareBank 1 Nord-NorgeNONG
NO0010691660 SpareBank 1 NordvestSNOR
NO0006390400 SpareBank 1 Ringerike HadelandRING
NO0006390301 SpareBank 1 SMNMING
NO0010285562 SpareBank 1 Østfold AkershusSOAG
NO0010751910 SpareBank 1 ØstlandetSPOL
NO0006390004 Sparebanken MøreMORG
NO0006001502 Sparebanken SørSOR
NO0006000900 Sparebanken VestSVEG
NO0006222009 Sparebanken ØstSPOG
NO0010429145 SpectrumSPU
NO0006001205 Totens SparebankTOTG
NO0010571680 Wallenius Wilhelmsen LogisticsWWL
SE0009723000-NO XACT Derivative BearOBXEXDBEAR
SE0009723034-NO XACT Derivative BullOBXEXDBULL



SE0010546911 24SevenOfficeScandinavia247
SE0007387022 AbsoliconABSL
SE0009580079 AcosenseACOS
SE0009189608 AcouSortACOU
SE0007306188 AcrinovaACRI
SE0009695927 AcuCortACUC
SE0009346299 Aerowash BAERW B
SE0010546739 AerowashTO1BAERW TO 1 B
SE0005962362 ahaWorldAHA
SE0000885501 AlphaHelixALPH
SE0005620408 AltecoALTE
SE0007413455 AlzinovaALZ
SE0004020097 AmbiaAMBI
SE0001356932 Amhult 2 BAMH2 B
SE0002069633 AmnodeAMNO
MT0000650102-SE Angler GamingANGL
SE0009267974 AppSpotrAPTR
SE0006543450 AptahemAPTA
SE0010270728 AptahemTO2APTA TO 2
SE0010270736 AptahemTO3APTA TO 3
SE0005934452 AxonkidsAXKID
SE0009888506 Ayima BAYIMA B
SE0010442418 Bahnhof BBAHN B
SE0002457796 Beowulf Mining SDBBEO SDB
SE0010102095 BiBBInstrumentsBIBB
SE0008014534 Bosjö FastigheterBOSJO
SE0005731833 BrainCoolBRAIN
SE0010713834 BrainCoolTO1BRAIN TO 1
SE0009779119 BråvikenBRALOG
SE0005991981 C SecurityCSEC
SE0009320286 Camanio CareAT:CARE
SE0010714576 CamanioCareTO1CARE TO1
SE0008241558 Cereno ScientificCRNO B
SE0010636837 CGitBCGIT B
SE0002081166 Challenger Mobile BCHAL B
SE0006758231 Cline ScientificCLINE B
SE0010949487 ClineScientificBTABCLINE BTA B
SE0010949479 ClineScientificTRBCLINE TR B
SE0007815386 ColabitoilCOLAB
SE0006504593 CombiGeneCOMBI
SE0010831628 CombiGeneBTACOMBI BTA
SE0007158902 Community EntertainmentCEAB
SE0009606593 Compare-ITCOMPIT
SE0010921296 Compare-ITBTACOMPIT BTA
SE0010921288 Compare-ITTRCOMPIT TR
SE0001940461 Consensus Asset Manag.CAM-B
SE0005937117 CrowdsoftCROWD
SE0010739979 CrowdsoftBTACROWD BTA
SE0007640297 DalsSpira MejeriSPIRA
SE0005881489 DexTech Medical ABDEX
SE0007185525 Double Bond PharmaceuticalDBP B
SE0002039222 EasyFill BEASY B
SE0009548597 EatGoodEATG
SE0005504164 EcoclimeECC
SE0010546721 EcoclimeTO1BECC TO 1 B
SE0004051068 EcombECOM
SE0003273531 EcoRub BECO B
SE0006851507 EmotraEMOT
SE0009994858 EnradENRAD
SE0005704095 Envirologic BENVI B
SE0005497732 EQL PharmaEQL
SE0009889157 ESEN eSportsESEN
SE0001839069 Eurocine VaccinesEUCI
SE0010599878 EurocineVaccinesTO2EUCI TO 2
SE0002222596 Eurocon ConsultingEURO
SE0000488744 European Institute of Science BEURI B
SE0002869719 EverysportEVERY-A
SE0007525738 Fastout IntFOUT
SE0009189442 FinepartFINE
SE0006288270 FollicumFOLLI
SE0009496383 FreedeskFREESK
SE0002209155 Future Gaming GroupFGG
SE0003787555 FX InternationalFXI
SE0006257531 GabatherGABA
SE0010598342 GabatherTO2GABA TO 2
SE0000661613 Genesis ITAT:GENE
SE0004576346 Gullberg & JanssonGJAB
SE0007192026 Hamlet PharmaHAMLET
SE0001426131 HomeMaid BHOME B
SE0006966115 HybriconHYCO
SE0009357429 iApotekIAPO
SE0000514747 IDL Biotech BIDL B
SE0006887386 IdogenIDOGEN
SE0009895618 Idogen TO2IDOGEN TO2
SE0009895626 Idogen TO3IDOGEN TO3
SE0006091476 IgreneABI
SE0007692124 IMINT Image IntelligenceIMINT
SE0010414573 InfracomGroupINFRA
SE0009983893 Inhalation SciencesISAB
DK0060775872-SE Initiator PharmaINIT
SE0006994943 InsplorionINSP
SE0010869784 InsplorionTO1INSP TO1
SE0007603402 Invent MedicIMS
SE0002017707 JojkaJOJK
SE0001106469 Josab InternationalJOSA
SE0000429615 Klick Data BKLIC B
SE0003883008 Latvian Forest BLATF B
SE0007387246 LitiumLITI
SE0010414615 LogistriLOGIST
SE0000418873 LovisagruvanLOVI
SE0004479046 MedfieldMEDF
SE0001860511 MedicPenMPEN
SE0010440933 MedicPenTO4MPEN TO 4
SE0009383615 MenuCard BMENU B
SE0002834507 Micropos MedicalMPOS
SE0001717323 Miris HoldingMIR
SE0009696487 MobiPlusMPLUS
SE0010820415 MobiPlusBTAMPLUS BTA
SE0005798923 Motion DisplayMODI
SE0008937411 MälaråsenMALAR
SE0007074166 NanexaNANEXA
SE0010520452 NanexaTO1NANEXA TO 1
SE0005454873 NanologicaNICA
SE0001863291 Net GamingNETG
SE0004020931 New Equity Venture Internat BNEVI B
SE0009723125 NextCellNEXTCL
SE0000312068 NFO DrivesNFO
SE0007870902 NorInventNORI
SE0001989260 Novus GroupNOVU
SE0010598573 ObsteCareOBST
SE0009997331 OmniCarOMNI
SE0005881786 OptiFreeze ABAT:OPTI
SE0010769380 OptiMobileOPT
SE0001183732 OrasolvOS
SE0006452546 OrezoneORE
SE0009806177 OrgoTechORGO
SE0005676103 Ortoma BORT B
SE0008963151 PanionPANION
SE0002392886 Parans Solar LightingPARA
SE0010662965 ParansSolarLightingTO2PARA TO2
SE0008435051 Pen ConceptPENCON
SE0005962206 Peptonic MedicalPMED
SE0007412374 PExA BPEXA-B
SE0006732020 PharmacologPHLOG
SE0003359710 PharmaLundensisPHAL
SE0005504636 Phase HolographicAT:PHI
SE0008014476 PlejdPLEJD
SE0007692884 PrebonaPREBON
SE0005568698 Precisionsmetall GroupPREMET
SE0010920447 PrecisionsmetallGroupBTAPREMET BTA
SE0005677804 PromikBookPB
SE0002372318 ProstaLundPLUN
SE0010769968 ProstaLundBTAPLUN BTA
SE0008321418 Provide ITPROVIT
SE0007278726 QBankQBNK
SE0010245373 Qiiwi InteractiveQIIWI
SE0001384850 QuiaPEG PharmaceuticalsQUIA
SE0007604160 QuickCoolQUICK
SE0010441139 Railcare GroupRAIL
SE0007698121 RaybasedRBASE
SE0006256798 Real HeartHEART
SE0008294789 Redwood PharmaREDW
SE0004550192 RespiratoriusRESP
SE0007784319 RhoVacRHOVAC
SE0006260865 RootfruitROOT
SE0005308632 Safe at SeaSAFE
SE0006261038 SealwacsSEAL
SE0003037456 SensoDetectSDET
SE0008347462 Shortcut MediaAT:SMG
SE0007897764 Sjöstrand Coffee BSCC B
SE0007691761 SleepoSLEEP
SE0000102840 Slottsviken ASLOTT A
SE0000102857 Slottsviken BSLOTT B
SE0010820381 SmoltekSMOL
SE0004899474 SPAGOSPAG
SE0010440842 SpagoTO9SPAG TO9
SE0007158118 SpectraCureSPEC
SE0002149369 Star Vault BSTVA B
SE0007439443 Storytel BSTORY B
SE0007897251 Sydsvenska HemSYDSV
SE0008241491 SynActSYNACT
SE0005454865 SyntheticMRAT:SYNT
SE0001075102 Taurus Energy BTAUR B
SE0005307048 TiksPacTIKS
SE0007438577 ToleranziaAT:TOL
SE0010833350 ToleranziaBTATOL BTA
SE0010414482 TouchtechTOUCH
SE0005568482 Tourn InternationalTOURN
SE0002829226 Transferator ATRAN A
SE0002658278 Transferator BTRAN B
SE0010740357 TransferatorTO4ATRAN TO 4 A
SE0010740365 TransferatorTO5BTRAN TO 5 B
SE0003272202 True Heading BTRUE B
SE0009190788 Umida BUMIDA B
SE0007980362 Vadsbo SwitchtechVADS
SE0010663161 VeteranpoolenVPAB B
SE0006852125 VibroSense Dynamics BVSD B
SE0008375331 VideoBurstVIDS
SE0010832097 VideoBurstBTAVIDS BTA
SE0002067421 Vindico SecurityAT:VSEC
SE0010662437 VästsvenskLogistikVASLOG
SE0003553130 WntResearchWNT
SE0010440859 WntResearchTO3WNT TO 3
SE0006028577 Wonderful Times GroupWTG
SE0005223542 XtranetXTRA
SE0010413658 Zenergy BZENZIP B
SE0006343984 ZenicorZENI

First North Sverige

SE0010468124 2curex2CUREX
SE0001920760 A City MediaACM
SE0007158456 A Group of Retail Assets BAGORA B
SE0007186283 A Group Of Retail Assets PrefAGORA PREF
SE0009973357 A1M PharmaA1M
SE0010948372 A1M Pharma AB BTAA1M BTA
SE0010948364 A1M Pharma AB TRA1M TR
SE0006256558 Absolent GroupABSO
SE0009268717 AcarixACARIX
SE0010546242 AcconeerACCON
SE0009160922 AdderaCareADDERA
SE0007464862 ADDvise Group BADDV B
SE0001306119 ADDvise Lab SolutionsADDV
SE0006219473 Advenica ABADVE
SE0005799046 Ages Industri BAGES B
SE0009242555 Aino HealthAINO
SE0005936713 Akelius Residential AB PrefAKEL-PREF
SE0008679740 Aktiebolaget Högkullen Pref AHOGK PREF A
SE0008732218 Alcadon GroupALCA
SE0008348072 Alelion Energy SystemsALELIO
SE0000540163 ALM EquityALM
SE0004109627 ALM Equity PrefALM PREF
SE0005034550 Amasten FastighetsAMAST
SE0005933322 Amasten Fastighets PrefAMAST-PREF
SE0009664154 Annexin PharmaceuticalsANNX
SE0004977452 Arc Aroma BAAP B
SE0006219176 ArcomaARCOMA
SE0000697948 Arctic MineralsARCT
SE0003883990 AroCellAROC
MT0001530105-SE Aspire GlobalASPIRE
SE0010599704 Atvexa BATVEXA B
SE0001337213 Auriant MiningAUR
SE0000671745 AvensiaAVEN
SE0004270445 Avtech Sweden BAVT B
SE0010101824 AwarditAWRD
SE0005250719 aXichemAXIC A
SE0009663834 BambuserBUSER
SE0006261046 Bayn EuropeBAYN
FI4000260583-SE BBS-Bioactive Bone SubstitutesBONES
SE0009382906 BIMobjectBIM
SE0007387089 Bio-Works TechnologiesBIOWKS
SE0009779085 Bioservo TechnologiesBIOS
SE0008613731 Biovica International BBIOVIC B
SE0007157953 Bonäsudden HoldingBONAS
SE0010494708 Botnia ExplorationBOTX
SE0000648669 Bredband2 i SkandinavienBRE2
SE0004019545 BrighterBRIG
SE0008347652 Brinova Fastigheter BBRIN B
SE0006510491 Byggmästare A J Ahlström HAJA B
SE0009242324 ByggPartnerBYGGP
SE0006371126 CantargiaCANTA
SE0007439633 Capacent HoldingCAPAC
SE0001234923 Cassandra OilCASO
SE0010921619 Cell Impact AB BTA BCI BTA B
SE0010921601 Cell Impact AB TR BCI TR B
SE0005003217 Cell Impact BCI B
SE0009496268 ChromoGenicsCHRO
SE0010832204 Cibus Nordic Real EstateCIBUS
SE0009888613 Cimco MarineCIMCO
SE0010023556 Cinnober Financial TechnologyCINN
SE0005308558 Clavister HoldingCLAV
SE0008216303 Clean MotionCLEMO
SE0005504669 Clemondo groupCLEM
SE0009973548 ClimeonCLIME-B
SE0002756130 Clinical Laserthermia BCLS B
SE0007604061 CognosecCOGS
SE0000325839 Confidence InternationalCONF
SE0001915190 Copperstone Resources COPP-B
SE0006887451 Corline BiomedicalCLBIO
SE0001296542 Cortus EnergyCE
SE0009190192 CrunchfishCFISH
SE0010414250 CybAeroCBA
SE0007815428 CyxoneCYXO
CH0246292343-SE DDM HoldingDDM
SE0007045406 Deflamo BDEFL B
SE0005504347 Delarka HoldingDELARK
SE0010546622 DevPort BDEVP B
SE0001606906 Diadrom HoldingDIAH
SE0005162880 Diamyd MedicalDMYD B
SE0002108001 DignitanaDIGN
SE0003883800 DistITDIST
SE0000548281 Dome EnergyDOME
SE0005624756 DoxaDOXA
SE0001770702 DrillconDRIL
SE0009522451 Effnetplattformen DividendEFFP
SE0001233289 EllenELN
FI4000233317-SE EnersizeENERS
SE0008216329 Enorama PharmaERMA
SE0003943620 EnzymaticaENZY
SE0002016261 EOS RussiaEOS
SE0008348262 ExpreS2ion Biotech HoldingEXPRS2
SE0010832501 ExpreS2ion Biotech Holding AB BTAEXPRS2 BTA
SE0009994429 FastatorABFAST
SE0005465929 Ferronordic MachinesFNMA PREF
CA31730E1016-SE Filo Mining CorpFIL
SE0000395428 FireflyFIRE
SE0010547075 FlexQubeFLEXQ
SE0007186176 Footway Group PrefFOOT PREF
SE0010296269 Fram Skandinavien BFRAM B
SE0006994539 FRISQ HoldingFRISQ
SE0007100615 Gaming CorpsGCOR
SE0009155518 Gapwaves BGAPW B
SE0008991624 GasporoxGPX
SE0001790791 Generic SwedenGENI
SE0007526132 Genova Property Group PrefGPG PREF
SE0002485979 GenovisGENO
SE0002685958 Global Gaming 555GLOBAL
SE0005881554 Greater Than ABGREAT
SE0008348304 GS SwedenGOMX
SE0006117297 GWS ProductionGWS
SE0001799636 Götenehus Group BGHUS B
SE0009889405 H&D Wireless SwedenHDW
SE0006881413 Hancap Pref AHANC PREF A
SE0005878543 Hanza HoldingHANZA
SE0010920827 Hanza Holding AB BTAHANZA BTA
SE0007815113 Hedera GroupHEGR
SE0007074125 Heimstaden PrefHEIM PREF
SE0005933082 Heliospectra ABHELIO
SE0009320278 Hemcheck SwedenHEMC
SE0000483943 Hifab Group BHIFA B
SE0002053876 House of friendsHOFF
SE0009581192 HoyluHOYLU
SE0007075262 Hövding SverigeHOVD
SE0006091997 ImmunoviaIMMNOV
SE0001279142 Impact CoatingsIMPC
SE0010245688 IndentiveINDENT-B
SE0008966295 InDex Pharmaceuticals HoldingINDEX
SE0008015259 Infant Bacterial TherapeuticsBIBT B
SE0009889678 Inission BINISS B
SE0001718032 InsplanetIPL
SE0009807266 Integrum BINTEG B
CA46016U1084-SE International Petroleum Corp.IPCO
SE0009607252 IntervaccIVACC
SE0006504353 Intuitive AerialINTU
SE0005365681 IrisityIRIS
SE0009242225 IRLAB Therapeutics AIRLAB A
SE0008321202 IrrasIRRAS
SE0009581051 Isofol MedicalISOFOL
SE0008212195 ISR HoldingISR
SE0006143103 Italeaf SDBITAL SDB
SE0003204908 Jays GroupJAYS
SE0010831032 Jays Group AB BTAJAYS BTA
SE0010947754 Jays Group AB BTA 2JAYS BTA 2
SE0000725624 JLT Mobile ComputersJLT
SE0006852075 K2A Knaust & Andersson PrefK2A PREF
SE0009921075 Kakel MaxKAKEL
SE0005704079 Kallebäck Property InvestKAPIAB
MT0000780107-SE Kambi GroupKAMBI
SE0003622265 KanceraKAN
SE0005506193 Karessa Pharma Holding ABKARE
SE0009470230 Karlbergsvägen 77 Fast. PrefKV77 PREF
SE0005100757 Kentima HoldingKENH
SE0007280326 Klaria Pharma HoldingKLAR
SE0007075247 Kontigo CareKONT
SE0002245548 Kopy GoldfieldsKOPY
DK0060733368-SE GroupLAUR
CA52171T1003-SE Leading Edge Materials Corp.LEMSE
SE0006510640 Lexington Company ABLEX
SE0005126125 LightLab BLLSW B
SE0010947036 LightLab Sweden AB BTA BLLSW BTA B
SE0010947028 LightLab Sweden AB TR BLLSW TR B
SE0006993804 Link Prop InvestmentLINKAB
SE0010769356 Liv ihopLIVI
SE0009696792 LogisteaLOG
FI4000092523-SE LoudspringLOUDS
SE0010468918 Lyko Group ALYKO A
SE0010920694 Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB BTA BMACK BTA B
SE0010920686 Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB TR BMACK TR B
SE0000731747 Mackmyra Svensk Whisky BMACK B
SE0010520908 MAG InteractiveMAGI
SE0007074505 Magnolia BostadMAG
SE0008374383 Maha EnergyMAHA A
SE0001449380 MangoldMANG
SE0009663339 MantexMANTEX
SE0009696040 Matra PetroleumMATRA
SE0005992419 MavshackMAV
SE0008406417 MaxFast PropertiesMAXF
SE0007640321 Maxkompetens SverigeMAXK
DK0060732477-SE Medical Prognosis InstituteMPI
SE0003656834 MediRätt BMEDR B
SE0007578141 MinestoMINEST
SE0010831107 Minesto AB BTUMINEST BTU
SE0001486952 Misen EnergyMISE
SE0005991601 Modern EkonomiME
SE0000680902 Moment GroupMoment
SE0005505898 myFC HoldingMYFC
SE0003036821 myTasteTASTE
NO0010289200-SE NattoPharma (SEK)NATTO
SE0008066302 NepaNEPA
SE0001790346 NetJobs GroupNJOB
SE0001838038 New Nordic HealthbrandsNNH
SE0005101003 Nexam Chemical HoldingNEXAM
FI4000102678-SE Nexstim (SEK)NXTMS
SE0005506185 Nicoccino HoldingNICO
SE0007702949 Nilsson Special VehiclesNILS
SE0010869255 Nilsson Special Vehicles AB BTANILS BTA
SE0007100342 Nilörngruppen BNIL B
FI4000242961-SE Nitro GamesNITRO
SE0001994658 Nordic Flanges Gr.NFAB
SE0001666553 Nordic LeisureNLAB
SE0009921976 north net connect BNORNET B
SE0007730650 NuevolutionNUE
SE0006259834 Oboya BOBOYA B
SE0005249570 Oniva Online Group EuropeONG
SE0001960949 Online Brands NordicOBAB
SE0006510335 OrganoClickORGC
SE0003329994 Pallas GroupPALS B
SE0005849205 Papilly ABPAPI
SE0008294953 ParadoxPDX
SE0009806284 PaxmanPAX
SE0007100540 Pegroco InvestPEGRO PREF
DK0060668796-SE PhotocatPCAT
SE0008294102 PiezoMotor Uppsala BPIEZO
SE0003815604 PledPharmaPLED
SE0007692157 PolygienePOLYG
SE0005569290 PolyplankPOLY
SE0006425815 PowerCell SwedenPCELL
SE0000141137 Precio Systemutveckling BPRCO B
SE0006091724 Precomp Solutions BPCOM B
SE0006422309 Prime LivingPRIME
SE0006422317 Prime Living PrefPRIME PREF B
SE0009947740 Promore PharmaPROMO
SE0009697204 Quartiers PropertiesQUART
SE0009697212 Quartiers Properties PrefQUART PREF
SE0009920994 Realfiction HoldingREALFI
SE0006965158 RedsenseREDS
SE0008705255 Rethinking Care SwedenRTC
SE0005190725 RLS GlobalRLS
SE0005308541 SaltX TechnologySALT B
SE0006504163 Saltängen Property InvestSAPIAB
SE0009580715 Samhällsbyggnads i Norden PrefSBB PREF
SE0009554454 SamhällsbyggnadsbolagetSBB B
FI4000123096-SE Savo-Solar (SEK)SAVOS
SE0008966014 Saxlund GroupSAXG
SE0003175660 ScandBook HoldingSBOK
SE0005768124 ScandidosSDOS
SE0009242654 Scandinavian ChemoTech BCMOTEC B
SE0005877560 Scandinavian Enviro SystemsSES
SE0007045414 Scibase HoldingSCIB
SE0010521153 Scout Gaming GroupSCOUT
SE0003756758 Sdiptech BSDIP B
SE0009994445 Seamless Distribution SystemsSDS
SE0009242175 SeaTwirlSTW
SE0009664436 SECITS HoldingSECI
SE0009947534 Sedana MedicalSEDANA
SE0010219626 SenzaGenSENZA
SE0002478776 SenzimeSEZI
SE0006758348 Serendipity InnovationsSDIP PREF
SE0005365095 SerstechSERT
CA8193201024-SE ShaMaran Petroleum CorpSNM
SE0008091664 Simris Alg BSIMRIS B
SE0003917798 Sivers IMASIVE
SE0008406151 SJR in Scandinavia BSJR B
SE0000476228 Skåne-möllanSKMO
SE0004051969 Skånska Energi BSEAB B
SE0009268279 Smart EyeSEYE
SE0009155211 Solnaberg PropertySOLNA
SE0005392537 SolTech Energy SwedenSOLT
SE0009580517 SonetelSONE
SE0006913497 SpiffXSPIFFX
SE0006343745 Sprint BioscienceSPRINT
SE0010869503 Sprint Bioscience AB BTUSPRINT BTU
SE0006543344 Stendörren FastigheterSTEF-B
SE0000998650 StilleSTIL
SE0007704788 Stillfront GroupSF
SE0009947948 Surgical Science SwedenSUS
SE0008212161 Svenska Aerogel HoldingAERO
SE0008294078 SwedencareSECARE
SE0000514408 TagMaster BTAGM B
CH0322161768-SE TalkPoolTALK
SE0009664303 Tangiamo Touch TechnologyTANGI
SE0006994448 TargetEveryOneTEONE
SE0009889488 TC ConnectTCC
SE0007603170 TC TECH SwedenTCT
SE0010469221 Tempest SecurityTSEC
SE0009806045 TerraNet Holding BTERRNT B
GB00BYZX7449-SE The Marketing GroupTMG
SE0009241706 THQ Nordic BTHQN B
SE0006117487 Tobin PropertiesTOBIN PREF
SE0006026985 Tobin PropertiesTOBIN
SE0006503975 Torslanda Property InvestmentTORSAB
SE0006758587 TranstemaTRANS
SE0010169516 Tre Kronor Property Investment3KR
SE0009921471 Trianon BTRIAN B
SE0009606809 UnibapUNIBAP
SE0001834821 Unlimited Travel GroupUTG
SE0009921034 Urb-itURBIT
SE0006426508 VA Automotive i HässleholmAUTO
SE0006343950 VerisecVERI
SE0007577895 Vicore Pharma HoldingVICO
SE0007192018 Vostok Emerging FinanceVEMF SDB
SE0007577077 Waystream HoldingWAYS
SE0001824103 WeSCWESC
SE0002169292 West InternationalWINT
SE0007614722 Wifog HoldingWIFOG
SE0007789409 Xbrane BiopharmaXBRANE
SE0007756903 XintelaXINT
SE0009664188 XMRealityXMR
SE0009973563 Xspray PharmaXSPRAY
SE0009722465 ZaploxZAPLOX
SE0008966048 ZetaDisplay PrefZETA PREF
SE0002480442 Zinzino BZZ B
SE0009268154 ÅAC MicrotecAAC


SE0003617075 AbelcoABE
SE0005676277 Advanced Stabilized Technologies GroupASTG MTF
SE0010832527 Advanced Stabilized Technologies Group BTASTG MTF BT
SE0000598278 AIK Fotboll BAIK B
SE0005594801 Archelon BALON B
SE0010869644 Archelon BTBALON MTF BTB
SE0010547273 AttanaATANA MTF
SE0008588131 BrioxBRIX MTF
SE0009696735 Briox TO1BRIX MTF TO1
SE0010270793 Bublar GroupBUBL MTF
SE0010298075 Bublar Group TO1BUBL MTF TO1
SE0009495559 Chordate Medical HoldingCMH MTF
SE0009805401 CloudRepublic BCLDR MTF B
SE0008129787 Coeli Private Equity 2016 PREF P2CPE16PREFP2
SE0009695851 Coeli Real Estate Fund I PREF P2CREF1PREFP2
SE0006424867 Computer InnovationCOMP MTF
SE0006731691 Concent Holding BCOHO MTFB
SE0007603618 Concent Holding PREFCOHO MTF PREF
SE0004210854 Crown EnergyCWE
SE0005397106 Dividend Sweden BDIVI MTF B
SE0008040620 Dividend Sweden KV1BDIVI MTF KV1B
SE0009663594 Dividend Sweden TO1BDIVI MTF TO1B
SE0010636704 Dr Sannas BSANNA MTF B
SE0004237899 ExeoTech InvestETIN MTF
SE0007280482 Eyeonid GroupEOID MTF
SE0010441626 Eyeonid Group TO1EOID MTF TO1
SE0010921981 Eyeonid Group TO2EOID MTF TO2
SE0001966656 FortnoxFNOX MTF
SE0001907783 Free2move HoldingF2M MTF
SE0010637132 Free2move Holding TO3F2M MTF TO3
SE0005337920 FrontOffice Nordic BFRNT MTF B
SE0000524530 Glycorex Transplantation BGTAB B
SE0008587117 Gold Town GamesGTG MTF
SE0009895386 GoldBlueGOLDB MTF
SE0010547307 GoldBlue TO1GOLDB MTF TO1
SE0005562014 Guideline GeoGGEO
SE0010869875 Guideline Geo BTGGEO BT
SE0000689978 Implementa Hebe BIMHE MTF B
SE0010948687 Implementa Hebe TRBIMHE MTF TRB
SE0008347967 IQS Energi KomfortIQS MTF
SE0000500779 Kopparbergs BKOBR MTFB
SE0000619371 LC-Tec HoldingLCT MTF
SE0008963888 LifeAirLAIR MTF
SE0000819054 LifeAssays BLIFE B
SE0010546416 LifeAssays TO6BLIFE TO6B
SE0001789793 MedicaNatuminMEDNA MTF
SE0010023432 Mertiva AMERT MTF A
SE0007789417 Metallvärden i SverigeMETV MTF
SE0009189574 MultiDocker Cargo HandlingMULT MTF
SE0001999442 MVV Holding BMVV MTFB
SE0009690811 Net Trading Group NTGNTGR MTF
SE0009889934 News55N55 MTF
SE0010833475 News55 BTN55 MTF BT
SE0009346109 Nexar GroupNXAR MTF
SE0002214528 Nickel Mountain ResourcesNICK MTF
SE0000308298 NischerNIS
SE0000514705 Obducat BOBD
SE0009357536 Obducat PREF BOBDU PREF B
SE0007705074 Pantaluren GroupPANT MTF
SE0001162462 Paynova7PN
SE0008588354 Peckas Naturodlingar BPEKA MTF B
SE0009973365 Preservia Hyresfastigheter PREFPHYR MTF PREF
SE0003618230 Prolight DiagnosticsPRLD MTF
SE0007922885 Real Holding i Sverige BREAL MTF B
SE0007922893 Real Holding i Sverige PREF1REAL MTF PREF1
SE0010494369 Real Holding TO1BREAL MTF TO1B
SE0004548451 Rentunder HoldingRENT MTF
SE0009143993 Ripasso EnergyRISE MTF
SE0010494732 Ripasso Energy KV1RISE MTF KV1
SE0009267834 Samtrygg Group BSAMT MTF B
SE0005932605 SBC Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrumSBC
SE0009320294 Scandinavian Airport and Road SystemsSARS MTF
SE0009779796 SeafireSEA MTF
SE0009889595 Sensec HoldingSECS MTF
SE0007730510 SensoriSORI
SE0002627141 Smart EnergySMART
SE0001057910 Sotkamo SilverSOSI
SE0009190572 Spintso InternationalSPIN MTF
SE0008213326 Svenska Bostadsfonden 14 ASB14A
SE0006886917 Swemet BSWEM MTF B
SE0003210590 SwitchCore ASCOR A
SE0003172089 SwitchCore BSCOR B
SE0008435044 Three GatesGATE MTF
SE0010869016 Three Gates BTGATE MTF BT
SE0010442962 Time People GroupTPGR MTF
SE0010520106 Toadman InteractiveTOAD MTF
SE0010297507 TopRight NordicTOPR MTF
SE0009242027 Transiro Int.TIRO MTF
SE0008405799 Uni-light LEDULED MTF
SE0008405815 Uni-light LED TO2ULED MTF TO2
SE0008964266 WilLakWIL MTF
SE0010920868 WilLak BTWIL MTF BT
SE0003088541 Xavitech BXAVI MTF B
SE0010832261 Xavitech BTBXAVI MTF BTB

OMXS Large Cap

CH0012221716-SE ABB LtdABB
SE0009155005 Ahlsell ABAHSL
FI4000048418-SE Ahlstrom-Munksjö (SEK)AM1S
SE0000695876 Alfa LavalALFA
SE0010468116 Arjo BARJO B
SE0007100581 Assa Abloy BASSA B
GB0009895292-SE AstraZeneca (SEK)AZN
SE0006886750 Atlas Copco AATCO A
SE0006886768 Atlas Copco BATCO B
SE0000191827 Atrium Ljungberg BATRLJ B
SE0007666110 AttendoATT
SE0000382335 AutolivALIV SDB
SE0000170110 Avanza Bank HoldingAZA
SE0006993770 AxfoodAXFO
SE0000672354 AxisAXIS
SE0009806896 Betsson BBETS B
SE0000862997 BillerudKorsnäsBILL
SE0000869646 BolidenBOL
SE0008091573 Bonava ABONAV A
SE0008091581 Bonava BBONAV B
SE0007491303 Bravida HoldingBRAV
SE0000379190 CastellumCAST
SE0007048020 CollectorCOLL
SE0005999778 Com Hem Holding ABCOMH
SE0007691613 Dometic GroupDOM
SE0000103806 Electrolux AELUX A
SE0000103814 Electrolux BELUX B
SE0000163628 Elekta BEKTA B
SE0000108649 Ericsson AERIC-A
SE0000108656 Ericsson BERIC B
SE0009922156 Essity AB AESSITY-A
SE0009922164 Essity AB BESSITY-B
SE0006826046 Evolution Gaming GroupEVO
SE0000950636 FabegeFABG
SE0000455057 Fast. Balder BBALD B
SE0008374250 Fingerprint Cards BFING B
SE0000202624 Getinge BGETI B
SE0007126115 Hemfosa FastigheterHEMF
SE0007126123 Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref ABHEMF-PREF
SE0000106270 Hennes & Mauritz BHM B
SE0000103699 Hexagon BHEXA B
SE0007074281 Hexpol BHPOL B
SE0000171506 Holmen AHOLM A
SE0000109290 Holmen BHOLM B
SE0000170375 Hufvudstaden AHUFV A
SE0000170383 Hufvudstaden CHUFV C
SE0001662222 Husqvarna AHUSQ A
SE0001662230 Husqvarna BHUSQ B
SE0000652216 ICA GruppenICA
SE0000190126 Industrivärden AINDU-A
SE0000107203 Industrivärden CINDU C
SE0001515552 IndutradeINDT
SE0000936478 IntrumINTRUM
SE0000107401 Investor AINVE A
SE0000107419 Investor BINVE B
SE0000806994 JMJM
SE0007871645 Kindred GroupKIND SDB
SE0008373898 Kinnevik AKINV A
SE0008373906 Kinnevik BKINV B
SE0006593901 Klövern AB Ser AKLOV-A
SE0006593919 Klövern AB Ser BKLOV-B
SE0006593927 Klövern prefKLOV PREF
SE0000549412 KungsledenKLED
SE0010100958 Latour BLATO B
SE0008091904 LeoVegas AB (publ)LEO
SE0006370730 Lifco BLIFCO B
SE0002683557 Loomis BLOOM B
SE0000108847 Lundbergföretagen BLUND B
CA5503721063-SE Lundin Mining CorporationLUMI
SE0000825820 Lundin PetroleumLUPE
SE0001174970 Millicom Int. CellularMIC SDB
SE0000412363 Modern Times Group AMTG A
SE0000412371 Modern Times Group MTG serMTG B
SE0009806607 Munters Group BMTRS
SE0000118952 NCC ANCC A
SE0000117970 NCC BNCC B
SE0009773237 NetEnt BNET B
SE0008321293 NIBE Industrier BNIBE B
SE0000949331 NobiaNOBI
SE0000427361 Nordea Bank (SEK)NDA-SEK
CH0256424794-SE Oriflame HoldingORI
SE0007100359 Pandox BPNDX B
SE0000106205 Peab BPEAB B
SE0000191090 Ratos ARATO A
SE0000111940 Ratos BRATO B
SE0007665823 Resurs HoldingRESURS
SE0004635878 Sagax ASAGA A
SE0005127818 Sagax BSAGA B
SE0009161052 Sagax DSAGA D
SE0001629288 Sagax prefSAGA PREF
SE0000667891 SandvikSAND
SE0000171886 SCA ASCA A
SE0000148884 SEB ASEB A
SE0000120784 SEB CSEB C
SE0000163594 Securitas BSECU B
SE0000113250 Skanska BSKA B
SE0000108201 SKF ASKF A
SE0000108227 SKF BSKF B
SE0000171100 Ssab ASSAB A
SE0000120669 Ssab BSSAB B
FI0009007603-SE Stora Enso Oyj ASTE A
FI0009007611-SE Stora Enso Oyj RSTE R
SE0000112724 Svenska Cellulosa SCA BSCA B
SE0007100599 Svenska Handelsbanken ASHB A
SE0007100607 Svenska Handelsbanken BSHB B
SE0000489080 SWECO ASWEC A
SE0000489098 SWECO BSWEC B
SE0000242455 Swedbank ASWED A
SE0000310336 Swedish MatchSWMA
SE0000872095 Swedish Orphan BiovitrumSOBI
SE0000112385 SAAB BSAAB B
SE0005190220 Tele2 ATEL2 A
SE0005190238 Tele2 BTEL2 B
SE0000667925 Telia CompanyTELIA
SE0006422390 Thule GroupTHULE
FI0009000277-SE Tieto Corporation (SEK)TIEN
SE0000114837 Trelleborg BTREL B
SE0000115420 Volvo AVOLV A
SE0000115446 Volvo BVOLV B
SE0007074844 Wallenstam BWALL B
SE0001413600 Wihlborgs FastigheterWIHL
SE0005999836 ÅF BAF B
SE0001493776 AarhusKarlshamnAAK

OMXS Mid Cap

SE0007897079 AcadeMediaACAD
SE0000105116 Acando BACAN B
SE0007982814 AddLife BALIF B
SE0000472268 Addnode Group BANOD B
SE0005568136 Addtech BADDT B
CA00829Q1019-SE Africa Oil (SEK)AOI
SE0007158910 Alimak GroupALIG
SE0000767188 Alligator BioscienceATORX
SE0009663826 AmbeaAMBEA
SE0000772956 AQAQ
SE0000190134 Beijer Alma BBEIA B
SE0000112906 Beijer BBEIJ B
SE0000101362 Bergman & Beving AktiebolagBERG B
SE0005991411 Besqab ABBESQ
SE0009921588 Bilia ABILI A
SE0010323311 BioArctic BBIOA B
SE0000470395 BioGaia BBIOG B
SE0000454746 BiotageBIOT
SE0002060863 BlackPearl Resources SDBPXXS SDB
SE0009888738 BooztBOOZT
SE0005677135 Bufab HoldingBUFAB
SE0003849223 BultenBULTEN
SE0000195810 Bure EquityBURE
SE0003303627 Byggmax GroupBMAX
SE0007692850 CamurusCAMX
SE0007185681 CapioCAPIO
SE0000188500 Catella ACAT A
SE0000188518 Catella BCAT B
SE0001664707 CatenaCATE
MT0001000109-SE Catena MediaCTM
CH0136071542-SE CavotecCCC
SE0000683484 CellaVisionCEVI
SE0010133256 Cherry BCHER B
SE0000584948 Clas Ohlson BCLAS B
SE0002626861 Cloetta BCLA B
SE0007439112 CLX CommunicationsCLX
SE0003950864 ConcentricCOIC
SE0007158829 COORCOOR
SE0010714279 Corem Property Group ACORE A
SE0010714287 Corem Property Group BCORE B
SE0010714311 Corem Property Group PrefCORE PREF
SE0004390516 Creades ACRED A
SE0005594728 D. Carnegie & CoDCAR-B
SE0001634262 Diös FastigheterDIOS
SE0000616716 DuniDUNI
SE0006625471 Dustin Group ABDUST
SE0002158568 EastnineEAST
SE0000119299 Elanders BELAN B
SE0006509949 EltelELTEL
GB00B635TG28-SE EnQuest PLCENQ
SE0010048884 FagerhultFAG
SE0000224446 Fast PartnerFPAR
SE0005217320 Fast Partner PrefFPAR PREF
CH0242214887-SE Fenix Outdoor Int. BFOI B
SE0005468717 Ferronordic MachinesFNM
SE0001824004 G5 EntertainmentG5EN
SE0008008262 GaroGARO
SE0006288015 GrängesGRNG
SE0000195570 GunneboGUNN
SE0000105199 HaldexHLDX
SE0010298109 Handicare GroupHANDI
SE0002148817 Hansa MedicalHMED
SE0000236515 HEBA BHEBA B
SE0002367797 HexatronicHTRO
SE0009696883 HiQ InternationalHIQ
SE0009997018 HMS NetworksHMS
SE0006887063 Hoist FinanceHOFI
SE0008040653 HumanaHUM
SE0005851706 I.A.R Systems BIAR-B
SE0009664253 Instalco IntressenterINSTAL
SE0008585525 Internationella Engelska SkolaENG
SE0001200015 Invisio CommunicationsIVSO
SE0006220018 Inwido ABINWI
SE0008375117 ITAB Shop Concept BITAB B
SE0000107724 KABE BKABE B
SE0010520981 KappAhlKAHL
SE0007464888 Karo BioKARO
SE0000421273 KnowITKNOW
SE0007603493 Lagercrantz Group BLAGR B
SE0001852419 Lindab InternationalLIAB
CA54928Q1081-SE Lucara Diamond CorpLUC
CA5503711080-SE Lundin Gold IncLUG
SE0009778848 Medicover BMCOV B
SE0000273294 Medivir BMVIR B
SE0002110064 MekonomenMEKO
SE0000565210 Midsona AMSON A
SE0000565228 Midsona BMSON B
SE0009922305 Momentum Group BMMGR B
SE0006963682 Mr GreenMRG
SE0000375115 MycronicMYCR
SE0002000083 Nederman HoldingNMAN
SE0000366098 Net Insight BNETI B
SE0000426546 New Wave BNEWA B
CA65339B1004-SE NGEx ResourcesNGQ
SE0007185418 NobinaNOBINA
SE0000109811 Nolato BNOLA B
SE0006965216 Nordax GroupNDX
DK0060738409-SE Nordic Waterproofing HoldingNWG
SE0006342333 NP3 FastigheterNP3
SE0010820514 NP3 Fastigheter PrefNP3 PREF
SE0005876968 OEM International BOEM B
SE0009414576 OncopeptidesONCO
SE0001696683 Opus GroupOPUS
SE0000736415 OrexoORX
SE0005095601 Oscar Properties HoldingOP
SE0006992335 Oscar Properties Holding PREFOP PREF
SE0008041248 Oscar Properties Holding PREFBOP PREFB
SE0004977692 Platzer Fastigheter Holding BPLAZ B
SE0001280355 ProbiPROB
SE0003652163 Qliro GroupQLRO
SE0000135485 RaySearch Laboratories BRAY B
SE0005757267 RecipharmRECI B
SE0001857533 Rezidor Hotel GroupREZT
SE0003366871 SAS (SEK)SAS-SEK
SE0005999760 Scandi StandardSCST
SE0007640156 Scandic Hotels GroupSHOT
SE0010133819 Sectra BSECT B
CA8169221089-SE SemafoSMF
SE0007278841 Serneke Group BSRNKE B
SE0000241614 SkiStar BSKIS B
SE0009663511 SSM HoldingSSM
SE0007158928 Starbreeze ASTAR A
SE0005992831 Starbreeze BSTAR-B
SE0010663302 Svolder ASVOL A
SE0010663310 Svolder BSVOL B
SE0001733841 Swedol BSWOL B
SE0002133975 SystemairSYSR
SE0009161185 Tethys OilTETY
SE0007331608 TF BankTFBANK
SE0002591420 TobiiTOBII
SE0000391716 Traction BTRAC B
SE0006732392 Troax GroupTROAX
SE0002216713 Victoria ParkVICP-A
SE0005932795 Victoria Park BVICP B
SE0005250487 Victoria Park PrefVICP PREF
SE0007871363 Vitec Software Group BVIT B
SE0000816043 VitrolifeVITR
SE0009143662 Volati ABVOLO
SE0009143670 Volati PrefVOLO PREF
SE0007278965 Vostok New VenturesVNV SDB
SE0008293674 Wilson TherapeuticsWTX
SE0004840718 Xvivo PerfusionXVIVO
SE0008321608 ÖresundORES

OMXS Small Cap

SE0001625534 A3 Allmänna ITATRE
SE0009269467 Actic GroupATIC
SE0001137985 Active BiotechACTI
DK0060823516-SE AgrominoAGRO
SE0010415281 Anoto GroupANOT
PLARTPR00012-SE Arctic PaperARP
SE0002095604 AriseARISE
SE0008347660 B3IT ManagementB3IT
SE0005878741 Bactiguard HoldingBACTI B
SE0010323998 Balco GroupBALCO
SE0008321921 BE GroupBEGR
SE0000671711 Beijer ElectronicsBELE
SE0000101297 Bergs Timber BBRG B
SE0000789711 BioInvent InternationalBINV
SE0009697246 Björn BorgBORG
SE0000396061 BongBONG
SE0000437402 Boule DiagnosticsBOUL
SE0000805426 BTS Group BBTS B
SE0002016352 C-RAD BCRAD B
SE0006143129 Christian Berner Tech Trade BCBTT B
SE0000102824 Concordia Maritime BCCOR B
SE0000236382 Consilium BCONS B
SE0000418923 CTT SystemsCTT
SE0003909282 Dedicare BDEDI
SE0000215493 DORODORO
SE0000331266 Duroc BDURC B
SE0009268360 EdgewareEDGE
SE0001572520 Electra GruppenELEC
SE0000120776 Elos BELOS B
SE0008294334 EndominesENDO
SE0009697220 EneaENEA
SE0000718017 EniroENRO
SE0004633956 Eniro prefENRO PREF
SE0007075056 Eolus Vind ABEOLU-B
SE0003491562 Episurf BEPIS B
CA29786T1057-SE EtrionETX
SE0002402701 eWork ScandinaviaEWRK
SE0000381840 Feelgood SvenskaFEEL
SE0001116021 FM Mattsson Mora Group BFMM B
SE0001338039 FormPipe SoftwareFPIP
SE0002579912 Global Health PartnerGHP
SE0000312043 Havsfrun Investment BHAV B
SE0010520155 ICTAICTA
SE0006421871 Image SystemsIS
SE0005003654 ImmunicumIMMU
SE0000857369 Invuo TechnologiesINVUO
SE0002190926 Karolinska Development BKDEV
SE0000386138 Lammhults Design Group BLAMM B
SE0000507659 Malmbergs Elektriska BMEAB B
SE0009160872 MedCapMCAP
SE0000526626 Micro Systemation BMSAB B
SE0000122657 Midway AMIDW A
SE0000122673 Midway BMIDW B
SE0009216278 MipsMIPS
SE0003613090 Moberg PharmaMOB
SE0003303460 MQ HoldingMQ
SE0010769182 MSC Konsult BMSC B
SE0000353898 MultiQ InternationalMULQ
SE0001965369 NAXS Nordic Access Buyout FundNAXS
SE0002575340 NeuroVive PharmaceuticalNVP
SE0009947708 NGS GroupNGS
SE0001161654 NOTENOTE
SE0000722365 Oasmia PharmaceuticalOASM
SE0002017657 Odd Molly InternationalODD
SE0000188930 Ortivus AORTI A
SE0000123085 Ortivus BORTI B
SE0000567539 Poolia BPOOL B
SE0001823303 Precise BiometricsPREC
SE0000356008 Prevas BPREV B
SE0000233934 Pricer BPRIC B
SE0000412991 Proact IT GroupPACT
SE0000393860 Profilgruppen BPROF B
SE0000123671 RejlersREJL B
SE0000112252 RottnerosRROS
SE0005794617 Saniona ABSANION
SE0000379497 SemconSEMC
SE0000567729 Sensys Gatso GroupSENS
SE0000950982 SinterCastSINT
SE0000323305 Softronic BSOF B
SE0004777241 SportamoreSPOR
SE0001159344 Stockwik FörvaltningSTWK
SE0008008254 StraxSTRAX
SE0000653230 StudsvikSVIK
SE0000407991 Svedbergs BSVED B
SE0001552357 TradeDoublerTRAD
SE0008348767 TrentionTRENT
SE0001283607 Uniflex BUFLX B
SE0000396822 Venue Retail Group BVRG B
SE0010820613 Viking Supply ShipsVSSAB-B
SE0007277876 Wise GroupWISE
SE0009973449 XANO Industri BXANO B
SE0001105511 ZetaDisplayZETA

Other Swedish

SE0009690092 ABB UABB U
SE0000105116 Acando BACAN B
SE0001137985 Active BiotechACTI
SE0000472268 Addnode Group BANOD B
SE0009155005 Ahlsell ABAHSL
FI4000048418-SE Ahlstrom-Munksjö (SEK)AM1S
SE0000170110 Avanza Bank HoldingAZA
SE0006993770 AxfoodAXFO
SE0008347660 B3IT ManagementB3IT
SE0005878741 Bactiguard HoldingBACTI B
SE0005991411 Besqab ABBESQ
SE0000454746 BiotageBIOT
SE0007126024 Bitcoin Tracker One XBT ProvidBITCOIN-XBT
SE0007491303 Bravida HoldingBRAV
SE0003849223 BultenBULTEN
SE0000188500 Catella ACAT A
SE0000188518 Catella BCAT B
MT0001000109-SE Catena MediaCTM
SE0010133256 Cherry BCHER B
SE0006143129 Christian Berner Tech Trade BCBTT B
SE0007048020 CollectorCOLL
SE0005594728 D. Carnegie & CoDCAR-B
SE0000119299 Elanders BELAN B
SE0000718017 EniroENRO
SE0004633956 Eniro prefENRO PREF
GB00B635TG28-SE EnQuest PLCENQ
SE0002148817 Hansa MedicalHMED
SE0007126115 Hemfosa FastigheterHEMF
SE0007126123 Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref ABHEMF-PREF
SE0005851706 I.A.R Systems BIAR-B
SE0001200015 Invisio CommunicationsIVSO
SE0007464888 Karo BioKARO
SE0006593901 Klövern AB Ser AKLOV-A
SE0006593919 Klövern AB Ser BKLOV-B
SE0000549412 KungsledenKLED
SE0000366098 Net Insight BNETI B
FI0009000681-SE Nokia Corporation (SEK)NOKIA-SEK
SE0000722365 Oasmia PharmaceuticalOASM
SE0003623560 Oden Control ABODEN
SE0000337842 OMX S30 IndexOMXS30
SE0000744195 OMX Stockholm PIOMXSPI
SE0005095601 Oscar Properties HoldingOP
SE0001280355 ProbiPROB
SE0000135485 RaySearch Laboratories BRAY B
SE0006965158 RedsenseREDS
SE0004635878 Sagax ASAGA A
SE0005127818 Sagax BSAGA B
SE0009161052 Sagax DSAGA D
SE0001629288 Sagax prefSAGA PREF
SE0005794617 Saniona ABSANION
SE0004777241 SportamoreSPOR
SE0007158928 Starbreeze ASTAR A
SE0005992831 Starbreeze BSTAR-B
SE0010663302 Svolder ASVOL A
SE0010663310 Svolder BSVOL B
SE0000489080 SWECO ASWEC A
SE0000489098 SWECO BSWEC B
SE0000391716 Traction BTRAC B
SE0007871363 Vitec Software Group BVIT B
SE0001413600 Wihlborgs FastigheterWIHL
SE0007277876 Wise GroupWISE
SE0005466505 XACT Bear 2XACT-BEAR-2
SE0003051010 XACT Bull 2XACT-BULL-2
SE0001710914 XACT Norden 30XACT-NORDEN-30
SE0009778954 XACT Nordic High Div Low VolXACTHDIV
SE0004840718 Xvivo PerfusionXVIVO
SE0005999836 ÅF BAF B


Other Swiss

CH0189177055 Adecco N 2. LinieADENE
CH0274804845 Baloise N 2. LinieBALNE
CH0002175773 Baumgartner NBAP
CH0038389992 BB Biotech NBION
CH0027659793 BB Biotech N 2. LinieBIOEE
CH0186675291 Castle Alt N 2. LinieCASNE
CH0184587159 Castle Private N 2. LinieCPENE
CH0008531045 DatacolorDCN
CH0020739006 DottikonDESN
CH0007162958 EEIIEEII
CH0034476959 ENR Russia Invest IRUS
CH0242225198 GAM N 2. LinieGAMEE
CH0358541057 Geberit N 2. LinieGEBNE
CH0012627250 HBM HealthcareHBMN
CH0257717097 HBM N 2. LinieHBMNE
CH0401728966 Huegli I 2. LinieHUEE
CA4969024047-CH KinrossKG
CH0355686798 Lafargeholcim N 2. LinieLHNE
CH0386687757 Lindt N 2. LinieLISNE
CH0386687765 Lindt Ps 2. LinieLISPE
CH0005059438 NEBAG NNBEN
CH0372071347 Nestle N 2. LinieNESNE
CH0010819867 NEW Value NNEWN
CH0007036830 NEW VenturetecNEV
CH0038459415 Novartis N 2. LinieNOVNEE
CH0012032113 RocheRO
CH0001347498 Rothschild IRLD
CH0365680773 SGS N 2. LinieSGSNE
IL0010855885-CH SHLSHLTN
LU0292106241-CH Shortdax db x-trackerXSDX
CH0030252883 SLI IndexSLI
CH0009980894 SMI IndexSMI
CH0364281979 Spce N 2. LinieSPCEE
CH0311717661 Swatch Group I 2. LinieUHRE
CH0311730409 Swatch Group N 2. LinieUHRNE
CH0286491805 Swiss Re N 2. LinieSRENE
IT0003497168-CH Telecon ItaliaTIT
CH0006326851 The Native SaNTIV
CH0048265513 Transocean (CHF)RIGN
CH0139101601 ZKB GoldZGLDHC


CH0012221716 ABB (CHF)ABBN
CH0012138605 AdeccoADEN
CH0043238366 AryztaARYN
CH0012410517 BaloiseBALN
CH0012142631 ClariantCLN
CH0012138530 CSCSGN
CH0023405456 DufryDUFN
CH0030170408 GeberitGEBN
CH0010645932 GivaudanGIVN
CH0102484968 JuliusBAER
CH0025238863 Kuehne+nagelKNIN
CH0012214059 LafargeholcimLHN
CH0025751329 LogitechLOGN
CH0013841017 LonzaLONN
CH0038863350 NestleNESN
CH0012005267 NovartisNOVN
CH0024608827 PartnersPGHN
CH0210483332 RichemontCFR
CH0012032048 Roche GSROG
CH0024638196 Schindler PSSCHP
CH0002497458 SGSSGSN
CH0000587979 Sika ISIK
CH0012549785 SonovaSOON
CH0012255151 Swatch Group IUHR
CH0014852781 Swiss Life HoldingSLHN
CH0126881561 Swiss RE NSREN
CH0008742519 SwisscomSCMN
CH0244767585 UBS Group NUBS
CH0364749348 Vifor NVIFN
CH0011075394 Zurich InsuranceZURN


CH0012221716 ABB (CHF)ABBN
CH0012138605 AdeccoADEN
CH0012138530 CSCSGN
CH0030170408 GeberitGEBN
CH0010645932 GivaudanGIVN
CH0102484968 JuliusBAER
CH0012214059 LafargeholcimLHN
CH0013841017 LonzaLONN
CH0038863350 NestleNESN
CH0012005267 NovartisNOVN
CH0210483332 RichemontCFR
CH0012032048 Roche GSROG
CH0002497458 SGSSGSN
CH0000587979 Sika ISIK
CH0012255151 Swatch Group IUHR
CH0014852781 Swiss Life HoldingSLHN
CH0126881561 Swiss RE NSREN
CH0008742519 SwisscomSCMN
CH0244767585 UBS Group NUBS
CH0011075394 Zurich InsuranceZURN


CH0012221716 ABB (CHF)ABBN
CH0029850754 AddexADXN
CH0012138605 AdeccoADEN
CH0008967926 Adval TechADVN
CH0012488190 Aevis NAEVS
CH0010947627 AiresisAIRE
CH0242606942 AiropackAIRN
CH0008837566 AllrealALLN
CH0024590272 AlsoALSN
CH0019107025 APGAPGN
CH0110240600 ArboniaARBN
CH0002271010 Arundel AGARON
CH0043238366 AryztaARYN
CH0011339204 Ascom N 10ASCN
CH0127480363 AutoneumAUTN
CH0012530207 Bachem N-B-BANB
CH0012410517 BaloiseBALN
CH0002492293 Banque Profil DE Gestion IBPDG
CH0009002962 Barry CallebautBARN
CH0001473559 Baselland KB PSBLKB
CH0011432447 BasileaBSLN
CH0009236461 Basler KB PSBSKP
CH0015251710 BCBCVN
CH0350494719 BC Geneve PBCGE
CH0350665672 BC Jura NBCJ
CH0305951201 BC VALAIS N -A-WKBN
CH0009691608 Bekb / BcbeBEKN
CH0001503199 BelimoBEAN
CH0315966322 Bell AGBELL
CH0028422100 BellevueBBN
CH0018206117 BFWBLIN
CH0018116472 BK CoopBC
CH0001307757 BK LinthLINN
CH0130293662 BKWBKW
CH0012684657 BobstBOBNN
CH0002432174 BucherBUCN
CH0025536027 BurckhardtBCHN
CH0212255803 BurkhalterBRKN
CH0008207356 BVZ HOLBVZN
CH0126639464 CalidaCALN
IT0005108359-CH Cassiopea NSKIN
CH0001931853 Cham Paper GroupCPGN
CH0001625810 CI COM SACIE
CH0008702190 Cicor TechCICN
CH0014345117 CIE FIN TR ICFT
CH0012142631 ClariantCLN
CH0025343259 ColteneCLTN
CH0360826991 CometCOTN
CH0244017502 ConzzetaCON
NL0011832936-CH CosmoCOPN
CH0001624714 CPHCPHN
CH0011115703 CrealogixCLXN
CH0012138530 CSCSGN
CH0030486770 Daetwyler IDAE
CH0126673539 DkshDKSH
CH0011795959 Dormakaba HoldingDOKA
CH0023405456 DufryDUFN
CH0024736404 EdisunESUN
CH0022268228 EFGEFGN
CH0005319162 Elma ElectronicELMN
CH0012829898 EmmiEMMN
CH0016440353 Ems-ChemieEMSN
CH0001752309 FischerFI-N
CH0319416936 Flughafen ZuerichFHZN
CH0003541510 ForboFORN
CH0360674466 Galenica NGALE
CH0102659627 GAMGAM
CH0011003594 Gavazzi IGAV
CH0030170408 GeberitGEBN
CH0010645932 GivaudanGIVN
CH0012949464 GmsaGMI
CH0004870942 Goldbach Group AGGBMN
CH0001340204 Graub KB PSGRKP
CH0008012236 Gurit IGUR
CH0012271687 HelvetiaHELN
CH0003583256 Highlight E AND E IHLEE
CH0024666528 HochdorfHOCN
CH0030380734 Huber+suhnerHUBN
CH0004647951 Huegli IHUE
CH0001341608 Hypo LenzbHBLN
CH0363463438 Idorsia NIDIA
CH0023868554 ImpleniaIMPN
CH0011029946 InficonIFCN
CH0006372897 InterrollINRN
CH0325094297 Investis NIREN
CH0187624256 IVFVBSN
CH0102484968 JuliusBAER
CH0017875789 JungfraubahnJFN
CH0100837282 KardexKARN
CH0010702154 KomaxKOMN
AT0000820659-CH KTM Industries AgKTMI
CH0012268360 Kudelski IKUD
CH0025238863 Kuehne+nagelKNIN
CH0325814116 Kuros NKURN
CH0012214059 LafargeholcimLHN
CH0371153492 Landis+gyr NLAND
NL0010733960-CH N.v.LMN
CH0110303119 LeclancheLECN
CH0022427626 LEMLEHN
CH0190891181 Leonteq AGLEON
LI0355147575-CH Liecht Landbk NLLBN
CH0010570759 LindtLISN
CH0010570767 Lindt PSLISP
CH0025751329 LogitechLOGN
CH0013841017 LonzaLONN
GG00B247Y973-CH LUMX GroupLUMX
CH0011693600 LuzernerLUKN
CH0039542854 MCHMCHN
CH0039821084 Metall ZUG AGMETN
CH0108503795 MeyerMBTN
CH0003390066 MikronMIKN
CH0011108872 MobimoMOBN
CH0019624805 MyriadMYRN
CH0038863350 NestleNESN
IT0004147952-CH NewronNWRN
CH0012005267 NovartisNOVN
CH0003420806 O FuessliOFN
CH0000816824 OC OerlikonOERL
CH0038285679 OrascomODHN
CH0111677362 OriorORON
CH0002168083 PanalpinaPWTN
CH0021783391 Pargesa IPARG
CH0024608827 PartnersPGHN
CH0118530366 PeachPEAN
CH0009115129 PerfectPRFN
CH0252620700 Perrot Duval IPEDU
CH0002187810 Phoenix IPM
CH0284142913 PLAZZA -A- NPLAN
CH0122527648 Poenina Holding NPNHO
CH0006089921 Private Equity NPEHN
CH0018294154 PSPPSPN
CH0210483332 RichemontCFR
CH0003671440 RieterRIEN
CH0012032048 Roche GSROG
CH0025607331 RomandeHREN
CH0027148649 SantheraSANN
CH0009062099 SchaffnerSAHN
CH0024638212 SchindlerSCHN
CH0024638196 Schindler PSSCHP
CH0002277314 SchlatterSTRN
CH0005795668 Schmolz+bickenbach AGSTLN
CH0010754924 Schweiter ISWTQ
CH0002497458 SGSSGSN
CH0014284498 SiegfriedSFZN
CH0000587979 Sika ISIK
CH0001319265 SNBSNBN
CH0012549785 SonovaSOON
CH0011484067 STSGKN
CH0002361068 Starrag GroupSTGN
CH0012280076 StraumannSTMN
CH0038388911 SulzerSUN
CH0012255144 SwatchUHRN
CH0012255151 Swatch Group IUHR
CH0032816131 SwissSFPN
CH0014852781 Swiss Life HoldingSLHN
CH0008038389 Swiss Prime SiteSPSN
CH0126881561 Swiss RE NSREN
CH0008742519 SwisscomSCMN
CH0010675863 SwissquoteSQN
CH0011178255 TamediaTAMN
CH0012100191 TecanTECN
CH0012453913 TemenosTEMN
CH0100191136 THERAMetricsRLF
CH0214706357 TitlTIBN
CH0011607683 TornosTOHN
CH0033361673 U-BloxUBXN
CH0244767585 UBS Group NUBS
CH0367427686 Valartis Group IVLRT
CH0014786500 ValiantVATN
CH0002088976 ValoraVALN
CH0305285295 Varia Us Properties NVARN
CH0311864901 VAT Group NVACN
CH0021545667 VaudoiseVAHN
CH0006227612 Vetropack IVET
CH0364749348 Vifor NVIFN
CH0002609656 VillarsVILN
CH0003245351 VON Roll IROL
CH0012335540 VontobelVONN
LI0315487269-CH VP Bank AGVPBN
CH0028200837 VZVZN
CH0208062627 WalterWMN
CH0002619481 WarteckWARN
CH0314029270 Wisekey NWIHN
CH0019396990 Ypsomed HldgYPSN
CH0148052126 ZUG Estates Holding AGZUGN
CH0001308904 Zuger KB IZG
CH0042615283 ZUR Rose Group NROSE
CH0011075394 Zurich InsuranceZURN
CH0002661731 Zwahlen IZWM
CH0312309682 Züblin ImmobilienZUBN


Other US

MHY2069P5074-US Diana containerships inc.DCIX
US38046C1099 Gogo IncGOGO
US4161962026 Harte-hanks incHHS
US52187K1016 Leap TherapeuticsLPTX
US6311011026 Nasdaq 100 IndexNDX
IL0010845571-US Nova Measuring InstrumentsNVMI
XC0009694271-US NSADAQ Comp. IndexIXIC
US74979C8082 Rxi pharmaceuticals corporationRXII
US78378X1072 S&P 500 IndexS&P500


US68243Q1067 1-800 Flowers.comFLWS
US68235B1098 180 degree capital corp.TURN
US31986N1028 1st constitution bancorpFCCY
US3369011032 1st Source CorporationSRCE
US33645S1006 1st state bancorpFSBC
US90138A1034 21vianet group, inc. - american depositary sharesVNET
US88554D2053 3D Systems CorporationDDD
US88556A1007 3dx industries incDDDX
US88579Y1010 3MMMM
US88580V1044 3power energy group inc.PSPW
US33829R1005 ltdWBAI
US3168271043 51job IncJOBS
US31680Q1040 58Com Inc AdrWUBA
US2825391053 8Point3 Energy Partners LPCAFD
US2829141009 8x8 IncEGHT
US0019841032 A M B Financial CAMFC
US00234P1021 A v homes, inc.AVHI
US8081941044 A. schulman, inc.SHLM
US0012821023 A.h. belo corporationAHC
US0021211018 A10 networks, inc.ATEN
US0025671050 ABAXIS IncABAX
US0003752047 ABB LtdABB
US0028241000 Abbott LabsABT
US00287Y1091 AbbVieABBV
US00289Y1073 Abeona therapeutics inc.ABEO
US0028962076 Abercrombie & Fitch CompanyANF
US0030311015 Aberdeen greater china fund incGCH
US4710571096 Aberdeen japan equity fund incJEQ
US0032441000 Aberdeen Singapore Fund IncSGF
US0036541003 Abiomed, inc.ABMD
US0009571003 ABM Industries IncorporatedABM
US0038301067 Abraxas petroleum corp.AXAS
US00086T1034 AC Moore Arts and CraftACMR
US00401C1080 Acacia communications inc.ACIA
US0038813079 Acacia Research CorporationACTG
US0042251084 Acadia pharmaceuticals inc.ACAD
US0042391096 Acadia realty trustAKR
IE00B4BNMY34-US AccentureACN
US0043971052 Accuray IncorporatedARAY
US00444T1007 Acelrx pharmaceuticals, inc.ACRX
US0044461004 Aceto CorporationACET
US0044491043 Achaogen, inc.AKAO
US0044681049 Achieve Life Sciences IncACHV
US00448Q2012 Achillion Pharmaceuticals IncACHN
US00484M1062 Acorda Therapeutics IncACOR
US0048481073 Acorn energy, inc.ACFN
US0048542049 Acorn international, inc. adsATV
US00507V1098 Activision BlizzardATVI
US0050941071 Actua corporationACTA
US00508X2036 Actuant corp.ATU
US00508Y1029 Acuity BrandsAYI
US00509L7038 Acura pharmaceuticals, inc.ACUR
US0051251090 Acxiom CorporationACXM
US0062121043 Adams Diversified Equity Closed FundADX
US00653A1079 Adaptimmune therapeutics plcADAP
LU0584671464-US Adecoagro s.a.AGRO
US00687A1079 Adidas AG ADRADDYY
IE00BD845X29-US Adient plcADNT
US00724F1012 AdobeADBE
US0530151036 ADPADP
US00738A1060 Adtran, inc.ADTN
US00751Y1064 Advance Auto PartsAAP
US9292971093 Advanced drainage systems, inc.WMS
US0079731008 Advanced energy industries, inc.AEIS
US00761E1082 Advanced power technology, inc.APTI
US00756M4042 Advanced semiconductor engineering, inc.ASX
US0076242082 Advaxis, inc.ADXS
US0076391079 Advent Claymore ConvAGC
US00766T1007 AecomACM
MHY0017S1028-US Aegean marine petroleum network inc.ANW
US00770F1049 Aegion CorpAEGN
US0079241032 Aegon n.v.AEG
US00760J1088 Aehr Test SystemsAEHR
US0009442072 Aer energy resources inc.AERN
NL0000687663-US Aercap holdings n.v. ordinary sharesAER
US00771V1089 Aerie pharmaceuticals inc.AERI
US00767A1007 Aero systems engineering, inc.AERS
US0078001056 Aerojet rocketdyne holdings incAJRD
US0080731088 Aerovironment, inc.AVAV
CA0079754028-US Aeterna zentaris inc.AEZS
US00817Y1082 AetnaAET
US0082521081 Affiliated ManagersAMG
NL0010872420-US Affimed N.V. (USD)AFMD
US00826A1097 Affymax, inc.AFFY
US0010551028 AflacAFL
CA00829Q1019-US Africa OilAOIFF
US0083181075 Aftermarket technology corp.ATAC
US0012281053 Ag mortgage investment trust inc.MITT
US0010841023 AGCO CorporationAGCO
US00847G7051 Agenus IncAGEN
US00845V3087 Agere systems inc.AGR
US00846U1016 Agilent TechnologiesA
CA0084741085-US Agnico eagle mines ltdAEM
US0084921008 Agree realty corp.ADC
US00856J1034 Agritek holdings inc.AGTK
US0087211027 Aida pharmaceuticalsAIDA
US0268747849 AIGAIG
US0091191082 Air france-klm saAFLYY
US00912X3026 Air Lease CorporationAL
US0091581068 Air Products&ChemicalsAPD
US0092071010 Air t, inc.AIRT
US00922R1059 Air Transport Services Group IncATSG
NL0000235190-US Airbus group seEADSF
US0094111095 Airmedia groupAMCN
US0015471081 AK Steel Holding CorporationAKS
US00971T1016 AkamaiAKAM
US0097281069 Akorn, inc.AKRX
US0101993055 Akzo nobel n.v.AKZOY
US0113111076 Alamo Group IncALG
CA0115321089-US Alamos gold inc aAGI
US0116127020 Alanco tech incALAN
US0116421050 Holdings IncALRM
US0116591092 Alaska AirALK
US01167P1012 Alaska communicationsALSK
US0123481089 Albany international corpAIN
US0126531013 AlbemarleALB
CA0130602075-US Alberta star devASXSF
US0130681010 Alberto culver co - cl bACV
US01345P1066 Albireo Pharma IncALBO
US0138171014 AlcoaAA
IL0011280240-US Alcobra ltd. - ordinary sharesARCT
US0144911049 Alexander & Baldwin Holdings IncALEX
US0147521092 Alexanders IncALX
US0152711091 Alexandria RE EquitiesARE
US0153511094 AlexionALXN
US01609W1027 Alibaba Group Holding LtdBABA
US0162301040 Alico, inc.ALCO
US0162551016 AlignALGN
IE00B56GVS15-US Alkermes plc - ordinary sharesALKS
US0171751003 Alleghany CorporationY
US01741R1023 Allegheny TechnologiesATI
US01748X1028 Allegiant travel companyALGT
IE00BFRT3W74-US AllegionALLE
IE00BY9D5467-US AllerganAGN
US0185221027 Allete inc.ALE
US0185461011 Alliance california municipalAKP
US01855A1016 Alliance capital managemeAC
US0185811082 Alliance Data SystemsADS
US01877R1086 Alliance Resource Partners LPARLP
US01879R1068 AllianceBernstein Global High IncomeAWF
US01881G1067 Alliancebernstein holding l pAB
US01846U1063 Alliancebernstein national municipalAFB
US0188021085 Alliant EnergyLNT
US0188251096 Allianzgi convertible & income fund iiNCZ
US0197541008 Allied capital corporationAFC
US0192222075 Allied healthcare products, inc.AHPI
US0193301092 Allied motion technologies, inc.AMOT
US0196213096 Alliqua BioMedical IncALQA
IL0010996549-US Allot communicationsALLT
US01988P1084 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions IncMDRX
US0200021014 AllstateALL
CA0202891044-US Almadex minerals ltdAXDDF
US0204091088 Almost Family IncAFAM
US02043Q1076 Alnylam pharmaceuticals, inc.ALNY
US02079K3059 Alphabet Class AGOOGL
US02079K1079 Alphabet Class CGOOG
US02081G2012 Alphatech holdings inc.ATEC
US02083G1004 Alpine management syALPN
US0210601086 Alpine total dynamic dividend fundAOD
US0213461017 AltabaAABA
US0214411003 AlteraALTR
US02156B1035 Alteryx IncAYX
US0214891097 Altigen CommunicationATGN
US02155H1014 Altimmune inc.ALT
CA0209361009-US Altius minerals corp.ATUSF
US02209S1033 AltriaMO
US0222051080 Alumina ltd (adr)AWCMY
US0222761092 Aluminum corp of china ltd.ACH
US00163U1060 AMAG Pharmaceuticals IncAMAG
US02300U1060 Amarantus bioscience inc.AMBS
US0231112063 Amarin corporationAMRN
US0231351067 Amazon.comAMZN
KYG037AX1015-US Ambarella, inc. - ordinary sharesAMBA
US0079031078 AMDAMD
US0234361089 Amedisys incAMED
US0251441061 Amer learning corpALRN
US0235861004 AmercoUHAL
US0236081024 AmerenAEE
US02361E1082 Ameresco, inc. class aAMRC
US02363X1046 America FirstAPRO
US02364W1053 America movil, s.a.b. de c.v.AMX
US03062T1051 America's car-mart, inc.CRMT
US02376R1023 American Airlines GroupAAL
US0240611030 American Axle & ManufacturingAXL
US0243431055 American bank incAMBK
US0246001087 American bio medica corp.ABMC
US02503X1054 American Capital AgencyAGNC
US02504A1043 American Capital Mortgage InveMTGE
US02553E1064 American eagle outfitters, inc.AEO
US0255371017 American Electric PowerAEP
US0258161092 American ExpressAXP
US0259321042 American Financial Group IncAFG
US0263751051 American GreetingAM
US0307321010 American homes 4 rentAMH
US0272631021 American Lithium Minerals IncAMLM
US0277451086 American National Bankshares IncAMNB
US0285911055 American national insurance companyANAT
US02874P1030 American outdoor brands corpAOBC
US02882T1051 American paramount gold corp.IRCC
US0288821087 American Physicians SvAMPH
US0290982091 American premium water corporationHIPH
US02913V1035 American Public Education IncAPEI
US0293261055 American river banksharesAMRB
US0296161096 American sierra gold corp.AMNP
US0296831094 American software, inc. - class aAMSWA
US0298991011 American States Water CompanyAWR
US0301112076 American Superconductor CorporationAMSC
US03027X1000 American TowerAMT
CA0303701001-US American vanadiumAVCVF
US0303711081 American Vanguard CorporationAVD
US0304201033 American Water WorksAWK
US0305061097 American woodmark corporationAMWD
US0309751065 Amerigas Partners LPAPU
US03076C1062 Ameriprise FinancialAMP
US0004001014 Ameris bancorpABCB
US03074A1025 AmeriServ Financial IncASRV
US03073E1055 AmerisourceBergenABC
US0311621009 AmgenAMGN
US03152W1099 Amicus Therapeutics IncFOLD
VGG0335L1022-US Amira nature foods ltd.ANFI
US0315351074 Amistar corporationAMTA
US0316521006 Amkor technology, inc.AMKR
US0017441017 Amn healthcare services, inc.AMN
US0320371034 Ampco-Pittsburgh CorporationAP
US0320951017 AmphenolAPH
US0321591051 Amrep corp.AXR
US0323325045 Amtech SystemsASYS
US0311001004 AMTEKAME
US0323593097 AmTrust Financial Services IncAFSI
US03236M2008 Amyris, inc.AMRS
US0325114041 Anadarko petroleumAEUA
US0325111070 Anadarko PetroleumAPC
US0326541051 Analog DevicesADI
US0326572072 Analogic corporationALOG
US0327973006 Anavex Life Sciences CorpAVXL
US03349M1053 AndeavorANDV
US29081P3038 Andina B ADRAKOB
US0343931087 Andrea Electronic CpANDR
US03475V1017 Angiodynamics, inc.ANGO
US03485P3001 Anglo american plc (adr)NGLOY
CA0349191001-US Anglo swiss resourcesASWRF
US0351282068 Anglogold ashanti ltdAU
US00182C1036 ANI Pharmaceuticals IncANIP
US0352551081 Anika therapeutics inc.ANIK
US0352901054 Anixter international incAXE
US0357104092 Annaly capital management incNLY
US0366421065 Antares pharma, inc.ATRS
US0367521038 Anthem IncANTM
US03674U3005 Anthera Pharmaceuticals IncANTH
US0373471012 Anworth mortgage asset corp.ANH
US0373891037 AonAON
US0374111054 ApacheAPA
US03748R1014 Apartment Investment&ManagementAIV
US0375981091 Apogee enterprises, inc.APOG
US0397931041 Apollo commercial real estateARI
US03761U1060 Apollo investment AINV
US0378331005 Apple IncAAPL
US03814F2056 Appliance recycling centersARCI
US03815U2015 Applied DNA Sciences IncAPDN
US03820C1053 Applied industrial technologies, inc.AIT
US0382221051 Applied MaterialsAMAT
US03823U1025 Applied optoelectronics inc.AAOI
US03834A1034 Approach resources inc.AREX
US03834B1017 Apptech corp.APCX
US03832V3078 Apricus biosciences, incAPRI
US0383361039 Aptargroup inc.ATR
US03836W1036 Aqua america incWTR
US03842B1017 Aquinox pharmaceuticals, inc.AQXP
US0384962041 Aracruz celulose s aARA
US0385054004 Aradigm corporationARDM
CA03852X1006-US Aralez pharmaceuticalsARLZ
CA03879J1003-US Arbutus biopharmaABUS
US00213H1059 ARC Group Worldwide IncARCW
US00211Y4070 Arca biofarmaABIO
SE0005676160-US Arcam ab npvAMAVF
US03938L2034 Arcelor mittal ny registry shares newMT
BMG0450A1053-US Arch capital group ltd.ACGL
US0393804077 Arch coal inc.ARCH
US03939W1099 Arch Therapeutics IncARTH
US0394831020 Archer-Daniels-MidlandADM
US03965L1008 Arconic IncARNC
VGG0457F1071-US Arcos dorados holdings inc. class a sharesARCO
US0396971071 Ardelyx IncARDX
MHY0207T1001-US Ardmore shipping corp.ASC
US0400476075 Arena pharmaceuticals, inc.ARNA
US0400491082 Arena resources inc.ARD
US04010L1035 Ares capitalARCC
US04010E1091 Argan incAGX
BMG0464B1072-US Argo group international holdings, ltd.AGII
CA04016A1012-US Argonaut gold inc.ARNGF
US0402211033 Argos therapeutics, inc.ARGS
US0404131064 Arista Networks IncANET
US0407121013 Ark restaurants corp.ARKR
US0412321095 Arkema sp adr.ARKAY
US0413562051 Arlington Asset InvestAI
US0421501026 Armada oil inc.AOILQ
US0423155078 ARMOUR Residential IncARR
US04269E1073 Arqule, inc.ARQL
US04269X1054 Array biopharma inc.ARRY
GB00BZ04Y379-US Arris group, inc.ARRS
US0427351004 Arrow electronics, inc.ARW
US0427441029 Arrow financial corporationAROW
US04280A1007 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals IncARWR
US0431681032 Art's-way manufacturing co., inc.ARTW
US04300F1057 Artec consulting cACTL
US0431132085 Artesian resourcesARTNA
US3635761097 Arthur J Gallagher&CoAJG
US0020501021 Asa gold and precious metals limitedASA
US04351G1013 Ascena Retail Group IncASNA
US0441021013 Ashford hospitality prime, inc.AHP
US0441031095 Ashford hospitality trust incAHT
US0442041051 Ashland incASH
US0449011065 Asia pacific fund, inc. (the)APB
US04516T1051 Asia tigers fund, inc. (the)GRR
USN070592100 Asml holding n.v. - ads represents 1 ordinary shareASML
US0453271035 Aspen Technology IncAZPN
US04621X1081 AssurantAIZ
BMG0585R1060-US Assured guaranty ltd.AGO
US0462201098 Asta Funding IncASFI
US04622E1091 Astea intl incATEA
US0462241011 Astec industries, inc.ASTE
US0463531089 Astrazeneca plcAZN
US0464331083 Astronics CorporationATRO
US04638F1084 AstroNova IncALOT
US0464841016 Astrotech corporationASTC
US34629U1034 Asure software incASUR
US00206R1023 AT&TT
CA0464911068-US Atac resources ltd.ATADF
US04651M1053 Atari, inc.ATAR
BMG0684D1074-US Athene holdings aATH
US04744L1061 Athersys, inc.ATHX
US0482091008 Atlantic American CorporationAAME
CA04878Q8636-US Atlantic power corpAT
US04930A1043 Atlas EnergATLS
GB00BZ09BD16-US Atlassian corporationTEAM
CA0494771029-US Atlatsa resources corpATLRF
US0495601058 Atmos Energy CorporationATO
US04962H2094 Atossa genetics inc.ATOS
US0499041053 Atrion corporationATRI
US00817R1032 Atrm holdings, inc.ATRM
IL0010828825-US Attunity ltd. - ordinary sharesATTU
US0022551073 Au optronics corp.AUO
US0504731078 Auburn national bancorporation, inc.AUBN
IL0010829658-US Audiocodes ltd. - ordinary sharesAUDC
CA0519185064-US Aurcana corpAUNFF
CA05156V1022-US Aurinia pharmaceuticals incAUPH
CH0249375764-US Auris medical holding ag chf0.40EARS
US0526662038 Authentidate holding corp.ADAT
US05335B1008 Autobytel IncAUTO
US0527691069 AutodeskADSK
KYG066341028-US AutohomeATHM
US0528001094 Autoliv inc.ALV
US05329W1027 AutoNationAN
US0533321024 AutoZoneAZO
US05337M1045 Avadel pharmaceuticals plcAVDL
US00773U1088 Avalanche biotechnologies, inc.ADVM
CA05337L1067-US Avalon advanced materials inc.AVLNF
US0534841012 AvalonBayAVB
US0291691097 Avenue income credit strategies fundACP
US0535881090 Aveo pharmaceuticals, inc.AVEO
US0536111091 Avery DennisonAVY
US05367P1003 Avid technology, inc.AVID
US0537741052 Avis budget group, inc.CAR
US05379B1070 Avista corp.AVA
US0537921076 Avita Medical LtdAVMXY
US0538071038 Avnet IncAVT
US0543031027 Avon ProductsAVP
US0024441075 AVX CorporationAVX
US05453N1000 Aware IncAWRE
US0545402085 Axcelis technologies, inc.ACLS
US87651B1044 Axon enterpriseAAXN
US00246W1036 Axt incAXTI
US0024741045 AZZ IncorporatedAZZ
IL0010828171-US B.o.s. better online solutionsBOSC
US05614L1008 Babcock & wilcox enterprises incBW
US5762921063 Babson capital corporate investorsMCI
US5762991017 Babson capital participating investors trustMPV
US0567521085 BaiduBIDU
CA05709R1038-US Baja mining corpBAJFF
US05722G1004 Baker Hughes ABHGE
US0576652004 Balchem corporationBCPC
US0577552096 Baldwin & lyonsBWINB
US0577551007 Baldwin & Lyons A IncBWINA
US0584981064 BallBLL
CA0585861085-US Ballard power systems, inc.BLDP
CA05874M1032-US Balmoral resources ltd.BALMF
US05945F1030 Bancfirst corporationBANF
US05946K1016 Banco bilbao vizcaya argentariaBBVA
US0594603039 Banco Bradesco SA ADRBBD
US0595201064 Banco de ChileBCH
PAP169941328-US Banco latinoamericanoBLX
US05961W1053 Banco macro s.a.BMA
US05964H1059 Banco santander sa (adr)SAN
US05968L1026 Bancolombia s.a.CIB
US0596921033 Bancorpsouth inc.BXS
US0618741039 Bank east asia ltd sBKEAY
US0605051046 Bank of AmericaBAC
CNE1000001Z5-US Bank of china ltd 'h'cny1BACHF
US6940581084 Bank of hawaii corpBOH
CA0636711016-US Bank of montrealBMO
CA0641491075-US Bank of nova scotia halifaxBNS
US0640581007 Bank Of NY MellonBK
US0650661020 Bank of south carolina corp.BKSC
US0639041062 Bank of the ozarksOZRK
US06652V1098 Banner corporationBANR
US06738E2046 Barclays plcBCS
US0677741094 Barnes & noble incBKS
US0678061096 Barnes Group IncB
US06846N1046 Barrett (bill) corpBBG
US0684631080 Barrett business services, inc.BBSI
CA0679011084-US Barrick gold corpABX
US0702031040 Bassett furniture industriesBSET
US0718131099 BaxterBAX
US0727303028 Bayer AG PKBAYRY
CA07278W1095-US Bayhorse silverKXPLF
CA07317Q1054-US Baytex energy corpBTE
US0732711082 Bazaarvoice, inc.BV
US0549371070 BB&TBBT
US07329M1009 BBVA Banco Frances SA ADRBFR
CA05534B1094-US Bce inc.BCE
CA07380N1042-US Bear creek mng corp.BCEKF
US0740141017 Beasley Broadcast Group IncBBGI
US07556Q8814 Beazer homes usa, inc.BZH
US0755712082 Bebe stores, inc.BEBE
US0758871091 Becton DickinsonBDX
US0758961009 Bed Bath&BeyondBBBY
US0773472016 Bel Fuse A IncBELFA
US0773473006 Bel fuse inc. - class bBELFB
CA0783145075-US Bellatrix explorationBXE
US0794811077 Bellicum Pharmaceuticals IncBLCM
CA0805581091-US Belo sun mining corpVNNHF
US0814371052 BemisBMS
US08160H1014 Benchmark electronics, inc.BHE
CA08179V1094-US Benev capital inc.BEVFF
US0846701086 Berkshire Hathaway ABRKA
US0846707026 Berkshire Hathaway BBRKB
CA0863461038-US Besra gold, inc.BSRAF
US0865161014 Best BuyBBY
US08861T1079 Bg medicine, inc.BGMD
US05541T1016 Bgc partners, inc. - class aBGCP
US0886061086 BHP Billiton Ltd ADRBHP
US08915P1012 Big 5 sporting goods corporationBGFV
US08986R1014 Biglari Holdings IncBH
US0903194019 Bimini capital managment, inc.BMNM
US09060C3097 BIO-Key International IncBKYI
US09057N1028 Bio-path holdings, inc.BPTH
US09073M1045 Bio-techne corpTECH
US09058M1036 Bioanalytical Systems IncBASI
US09072V2043 Biocept, inc.BIOC
US09058V1035 Biocryst pharmaceuticals, inc.BCRX
US09060J1060 BioDelivery Sciences InternationalBDSI
US09062X1037 Biogen IdecBIIB
US0909111082 Biolase, inc.BIOL
US09071M1062 BioLineRx LtdBLRX
US09061G1013 Biomarin PharmaBMRN
US09069N1081 BioScripBIOS
US0909311062 BioSpecifics Technologies CorpBSTC
US0906783016 Biostar pharmaceuticals, inc.BSPM
US0906721065 Biotelemetry, inc.BEAT
US09075E1001 Bioverativ IncBIVV
US0912831015 Birner dental management services, inc.BDMS
US0917271076 Bitauto holdings limitedBITA
US09173T1088 Bitcoing investment trustGBTC
US09180C1062 BJs Restaurants IncBJRI
US0918261076 Black Box CorporationBBOX
US09202G1013 Black diamond, inc.CLAR
US0921131092 Black Hills CorporationBKH
US09227Q1004 Blackbaud IncBLKB
CA09228F1036-US Blackberry limitedBB
US09247X1019 BlackRockBLK
US09249C1053 Blackrock california municipal 2018 term trustBJZ
US09248E1029 BlackRock California Municipal IncomeBFZ
US09249E1010 Blackrock core bond trust blackrock core bond trustBHK
US2429011065 Blackrock debt strategies fund, inc.DSU
US09250U1016 Blackrock energy & resources trustBGR
US0925011050 Blackrock enhanced global dividend trustBOE
US09247F1003 Blackrock income trust inc. (the)BKT
US1107934036 Blackrock Int. Real Estate FundBGY
US62618Q1067 Blackrock muniassets fund, inc.MUA
US09248C1062 Blackrock municipal 2018 term trustBPK
US09249H1041 Blackrock municipal bond trustBBK
US09248H1059 BlackRock Municipal Income InvestmentBBF
US09250G1022 Blackrock municipal income investment quality trustBAF
US0924791041 Blackrock municipal income quality trustBYM
US09248F1093 Blackrock municipal income trustBFK
US6262431090 Blackrock munienhanced fund incMEN
US6259331063 Blackrock muniholdings california quality fund, inc.MUC
US6259351012 Blackrock muniholdings fund ii incMUH
US62624W1053 Blackrock muniholdings investment quality fundMFL
US6259361094 Blackrock muniholdings new jersey quality fund, inc.MUJ
US6259311008 Blackrock muniholdings new york quality fund, inc.MHN
US62625A1025 Blackrock muniholdings quality fund ii, inc.MUE
US6259301025 Blackrock muniholdings quality fund, inc.MUS
US62629P1057 Blackrock munivest fund ii incMVT
US6262961070 Blackrock muniyield california fund, inc.MYC
US62629L1044 Blackrock muniyield california quality fund, inc.MCA
US6262991010 Blackrock muniyield fund incMYD
US6262971053 Blackrock muniyield investment fundMYF
US6262981037 Blackrock muniyield investment quality fundMFT
US62630J1060 Blackrock muniyield michigan quality fund, inc.MIY
US6263011057 Blackrock muniyield new york quality fund, inc.MYN
US62630L1017 Blackrock muniyield nj fund incMYJ
US09255G1076 Blackrock muniyield pennsylvania insuredMPA
US62630T1043 Blackrock muniyield quality fund ii, inc.MQT
US62630E1073 Blackrock muniyield quality fund iii, inc.MYI
US6263021031 Blackrock muniyield quality fund incMQY
US09248J1016 BlackRock New Jersey Municipal Income TrustBNJ
US09248K1088 Blackrock new york municipal 2018BLH
US09249P1066 BlackRock New York Municipal Bond TrustBQH
US09249U1051 Blackrock new york municipal income quality trustBSE
US09248L1061 BlackRock New York Municipal Income TrustBNY
US09247D1054 Blackrock Quality municipal trustBKN
US09257A1088 BlackRock Resources & Commodities Strategy TrustBCX
US09248T1097 Blackrock strategic municipal trust (the)BSD
US09348R1023 Bldrs asia 50 adr index fundADRA
US09348R2013 Bldrs developed markets 100 adr index fundADRD
US09348R3003 Bldrs emerging markets 50 adr index fundADRE
US09348R4092 Bldrs europe 100 adr index fundADRU
GB00B1WBW239-US Blinkx plc ord gbp0.01BLNKF
US0952291005 Blucora IncBCOR
US0953953074 Blue dolphin energy companyBDCO
US09602P1075 Blue river bancshares, inc.BRBI
US09609G1004 Bluebird bio inc.BLUE
US0962311058 Bluegreen corporationBXG
US09625U1097 Blueknight Energy Partners LP LLCBKEP
US09627Y1091 Blueprint medicines corp.BPMC
US0559361086 Bnccorp, inc.BNCC
US0966271043 Boardwalk pipeline partners lpBWP
US0967611015 Bob evans farms, inc.BOBE
US0970231058 BoeingBA
US05566U1088 BofI Holding IncBOFI
US09739C1027 Boingo wireless, inc.WIFI
US0973831037 Boise cascade, l.l.c.BCC
US0974881007 Bojangels inc.BOJA
US05561Q2012 Bok financial corporationBOKF
CA0977511017-US Bombardier, inc.BDRAF
US0977934001 Bonanza creek energy inc.BCEI
US0980721015 Bone care international, inc.BCII
VG0985293088-US Bonso electronics international, inc.BNSO
US0997241064 BorgWarnerBWA
US1005571070 Boston Beer Company IncSAM
US1011191053 Boston private financial holdings, inc.BPFH
US1011211018 Boston PropertiesBXP
US1011371077 Boston ScientificBSX
US1013881065 Bottomline technologies, inc.EPAY
US1015071012 Boulder growth & income fund inc.BIF
US10316T1043 Box, inc. class aBOX
US1033041013 Boyd gaming corp.BYD
US0556221044 BP p.l.c.BP
US0556301077 Bp prudhoe bay royalty trustBPT
US1046741062 Brady CorporationBRC
US1053682035 Brandywine realty trustBDN
US10554B1044 Brasilagro brazilian agric real estate co sponsored adr (brazil)LND
US1055321053 Braskem SABAK
US10807Q2057 Bridgeline digital, inc.BLIN
US10807M1053 Bridgepoint education, inc.BPI
US1087631032 Bridgford foods corporationBRID
US1090431099 Briggs & stratton corp.BGG
US1091991091 Bright scholar education holdings ltd.BEDU
US10921T1016 Brightcove inc.BCOV
US10922N1037 Brighthouse FinancialBHF
US1096411004 Brinker international, inc.EAT
US1096961040 Brinks co (the)BCO
US1101221083 Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY
US1103941035 Bristow group incBRS
US1104481072 British American Tobacco PLC ADRBTI
SG9999014823-US Broadcom ltdAVGO
US11133T1034 Broadridge Financial Solutions IncBR
US11134W2044 Broadside enterpri com usd0.001BRSE
US1114127061 BroadVision IncBVSN
US1114441058 Broadway financial corporationBYFC
US1116213067 Brocade Communications SystemsBRCD
CA1125851040-US Brookfield asset management incBAM
BMG162521014-US Brookfield infrastructureBIP
BMG162491077-US Brookfield property partnersBPY
US1128301041 Brookfield Real Assets IncomeRA
BMG162581083-US Brookfield Renewable Energy PartnersBEP
US1143401024 Brooks automation, inc.BRKS
US1152361010 Brown & brown, inc.BRO
US1156372096 Brown FormanBFb
US0556453035 BRT Realty TrustBRT
US1167941087 Bruker corporationBRKR
US1170431092 Brunswick corp.BC
US1176651099 Bryn mawr bank corporationBMTC
US0801621006 Bsb bancorp, inc.BLMT
US11776U1025 Bsquare corporationBSQR
US05577E1010 Bt group plcBT
US1182301010 Buckeye Partners LPBPL
US1182551085 Buckeye TechBKI
US1184401065 Buckle, inc. (the)BKE
US1198481095 Buffalo wild wings, inc.BWLD
US1200761047 Build-A-Bear Workshop IncBBW
US12008R1077 Builders firstsource, inc.BLDR
BMG169621056-US Bunge limited bunge limitedBG
US1206131047 Bunker hill mining corpBHLL
US12428P1030 Buzz technologies inc.BZTG
CNE100000296-US Byd co 'h'cny1BYDDF
US05606L1008 Byd company ltdBYDDY
US12466Q1040 C&F Financial CorporationCFFI
US12673P1057 CACA
CA8547221058-US Ca8547221058HREEF
US1270551013 Cabot CorpCBT
US1270971039 Cabot Oil&GasCOG
US1273871087 Cadence Design SystemsCDNS
CA1247651088-US Cae inc.CAE
US1276861036 Caesars entertainment corp.CZR
US12769A1034 CafePress IncPRSS
US12477X1063 Cai international inc.CAI
US1280302027 Cal-maine foods, inc.CALM
US1281261099 Calamp corp.CAMP
US1282461052 Calavo Growers IncCVGW
US1296031065 Calgon Carbon CorporationCCC
US1302221023 California first national bancorpCFNB
US1303341051 California independent bancorpCIBN
US13057Q2066 California resources corporationCRC
US1307881029 California Water Service GroupCWT
US13089P1012 Calithera Biosciences IncCALA
US1311931042 Callaway Golf CompanyELY
US13123E5006 Callidus software, inc.CALD
US13123X1028 Callon petroleum co. (de)CPE
US1312551013 Calloway's nursery, inc.CLWY
US1313473043 Calpine corpCPN
US1314761032 Calumet Specialty Products PartnersCLMT
US1320111073 Cambrex corpCBM
US1331311027 Camden property trustCPT
CA13321L1085-US Cameco corp.CCJ
CA1344226099-US Campbell resources inc-newCBLRF
US1344291091 Campbell SoupCPB
IL0010952641-US Camtek ltd. - ordinary sharesCAMT
US1938704095 Canadian imperial bank of commerceCM
CA1363751027-US Canadian national railway co.CNI
CA1363851017-US Canadian natural resources ltd.CNQ
CA13645T1003-US Canadian pacific railway ltd.CP
CA1366351098-US Canadian solar inc.CSIQ
CA1368021053-US Canadian zinc corpCZICF
CA13708P2017-US Canalaska uranium ltdCVVUF
CA13722D1015-US Canarc resource corpCRCUF
US13730L1035 Canbiola incCANB
US1376481016 Cannabis Science IncCBIS
US1380063099 Canon, inc.CAJ
CA1380351009-US Canopy growth corporationTWMJF
US1380981084 Cantel medical corpCMD
US13811E1010 Canterbury park holding corporationCPHC
US1397941014 Capital bank financial corp. - class aCBF
US1396741050 Capital City Bank GroupCCBG
US14040H1059 Capital One FinancialCOF
MHY110821078-US Capital product partnersCPLP
US1404751042 Capital senior living corp.CSU
US1405011073 Capital southwest corporationCSWC
US14057C1062 Capitol federal financial, inc.CFFN
US14067E5069 Capstead Mortgage CorporationCMO
US14067D4097 Capstone Turbine CorpCPST
US1407551092 Cara TherapeuticsCARA
US1407811058 Carbo ceramics inc.CRR
US1413371055 Carbonite IncCARB
CA14140U2048-US Cardero resource corpCDYCF
US14149Y1082 Cardinal HealthCAH
CA14159U3010-US Cardiome pharmaCRME
GB00BYT18414-US Cardtronics, inc.CATM
US14167L1035 Caredx incCDNA
US1416651099 Career Education CorporationCECO
US1423391002 Carlisle companies inc.CSL
US1431301027 CarMaxKMX
PA1436583006-US Carnival corporationCCL
US1442851036 Carpenter technology corp.CRS
US1439051079 Carriage services, inc.CSV
US1445771033 Carrizo oil & gas, inc.CRZO
US14574X1046 Carrols Restaurant Group IncTAST
US1462291097 Carter's incCRI
US1474481041 Casella Waste Systems IncCWST
US1475281036 Caseys general stores, inc.CASY
US14757U1097 Casi pharmaceuticals, inc.CASI
US1477411029 Cass information systems, incCASS
US14888U1016 Catalyst Pharmaceuticals IncCPRX
US1488811050 Catalyst semiconductor, inc.CATS
US1491231015 CaterpillarCAT
US1491501045 Cathay General BancorpCATY
US1247851066 Cb bancshares, inc.CBBI
US1248051021 CBIZ IncCBZ
US1248301004 Cbl & associates properties, inc.CBL
US12503M1080 CBOE HoldingsCBOE
US12504L1098 CBRECBG
US12504G1004 CBRE Clarion Global Real Estate Income FundIGR
US1248572026 CBSCBS
US12487X1046 Ccf holding companyCCFH
US12508E1010 Cdk global, inc.CDK
US1251411013 CECO Environmental CorpCECE
US1501851067 Cedar Fair LPFUN
US1506022094 Cedar realty trust, inc.CDR
US2006411084 Celadon group, inc.CGI
US1508701034 Celanese Corp (DE)CE
CA15101Q1081-US Celestica, inc.CLS
US1510201049 CelgeneCELG
IL0011015349-US Cellcom israel, ltd. ordinary sharesCEL
US15117B1035 Celldex Therapeutics IncCLDX
US15117K1034 Cellectis saCLLS
US15117N5032 Celsion corporationCLSN
US1512908898 Cemex s.a.b. de c.v.CX
US58549G1004 Cempra IncMLNT
CA15135U1093-US Cenovus energy incCVE
US15135B1017 CenteneCNC
US15677T1060 Center Coast MLPCEN
US15189T1079 CenterPoint EnergyCNP
US15234Q1085 Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA ADREBRb
US1534361001 Central and eastern europe fund incCEE
BMG200452024-US Central european mediaCETV
US15346Q1031 Central federal corporationCFBK
US1535271068 Central garden & pet companyCENT
US1547601021 Central pacific financial corpCPF
US1564311082 Century Aluminum CompanyCENX
US1564321065 Century bancorp, inc. - class aCNBKA
US1564921005 Century casinos, inc.CNTY
US1567001060 CenturyLinkCTL
US15670S1050 Cenveo incCVO
IL0010851660-US Ceragon networks ltd. - ordinary sharesCRNT
US1567324066 Cereplast, inc.CERPQ
US1567821046 CernerCERN
US1570851014 Cerus CorporationCERS
US1571312024 Cesca therapeutics inc.KOOL
US1572101053 Ceva, inc.CEVA
US1252691001 CF IndustriesCF
CA39945C1095-US Cgi group, inc.GIB
US12541W2098 CH RobinsonCHRW
US1585201064 Champion inds incCHMP
KYG2046Q1073-US Chaoda modern agri hkd0.10CMGHF
US1597651066 Charles & colvard ltdCTHR
US1598641074 Charles River LaboratoriesCRL
US8085131055 Charles SchwabSCHW
US16115Q3083 Chart industries, inc.GTLS
US16119P1084 Charter CommunicationsCHTR
USM224651044 Check PointCHKP
IL0010824113-US Check point software technologiesCHKP
US1635722093 Chembio diagnostics, inc.CEMI
US1637311028 Chemical Financial CorporationCHFC
US1638511089 Chemours CoCC
US16444H1023 Cherokee IncCHKE
US1646511014 Cherry hill mortgage investment corp.CHMI
US1651671075 Chesapeake EnergyCHK
US1651851099 Chesapeake Granite Wash TrustCHKR
US1653031088 Chesapeake utilities corp.CPK
US1667641005 ChevronCVX
US12542Q5080 Chf solutions incCHFS
US16706W1027 Chiasma IncCHMA
US1672501095 Chicago Bridge & Iron Company NVCBI
US1686151028 Chicos FAS IncCHS
US1689051076 Children's place, inc. (the)PLCE
US16934Q2084 Chimera Investment CorporationCIM
US16934W1062 Chimerix incCMRX
US16936P1093 China agri-business, inc.CHBU
US16936J2024 China Auto Logistics IncCALI
US16936R1059 China automotive systems, inc.CAAS
US14986C1027 China Bak Battery IncCBAK
US16938C1062 China Biologic Products IncCBPO
US16936M1062 China cable & communicationCCCI
VGG2113X1345-US China ceramics co., ltd.CCCL
US16939E1010 China clean energyCCGY
US16938G1076 China digital tv holding co., ltd. american depositary sharesSTVVY
US16944W1045 China distance education holdings limited american depositary sharesDL
US16937R1041 China Eastern Airlines LtdCEA
US1693791048 China finance online co. limited - american depositary shares representing 5 ordinary sharesJRJC
US1693731077 China fund, inc. (the)CHN
CA16890P1036-US China gold international resources corp.JINFF
US16943W1053 China green agriculture, inc.CGA
US16939N1019 China industrl wasteCIWT
VGG211741001-US China information technology, inc. - ordinary sharesCNIT
US16949A2069 China Jo-Jo Drugstores IncCJJD
US16939P1066 China life insurance co ltdLFC
US16949N1090 China Lodging GroupHTHT
US1694911074 China medicine corporationCHME
US16951C1080 China Ming YangMY
US16941M1099 China Mobile (USD)CHL
US1689102069 China natural gas, inc.CHNGQ
VGG2110U1093-US China natural resources, inc.CHNR
US16890T1051 China New Borun CorporationBORN
US16941R1086 China petroleum & chemical corp. incSNP
US1689131019 China Recycling Energy CorporaCREG
US1694091091 China southern airlines co ltdZNH
US1694242074 China techfaith wireless comm tech ltd adrCNTF
US1694261033 China Telecom Corp LtdCHA
US16945R1041 China unicom (hong kong) ltdCHU
US16950W1137 China xiniya fashion limited american depositary shares, each representing four ordinary sharesXNY
BMG210821051-US China yuchai international limitedCYD
US1694571084, inc.QBIO
US16950M1071 Chinacache international holdings ltd. - american depositary sharesCCIH
US16949H1023 Chinanet online holdings, inc.CNET
BMG2110R1060-US Chipmos technologies (bermuda) ltd.IMOS
US1696561059 Chipotle Mexican GrillCMG
US1699051066 Choice Hotels International IncCHH
US17040V1070 Chorus ltdCHRYY
US1710461054 Christopher & banks corp.CBK
US1710774076 Chromadex corporationCDXC
US1712321017 Chubb corp.CB
US1713401024 Church&DwightCHD
US1714841087 Churchill Downs IncorporatedCHDN
US1717793095 Ciena CorpCIEN
US1255091092 CignaCI
US1717981013 Cimarex EnergyXEC
US1718715022 Cincinnati bell incCBB
US1720621010 Cincinnati FinancialCINF
US1729081059 CintasCTAS
US17273K1097 Circor international incCIR
US1727551004 Cirrus logic, inc.CRUS
US17275R1023 CiscoCSCO
US17306X1028 Citi trends, inc.CTRN
US1729674242 CitigroupC
US1746101054 Citizens Financial Group IncCFG
US1747401008 Citizens, inc. (austin, tx)CIA
US1773761002 Citrix SystemsCTXS
US17770A1097 City bankCTBK
US1778351056 City holding companyCHCO
US1787871078 Civeo corporationCVEO
US12562Y1001 Ck hutchison holdings ltd.CKHUY
US18449C5004 Clean diesel technologies, inc.CDTI
US1844991018 Clean Energy Fuels CorpCLNE
US21988G7593 Clean harbors, incCLH
US8195341081 Cleantech solutions international, inc.SEII
US29364N8680 Clearbridge energy mlp opportunity fund inc.EMO
US18482P1030 Clearfield IncCLFD
US18506U1043 ClearOne IncCLRO
US1850641028 Clearsign combustion corporationCLIR
US1858602022 Cleveland BioLabs IncCBLI
US1858991011 Cliffs Natural ResourcesCLF
US1869041087 Clifton mining coCFTN
US1890541097 CloroxCLX
US18911Q1022 Cloud Peak Energy IncCLD
US1894641000 Clovis Oncology IncCLVS
US12574Q1031 Cm Finance IncCMFN
US12572Q1058 CME GroupCME
US1258961002 CMS EnergyCMS
US1261171003 CNA Financial CorporationCNA
US1261281075 Cnb financial corporationCCNE
US12612H1077 Cnb florida bancshares, inc.CNBB
US18976M1036 Cninsure inc. (adr)FANH
US12621E1038 Cno financial group incCNO
US1261321095 Cnooc ltd.CEO
US1897541041 CoachCOH
US19075F3047 Cobalt International Energy IncCIEIQ
US1908971088 CoBiz Financial IncCOBZ
US1912411089 Coca Cola Femsa SAB De CV ADRKOF
US1912161007 Coca-ColaKO
US1910981026 Coca-Cola Bottling CoCOKE
GB00BDCPN049-US Coca-Cola European PartnersCCE
US1912232055 Coca-cola hbc ag (adr)CCHGY
US1920051067 Codexis IncCDXS
US1920251048 Codorus valley bancorp, incCVLY
US1921085049 Coeur MiningCDE
US1921761052 Coffee Holding Co IncJVA
US19243A1043 Cogentix Medical IncCGNT
US19241Q1013 Cogint incCOGT
US1924221039 Cognex corporationCGNX
US1924461023 CognizantCTSH
US19248M1036 Cohen & Steers GlobalINB
US19248A1097 Cohen & steers infrastructure fund, inc.UTF
US19247L1061 Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund IncRQI
US19247R1032 Cohen Steers Total Return Realty Closed FundRFI
US1924791031 Coherent, inc.COHR
US1611331034 Coherus biosciences, inc.CHRS
US1925761066 Cohu, inc.COHU
US1941621039 Colgate-PalmoliveCL
US19421R2004 Collectors Universe IncCLCT
US19459J1043 Collegium Pharmaceutical IncCOLL
US19623P1012 Colony bankcorp, inc.CBAN
US1972361026 Columbia banking system, inc.COLB
US21989G1058 Columbia property trust, inc.CXP
US19842X1090 Columbia seligman premium technology growth fund incSTK
US1985161066 Columbia Sportswear CompanyCOLM
CA1991711096-US Columbus gold corp.CGTFF
US1993331057 Columbus mckinnon corporationCMCO
US2000801090 Comarco, inc.CMRO
US20030N1019 ComcastCMCSA
US2003005079 Comcast holdings zonesCCZ
US2003401070 ComericaCMA
US1999081045 Comfort systems usa, inc.FIX
US2005191067 Commerce bancorp incCBH
US2005251036 Commerce Bancshares IncCBSH
US2017231034 Commercial metals co.CMC
US2022171050 Commercial national financial corporationCNAF
US2026081057 Commercial vehicle group, inc.CVGI
US2036071064 Community bank system, inc.CBU
US2036341004 Community capital bancshares, inc.ALBY
US2036681086 Community health systems, inc.CYH
US2041491083 Community Trust Bancorp IncCTBI
US2041571017 Community west bancsharesCWBC
US20440T2015 Companhia brasileira de distribuicaoCBD
US2044096012 Companhia energetica de minas gers cemig (adr)CIG
US20441B4077 Companhia Paranaense de Energia COPELELP
US2044291043 Compania cervecerias unidas s.a. (chile)CCU
US2044481040 Compania de minas buenaventura s.a.BVN
US20451Q1040 Compass diversified holdingsCODI
IL0010852080-US Compugen ltd. - ordinary sharesCGEN
US2053061030 Computer programs and systems, inc.CPSI
US20564W1053 Comscore IncSCOR
US2057683029 Comstock resources, inc.CRK
US2058262096 Comtech telecommunications corp.CMTL
US2058871029 ConAgra FoodsCAG
US20605P1012 Concho ResourcesCXO
US2060651047 Concierge TecCNCG
US2067871036 Conduent IncCNDT
US2068273059 Conectisys corpCONC
US2074101013 CONMED CorporationCNMD
US2082421072 Conn's, inc.CONN
US2077971016 Connecticut water service, inc.CTWS
US20825C1045 ConocoPhillipsCOP
US2083051027 Conrad industries, inc.CNRD
US20854P1093 CONSOL EnergyCNX
US2091151041 Consolidated EdisonED
KYG237731073-US Consolidated water co.CWCO
US21036P1084 Constellation BrandsSTZ
NL0010489522-US Constellium n.vCSTM
US2105021008 Consumer Portfolio Services IncCPSS
US2107511030 Container store (the)TCS
US2107953083 Continental airlines incCAL
US2120151012 Continental resources, inc.CLR
US2123261024 Contrafect corp.CFRX
US21234W1036 Contravir pharmaceuticals incCTRV
US21240D1072 Control4 corporationCTRL
US2124851062 Convergys corp.CVG
US2166484020 CooperCOO
US2168311072 Cooper tire & rubber co.CTB
PAP310761054-US Copa holdings, s.a.CPA
US2172041061 Copart, inc.CPRT
US2183521028 Corcept therapeutics incorporatedCORT
NL0000200384-US Core laboratoriesCLB
US21871D1037 CoreLogic IncCLGX
US21870Q1058 Coresite realty corporationCOR
US21887L1070 Corium international, inc.CORI
US2193501051 CorningGLW
US22002T1088 Corporate office properties trustOFC
US22025Y4070 Corrections corporation of americaCXW
US2205243007 Cortex pharmaceuticalsRSPI
US2210061097 Corvel corp.CRVL
CA2210131058-US Corvus gold inc.CORVF
BMG253431073-US Cosan limited class aCZZ
MHY1771G1026-US Costamare inc.CMRE
US22160N1090 CoStar Group IncCSGP
US22160K1051 CostcoCOST
CA22163N1069-US Cott corp.COT
US2220702037 Coty IncCOTY
US2227951066 Cousins properties inc.CUZ
US22282E1029 Covanta Holding CorporationCVA
US22284P1057 Covenant transportation group, inc. - class aCVTI
US2236221014 Cowen group, inc. - class aCOWN
US1261531057 Cpfl energia saCPL
US0673831097 CR BardBCR
US1598521029 Cra international,inc.CRAI
US12489V1061 Cracker barrel old country store, inc.CBRL
US2241221017 Craft Brew Alliance IncBREW
US2243991054 Crane co.CR
US2252233042 Cray incCRAY
US2252331051 Crazy woman creek bancorp incorporatedCRZY
BMG2519Y1084-US Credicorp ltd.BAP
US2253101016 Credit acceptance corporationCACC
US22532R1014 Credit Enhanced Corts Trust For Aon Capital A GICKTN
US22542D3576 Credit suisse ag - velocityshares daily 2x vix short term etnTVIX
US22542D7957 Credit suisse ag - velocityshares daily inverse vix short term etnXIV
US2254011081 Credit Suisse GroupCS
US22539T3169 Credit suisse nass veloc 3x lngUWTIF
US22542D5480 Credit suisse nass velocity shsDWTIF
US22542D4491 Credit suisse x-links silver covcall etnSLVO
US2254392077 Credo petroleum corporationCRED
US2254471012 Cree, inc.CREE
CA22576C1014-US Crescent point energy corpCPG
US2263442087 Crestwood Equity Partners LPCEQP
US2264061068 Cresud SACIFCRESY
US2181031095 Crh plcCRH
US22662X1000 Crimson wine group ltdCWGL
CH0334081137-US Crispr therapeutics agCRSP
US2267181046 Criteo s.a. - american depositary sharesCRTO
US2270461096 Crocs, inc.CROX
US22748P1057 Cross country healthcare, inc.CCRN
US22757R1095 Cross timbers royalty trustCRT
US22787P1075 Crowdgather inc.CRWG
US22822V1017 Crown CastleCCI
US2283091005 Crown Crafts IncCRWS
US2283681060 Crown Holdings IncCCK
US2288951088 Cryo-cell international, inc.CCEL
US2289031005 Cryolife, inc.CRY
US1263491094 Csg systems international, inc.CSGS
US1263891053 Csp inc.CSPI
US12650T1043 CSRA IncCSRA
US1259061075 CSS Industries IncCSS
US1264081035 CSXCSX
US12648L6011 Cti biopharma corp.CTIC
US1259613008 Cti industries corporationCTIB
US22943F1003 International LtdCTRP
US1265011056 Cts corp.CTS
US2296691064 Cubic corpCUB
US2298991090 Cullen/frost bankers, inc.CFR
US2302151053 Culp inc.CULP
US2310211063 CumminsCMI
US2310826035 Cumulus media inc.CMLSQ
US2312691015 Curis IncCRIS
US2315611010 Curtiss-wright corp.CW
US2321091082 Cutera IncCUTR
US1615681004 Cutwater select income fundINSI
US1266001056 CVB Financial CorporationCVBF
US1266011030 Cvd equipment corporationCVV
US12662P1084 CVR Energy IncCVI
US1266331065 Cvr partners lpUAN
US1266501006 CVSCVS
US2324372026 Cyanotech corporationCYAN
IL0011334468-US Cyberark software ltd. - ordinary sharesCYBR
US2325171021 Cyberoptics corporationCYBE
US23254L4059 Cyclacel pharmaceuticals, inc.CYCC
US2328061096 Cypress semiconductor corporationCY
IL0010832371-US Cyren ltd. - ordinary sharesCYRN
US12673A1088 CYS Investments IncCYS
US23282W6057 Cytokinetics IncCYTK
US23283K2042 Cytori therapeutics incCYTX
US23283X2062 Cytosorbents corporationCTSO
US2328286081 Cytrx corporationCYTR
US0003071083 Aac holdings inc.AAC
US0003602069 AAON IncAAON
US0003611052 Aar corpAIR


US2339121046 Daily journal corp. (s.c.)DJCO
DE0007100000-US DaimlerDDAIF
US2342641097 Daktronics, inc.DAKT
CA2354991002-US Dalradian resources inc.DRLDF
US2358511028 DanaherDHR
MHY1968P1051-US Danaos corporationDAC
US23703Q1040 Daqo New EnergyDQ
US2371941053 Darden RestaurantsDRI
US2375451083 Dassault Systemes SADASTY
US2376901029 Data i/o corporationDAIO
US2381082039 Dataram corporationUSAU
US2379172081 Datawatch corporationDWCH
US2383371091 Dave & buster's entertainment, inc.PLAY
US23918K1088 DaVitaDVA
US2393601008 Dawson Geophysical CompanyDWSN
US2423701042 Dean foods co.DF
US2434431084 Decision diagnostiDECN
US2435371073 Deckers outdoor corpDECK
US24372A3059 Deep down, inc.DPDW
US2437981051 Deep well oil & gasDWOG
US2441991054 Deere&CompanyDE
US2459151039 Delaware Investments Dividend and Income Closed FundDDF
US24661P6097 Delcath systems, incDCTH
US24664T1034 Delek Logistics Partners LPDKL
US2466471016 Delek us holdings incDK
US24703L1035 Dell TechnologiesDVMT
US24712X1063 Delphaxtechnologies inc.DLPX
JE00B783TY65-US Delphi AutomotiveDLPH
US2473617023 Delta Air LinesDAL
US2478501008 Deltic Timber CorporationDEL
US2480131042 Deltron inc.DTRO
US2480191012 Deluxe CorporationDLX
US2479162081 Denbury ResourcesDNR
US2499081048 Depomed IncDEPO
US25065D1000 Destination Maternity CorporatDEST
US25065K1043 Destination xl group inc.DXLG
VG2506391011-US Deswell industries, inc.DSWL
DE0005140008-US Deutsche bank agDB
US24366R2076 Deutsche bk contingent cap tr ii tr pfd secDXB
US48842B1061 Deutsche multi-market income trustKMM
US48842C1045 Deutsche municipal income trustKTF
US4884261078 Deutsche strategic income trustKST
US4884271051 Deutsche strategic municipal income trustKSM
US25179M1036 Devon EnergyDVN
US2521311074 Dexcom inc.DXCM
MHY2065G1219-US Dht holdings, inc.DHT
US25243Q2057 Diageo plcDEO
US25264R1086 Diamond hill investment group, inc. - class aDHIL
US25271C1027 Diamond Offshore DrillingDO
US25278X1090 Diamondback energy, inc. - commmon stockFANG
US2527843013 Diamondrock Hospitality CompanyDRH
MHY2066G1044-US Diana Shipping Inc (USD)DSX
US2533931026 Dick's sporting goods, incDKS
US2536511031 Diebold, inc.DBD
US2537981027 Digi international inc.DGII
US25381B1017 Digimarc CorporationDMRC
US2538681030 DigitalDLR
US25382P2083 Digital Ally IncDGLY
US25400W1027 Digital turbine, inc.APPS
US2540671011 Dillard's inc.DDS
US2539221083 Dime Community Bancshares IncDCOM
US2547091080 DiscoverDFS
US25470F1049 DiscoveryDISCA
US25470F3029 Discovery Comm.DISCK
US25470M1099 DISH NetworkDISH
US2555311057 Dixie lee intl incDLII
US23325P1049 Dnp select income fund incDNP
US25659T1079 Dolby laboratories incDLB
US2566771059 Dollar GeneralDG
US2567461080 Dollar TreeDLTR
US25746U1097 Dominion ResourcesD
US25746U2087 Dominion resources incDCP
US25754A2015 Dominos pizza inc.DPZ
US2576511099 Donaldson co. inc.DCI
US2577012014 Donegal Group A IncDGICA
US2577013004 Donegal Group B IncDGICB
US25820R1059 Dorchester minerals, l.p. - common units representing limited partnership interestsDMLP
CA25822C2058-US Dorel industries, inc.DIIBF
MHY2106R1100-US Dorian lpg ltd.LPG
US2582781009 Dorman products, inc.DORM
US2586221093 DoubleLine Income Solutions FundDSL
US2600031080 DoverDOV
US2600951048 Dover Downs Gaming & EntertainmentDDE
US2601741075 Dover Motorsports IncDVD
US23331A1097 DR HortonDHI
US26138E1091 Dr Pepper SnappleDPS
US2561352038 Dr. reddy's laboratories ltd.RDY
US26144J1007 Dragon capital grpDRGV
US26152H3012 Drdgold limited american depositary sharesDRD
US26200S1015 Dreyfus high yield strategies fundDHF
US26202F1075 Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Closed FundDSM
US2619321076 Dreyfus strategic municipals, inc.LEO
US2620371045 Dril-Quip IncDRQ
US2620771004 Drive shack inc.DS
US26210U1043 Dropcar incDCAR
MHY2109Q7055-US Dryships inc.DRYS
US23332B1061 Dsp group, inc.DSPG
US2333261079 DST Systems IncDST
US2333311072 DTE EnergyDTE
US2643251018 Dtf tax-free income, inc.DTF
US2641471097 Ducommun inc.DCO
US26432K1088 Duff & phelps utility & corporate bond trust, inc.DUC
US2644115055 DukeDRE
US26441C2044 Duke EnergyDUK
US26483E1001 Dun&BradstreetDNB
CA2649011095-US Dundee corpDDEJF
US2655041000 Dunkin brands group inc.DNKN
US26078J1007 DuPontDWDP
US2666051048 Durect corporationDRRX
US2668981051 DUSA PharmaceuticalsDUSA
US23355L1061 DXC TechnologyDXC
US2333774071 DXP Enterprises IncDXPE
US2674751019 Dycom Industries IncDY
MHY2188B1083-US Dynagas lng partners lpDLNG
US2678881051 Dynamic materials corporationBOOM
US2681021000 Dynasil corporation of americaDYSL
US2681574016 Dynatronics CorporationDYNT
US2681582019 Dynavax Technologies CorporationDVAX
US26817Q5062 Dynex Capital IncDX
US2692464017 E-TRADEETFC
US26927B1008 E-waste systems inc.EWSI
US2689481065 Eagle bancorp, inc.EGBN
MHY2187A1192-US Eagle Bulk Shipping IncEGLE
US26969P1084 Eagle MaterialsEXP
CA2699062022-US Eagle plains resources ltd.EGPLF
US27579R1041 East West Bancorp IncEWBC
CA27580T1075-US East west petroleum corpEWPMF
US2772761019 Eastgroup properties, inc.EGP
US2774321002 Eastman ChemicalEMN
US2774614067 Eastman kodak companyKODK
IE00B8KQN827-US EatonETN
US27888G1040 Eaton scientific systems inc.ESSI
US2782651036 Eaton vance corpEV
US2782771081 Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income II Closed FundEOS
US2782791048 Eaton vance floating rate income trustEFT
US27826U1088 Eaton Vance Municipal Income Closed FundEVN
US27829G1067 Eaton vance risk-managed diversified equity income fund common shares of beneficial interestETJ
US27826S1033 Eaton Vance Senior Income Closed FundEVF
US2999003088 Eaton vance short duration diversified income fundEVG
US2786421030 eBayEBAY
US2787152063 Ebix, inc.EBIX
US26827L1098 Eca marcellus trust i common units of beneficial interestECT
US27874N3035 Echelon corporationELON
US2788651006 EcolabECL
US27888K1051 Ecologix resource group inc.EXRG
US2791581091 Ecopetrol SAEC
IL0010838238-US Ectel ltd.ECTX
US2683111072 Edap tms s.a. - american depositary shares, each representing one ordinary shareEDAP
US2803581022 Edgewater technology, inc.EDGW
US2810201077 EdisonEIX
US28106W1036 Editas medicine inc.EDIT
US2814791057 Educational Development CorporationEDUC
US28176E1082 Edwards LifesciencesEW
US28226B1044 Egalet corp.EGLT
US28238P1093 eHealth IncEHTH
US2825793092 Eisai Co Ltd ADRESALY
US2836778546 El paso electric companyEE
US2686031079 El Pollo Loco Holdings IncLOCO
IL0010811169-US Elbit imaging ltd. - ordinary sharesEMITF
IL0010811243-US Elbit systems ltd. - ordinary sharesESLT
CA2849021035-US Eldorado gold corpEGO
US2852291002 Electro scientific industries, inc.ESIO
US2852331022 Electro-Sensors IncELSE
US2855121099 Electronic ArtsEA
US2856171069 Electronic control security incEKCS
US2860821022 Electronics for imaging, inc.EFII
US2862211065 Eleven Biotherapeutics IncEBIO
US5324571083 Eli LillyLLY
US28659T2006 Elite pharmaceuticals incELTP
US28849P1003 Ellie Mae IncELLI
US2885223030 Ellington financial llcEFC
US2885781078 Ellington Residential MortgageEARN
US2896601026 Elmira Savings BankESBK
US29014R1032 Eloxx pharmaceuticals inc.ELOX
IL0010828411-US Eltek ltd. - ordinary sharesELTK
US2686132059 Elxsi corporationELXS
US29081P2048 Embotelladora AndinaAKOA
US29082A1079 Embraer SA ADRERJ
US2686641091 EMC Insurance Group IncEMCI
US29084Q1004 EMCOR Group IncEME
US2908462037 EMCORE CorporationEMKR
US29102H1086 Emerge Energy Services LPEMES
US29089Q1058 Emergent biosolutions incEBS
US2910111044 EmersonEMR
US2913451066 Emisphere TechEMIS
US2915251035 Emmis communications corporation - class aEMMS
US2920521075 Empire resorts, inc.NYNY
US29251M1062 Enanta pharmaceuticals inc.ENTA
US29250X1037 Enbridge energy management llcEEQ
US29250R1068 Enbridge energy partners, l.p.EEP
CA29250N1050-US Enbridge incENB
CA2925051047-US Encana corpECA
US2925541029 Encore capital group incECPG
US2925621052 Encore Wire CorporationWIRE
KYG3040R1589-US Endeavour mining corEDVMF
CA29258Y1034-US Endeavour silverEXK
IE00BJ3V9050-US EndoENDP
US29269A1025 Endocyte, inc.ECYT
US29266S1069 Endologix, inc.ELGX
US29265N1081 Energen corp.EGN
US29266R1086 Energizer holdings, inc.ENR
US29272C1036 Energous CorporationWATT
US29270J1007 Energy recovery, inc.ERII
AU000000ERA9-US Energy res of aust npv cls 'a'EGRAF
US29273V1008 Energy transfer equity l pETE
US29274F1049 Enersis s.a.ENIA
US29286D1054 Engie saENGIY
US26874R1086 Eni s.p.a.E
US2933891028 Ennis incEBF
US2934911064 Enodis plcENO
US29355A1079 Enphase energy, inc.ENPH
US29355X1072 Enpro industries incNPO
US29358Q1094 EnscoESV
US29358R1077 Enstar group limited - ordinary sharesESGR
US2936391000 Entercom communications corpETM
US29364G1031 EntergyETR
US2937921078 Enterprise Products Partners LPEPD
US29383T3005 Entest biomedical incETNI
US29382R1077 Entravision communications corp.EVC
US29408K2015 Environmental solutions worldwide, inc.ESWW
US29414D1000 Envision HealthcareEVHC
CA2939861050-US Envoy capital group inc.ECGI
US2941001024 Enzo Biochem IncENZ
US2939041081 Enzon Pharmaceuticals IncENZN
US26875P1012 EOG ResourcesEOG
US2687801033 EON SEEONGY
US29410P1075 Epcos agEPC
US29428L4032 Epic corpEPOR
US29428V1044 Epizyme inc.EPZM
US2942681071 Eplus inc.PLUS
US26884U1097 Epr propertiesEPR
US26884L1098 EQTEQT
US2944291051 EquifaxEFX
US29444U7000 Equinix IncEQIX
US29476L1070 Equity ResidentialEQR
US2947661003 Equus total return, inc.EQS
US29490B1017 Erba diagnostics, inc.ERBA
US2948216088 Ericsson- ADS each representiERIC
US29530P1021 Erie Indemnity CompanyERIE
US2960561049 Escalade, incorporatedESCA
US2960743050 Escalon Medical CorpESMC
US2963151046 ESCO Technologies IncESE
US29664W1053 Esperion therapeutics, inc.ESPR
US2971781057 Essex PropertyESS
US5184391044 Estee LauderEL
US2974251009 Esterline technologies corpESL
US2976021046 Ethan Allen Interiors IncETH
US29786A1060 Etsy IncETSY
BE0003816338-US Euronav s.a. nam.ETURN
US2987361092 Euronet Worldwide IncEEFT
MHY235923098-US Euroseas ltd.ESEA
US26926V1070 EV Energy Partners EVEP
US2990961078 Evans & sutherland computer corporationESCC
BMG3223R1088-US Everest re group, ltd.RE
US30040W1080 Eversource EnergyES
US3004121030 Evertrust financial group, inc.EVRT
US3004871055 Evine live inc.EVLV
US30049R2094 Evolving SystemsEVOL
US30050E1055 Evotec ag (adr)EVTCY
US30063P1057 EXACT Sciences CorporationEXAS
US30064E1091 Exactech, inc.EXAC
US2692795014 EXCO Resources IncXCOOQ
US30161Q1040 Exelixis, inc.EXEL
US30161N1019 ExelonEXC
CA3020461073-US Exfo inc - subordinate voting sharesEXFO
US30212P3038 ExpediaEXPE
US3021301094 Expeditors WashingtonEXPD
US30214U1025 Exponent IncEXPO
US30219E1038 Express IncEXPR
US30219G1085 Express ScriptsESRX
US30225T1025 Extra Space StorageEXR
US30226D1063 Extreme Networks IncEXTR
US30231G1022 Exxon MobilXOM
US3023011063 Ezcorp, inc. - class a non-votingEZPW
US30243C1071 F f d financial coFFDF
US3156161024 F5 NetworksFFIV
KYG3323L1005-US FabrinetFN
US30303M1027 FacebookFB
US3030751057 Factset research systems inc.FDS
US3032501047 Fair isaac corpFICO
CA3039011026-US Fairfax financial holdings incFRFHF
CA3060711015-US Falcon oil & gas ltd.FOLGF
US3061371007 FalconStor Software IncFALC
US3070681065 Famous Daves of America IncDAVE
US3135868285 Fannie maeFNMAK
US3076751086 Farmer Bros. CoFARM
US3095621062 Farmers Capital Bank CorporationFFKT
US3116421021 FARO Technologies IncFARO
US3119001044 FastenalFAST
US30239F1066 Fbl financial group, inc.FFG
US30258F1021 Fc global realty incFCRE
US3134006242 Fed home loan mtg 8.375% pref.FMCKJ
US3131483063 Federal agricultural mortgage corpAGM
US3134003017 Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorpFMCC
US3135861090 Federal national mortgage associationFNMA
US3135867378 Federal Natl Pfd TFNMAT
US3137472060 Federal Realty InvestmentFRT
US3138191040 Federal screw worksFSCR
US3138551086 Federal signal corp.FSS
US3142111034 Federated Investors IncFII
US31422T1016 Federated National Holding CompanyFNHC
US31423M1053 Federated Premier Municipal IncomeFMN
US31428X1063 FedExFDX
VGG3375A1194-US Feishang anthracite reso hkd par ordinaryFSHRF
CA31447P1009-US Fennec pharmaceuticals inc.FENC
NL0011585146-US Ferrari N.V.RACE
US3152931008 Ferrellgas partners, l.p.FGP
US3154051003 Ferro CorporationFOE
US30242L1089 Ffw corporationFFWC
NL0010877643-US Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (USD)FCAU
US31573A1097 Fibria celulose saFBR
US31620M1062 Fidelity InformationFIS
US3163201003 Fidelity southern corporationLION
US31678A1034 Fifth Street Finance CorpFSC
US3167731005 Fifth ThirdFITB
US3175854047 Financial Institutions IncFISI
US31787A5074 Finisar corporationFNSR
US31788H3030 Finjan holdings, inc.FNJN
US31816Q1013 FireEye IncFEYE
US31832R1095 Firma holdings corp.FRMA
US31847R1023 First american corporation (new)FAF
US3189101062 First BancorpFBNC
US3357161062 First bancorp, inc (me)FNLC
PR3186721027-US First bancorp. newFBP
US3186871006 First bancshares incFBSI
CA31932X1050-US First bitcoin capital corpBITCF
US3193831050 First BuseBUSE
US31942S1042 First Capital IncFCAP
US31946M1036 First citizens bancshares, inc. - class aFCNCA
US3198291078 First commonwealth financial corp. (indiana, pa)FCF
US3199631041 First data corpFDC
US32006W1062 First Defiance Financial CorpFDEF
US3202091092 First financial bancorp.FFBC
US32020R1095 First Financial Bankshares IncFFIN
US3202181000 First Financial Corporation IndianaTHFF
US3205171057 First horizon national corpFHN
US32054K1034 First industrial realty trust, inc.FR
CA32076V1031-US First majestic silverAG
US3208171096 First merchants corporationFRME
US3208671046 First Midwest Bancorp IncFMBI
US32115D1063 First nbc bank holding coFNBCQ
US33582N1063 First niles financial, inc.FNFI
US33616C1009 First republic bankFRC
US3364331070 First SolarFSLR
US3174921060 First Trust Energy FIF
US3535151092 First trust europe alphadex fundFEP
US3379291038 First trust multi cap value alphadex fundFAB
US33733E5006 First trust nasdaq clean edge green energy index fundQCLN
US33741H1077 First united corporationFUNC
US31942D1072 Firstcash incFCFS
US3379321074 FirstEnergyFE
US3377381088 FiservFISV
CA33812R1091-US Fission uranium corp.FCUUF
US33812L1026 Fitbit AFIT
US33829M1018 Five below, inc.FIVE
US33830X1046 Five Prime Therapeutics IncFPRX
US33832D1063 Five star quality care, inc.FVE
US3383071012 Five9, inc.FIVN
US33832H1077 Flag financial corporationFLAG
US3379307057 Flagstar bancorp, inc.FBC
US74037G1067 Flaherty & crumrine preferred income fund incPFD
US74037H1041 Flaherty & crumrine preferred income opportunity fund incPFO
US3384781007 Flaherty & crumrine preferred securities income fund incFFC
US33849W2044 Flameret inc.FLRE
US4595061015 Flavors&FragrancesIFF
US3389231057 Flexiinternational software incFLXI
US33938J1060 Flexion TheraptcFLXN
US33938W2061 Flexpoint sensor systems inc.FLXT
US3393821034 Flexsteel industries, inc.FLXS
SG9999000020-US Flextronics internationalFLEX
US3024451011 FLIR SystemsFLIR
US3433891021 Flotek Industries IncFTK
US3434961054 Flowers foods, inc.FLO
US34354P1057 FlowserveFLS
US3434121022 FluorFLR
US3438731057 Flushing financial corporationFFIC
US34407D1090 Fly leasing limitedFLY
US3024913036 FMCFMC
CA34416E1060-US Focus graphite incFCSMF
US34416Q1094 Fog Cutter Cap Grp#FCCG
US3444191064 Fomento Economico MexicanoFMX
US3444374058 Fonar corporationFONR
US3448491049 Foot LockerFL
US3453708600 Ford MotorF
US3463751087 FormFactor IncFORM
US3464141056 Formula Systems (1985) LtdFORTY
US3465631097 Forrester research, inc.FORR
US34959E1091 Fortinet IncFTNT
US34959J1088 FortiveFTV
CA3499151080-US Fortuna silver minesFSM
CA34964F1099-US Fortune bay corp.FBAYF
US34964C1062 Fortune BrandsFBHS
US3498531017 Forward Air CorporationFWRD
US3498623004 Forward Industries IncFORD
US34986J1051 Forward PharmaFWP
US34988V1061 FossilFOSL
US3504651007 Foundation medicine, inc.FMI
US90130A1016 Fox A IncFOXA
US90130A2006 Fox IncFOX
US3518421090 Francisco industries inc.FRAZ
CA3518581051-US Franco-nevada corporationFNV
NL0010556684-US Frank's international nvFI
US3534691098 Franklin Covey CompanyFC
US3535141028 Franklin Electric Co IncFELE
US3538792082 Franklin mining incFMNJ
US3546131018 Franklin ResourcesBEN
US3551451038 Franklin Universal Closed FundFT
US3561081007 Freds IncFRED
US3563901046 Freedom holding corpFRHC
US35671D8570 Freeport-McMoranFCX
MHY264962355-US Freeseas inc.FREEF
US35701A1051 Freeze tag incFRZT
US3580291066 Fresenius medical care ag & co kgaaFMS
KYG367381053-US Fresh del monte produce, inc.FDP
US3452032028 Freshpet, inc.FRPT
US35906A3068 Frontier CommunicationsFTR
BMG3682E1921-US Frontline LtdFRO
US3026351078 FS Investment CorpFSIC
US3029411093 Fti consulting inc.FCN
US3595231073 Fuel Tech IncFTEK
US35952H5028 FuelCell Energy IncFCEL
US35958N1072 Fuji photo film co., ltd.FUJIY
US3596781092 Full House Resorts IncFLL
US3602711000 Fulton financial corporationFULT
US36077T2078 Function(x) inc.FNCX
US3202281099 Futurefuel corp.FF
KYG3704F1028-US Fuwei filmsFFHL


US36237H1014 G-III Apparel Group LtdGIII
US36240B1098 Gabelli convertible and income securities fund, inc.GCV
US3623971013 Gabelli equity trust inc.GAB
US36239Q1094 Gabelli multimedia trust inc.GGT
US36240A1016 Gabelli utility trustGUT
US3626074005 Gafisa SA ADRGFA
US36268Q1031 Gaiam, inc. - class aGAIA
US3632252025 Galectin therapeutics inc.GALT
US36239Y1029 Gamco investors incGBL
US36467W1099 GameStop CorpGME
US3647301015 GannettGCI
US3647601083 GapGPS
US5457151042 Garden fresh restaurant corp.LTUS
US3655581052 Gardner denver, inc.GDI
CA3660441054-US Garibaldi resources corp.GGIFF
CH0114405324-US Garmin LtdGRMN
US3665541039 Garrison Capital IncGARS
US3666511072 GartnerIT
BMG375851091-US Gaslog ltd.GLOG
US3614481030 GATX CorporationGATX
US36829G1076 Gazprom Neft PAO ADRGZPFY
US3682872078 Gazprom oaoOGZPY
US36866Y1029 Gemplus international s.a.GEMP
MHY2685T1313-US Genco shipping & trading ltdGNK
US36870F1075 Genelink inc.GNLKQ
MHY268891089-US Gener8 maritime, inc.GNRT
US3688021043 General American Investors Closed FundGAM
US3693001089 General Cable CorpBGC
US3693851095 General communication, inc. - class aGNCMA
US3695501086 General DynamicsGD
US3696041033 General ElectricGE
US3703341046 General MillsGIS
US37045V1008 General MotorsGM
US3714853013 Generex biotechnology corpGNBT
US3715321028 Genesco inc.GCO
US3715591059 Genesee & wyoming inc.GWR
US3719271047 Genesis energy l.p.GEL
US37185R2085 Genetic Technologies LtdGENE
US37244C1018 Genomic Health IncGHDX
BMG3922B1072-US Genpact limitedG
US3719011096 Gentex corporationGNTX
US3724601055 Genuine PartsGPC
US37247D1063 GenworthGNW
US36162J1060 Geo Group IncGEO
US37364X1090 Geospace technologies corporationGEOS
US3737371050 Gerdau S.A.GGB
US3738651047 German american bancorp, inc.GABC
US3741631036 Geron corporationGERN
US3742971092 Getty realty corp.GTY
US3743963072 Gevo, inc.GEVO
US36174X1019 GGPGGP
US37476F1030 Gibraltar industries, inc.ROCK
US3751751062 Giga-tronics IncGIGA
SG9999014831-US Gigamedia limited - ordinary sharesGIGM
US37518B1026 Gigamon incGIMO
CA3759161035-US Gildan activewearGIL
US3755581036 GileadGILD
US37637Q1058 Glacier bancorp, inc.GBCI
US3765351008 Gladstone capital corporation - business development companyGLAD
US3765361080 Gladstone Commercial CorporationGOOD
US3765461070 Gladstone Investment CorporationGAIN
US3773161043 GlatfelterGLT
US37733W1053 GlaxoSmithKline PLCGSK
US3774071019 Glen Burnie BancorpGLBZ
US3778341061 Glen rose petroleum coporationGLRP
US37890U1088 Global blood therapeutics inc.GBT
US3793781028 Global net lease inc.GNL
US37946R1095 Global partners lpGLP
US37936S1096 Global payment technologies, inc.GPTX
US37940X1028 Global PaymentsGPN
US37941P2074 Global power equipment group incGLPW
MHY271831056-US Global ship lease incGSL
US3789394091 Global water technologiesGWTR
US37954Y7803 Global x internet of things etfSNSR
US37954Y7159 Global x robotics & artfcl intllgnc etfBOTZ
US37950E1275 Global x superdividend reit etfSRET
US37940G1094 GlobalSCAPEGSB
US3798901068 Glu mobile inc.GLUU
US36191G1076 GNC Holdings IncGNC
US38045R2067 Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA ADRGOL
BMG9456A1009-US Golar lng limitedGLNG
MHY2745C1021-US Golar lng partnersGMLP
US38059T1060 Gold fields limited american depositary sharesGFI
CA3809564097-US Goldcorp incGG
US3809613009 Golden eagle int incMYNG
BMG396372051-US Golden ocean group ltdGOGL
CA38115J1003-US Golden queen miningGQMNF
US38141G1040 Goldman SachsGS
US3741431056 Goldman sachs mlp energy renaissance fundGER
CA38149E1016-US Goldmining incGLDLF
US3814311052 Goldrich mining coGRMC
US3821408792 Good Times Restaurants IncGTIM
US3825501014 GoodyearGT
US38268T1034 GoPro - Class AGPRO
US38376A1034 Government Properties Income TGOV
US36225V1044 GP Strategies CorporationGPX
US38388F1084 Grace (w.r.) co. (de)GRA
US3841091040 Graco IncGGG
US3846371041 Graham Hld CoGHC
US3850021003 Gramercy property trust, inc.GPT
US3873281071 Granite Construction IncorporatedGVA
US38741L1070 Granite Point Mortgage Trust IncGPMT
US3886901095 Graphic packaging holding coGPK
CA38870W1068-US Graphite one resourcesGPHOF
US38911N1072 Gravity co., ltd. - american depositary shares, each representing one-fourth of a share ofGRVY
US3893751061 Gray Television IncGTN
US39013L8827 Great Basin Scientific IncGBSN
US3903201099 Great Elm Capital CorpGECC
US3911641005 Great Plains Energy IncGXP
US3909051076 Great southern bancorp, inc.GSBC
US3927091013 Green Brick Partners IncGRBK
US39303U2042 Green energy live inc.GELV
US3936571013 Greenbrier companies inc (the)GBX
US39526G1076 Greengro TechGRNH
AU000000GGG4-US Greenland minerals npvGDLNF
US39677T1060 Greenway design group inc.GDGI
US3976241071 Greif incGEF
US3984331021 Griffon corp.GFF
US3989051095 Group 1 Automotive IncGPI
US3994731079 Groupon IncGRPN
US39985X1046 Growlife IncPHOT
US4005061019 Grupo aeroportuario del pacifico, s.a. b. de c.v. grupo aeroportuario del pacifico, s.a. de c.v. (each representing 10 series bPAC
US40051E2028 Grupo aeroportuario del sureste, s.a. de c.v.ASR
US3999091008 Grupo Financiero Galicia SA ADRGGAL
US40049J2069 Grupo Televisa SAB ADRTV
US40051D3035 Grupo tmm, s.a.GTMAY
US36229NAC20 Gsi group, inc.NOVT
US36191J1016 Gsv capital corp.GSVC
US40052B2079 GTX IncGTXI
US40065W1071 Guangshen Railway Company LimitedGSH
US4016171054 Guess? IncGES
US40171V1008 Guidewire Software IncGWRE
US4023071024 Gulf island fabrication, inc.GIFI
US40251W3097 Gulf resources, inc.GURE
US4026353049 Gulfport Energy CorporationGPOR
US36197T1034 GW PharmaceuticalsGWPH
US4038201038 Gyrodyne company of america, inc.GYRO
US3596941068 H B Fuller CompanyFUL
US0936711052 H&R BlockHRB
US4050241003 Haemonetics CorporationHAE
US40537Q2093 Halcon resources corpHK
US4062161017 HalliburtonHAL
US40637H1095 Halozyme therapeutics, inc.HALO
US40650V1008 Halyard health, inc.HYH
US4101201097 Hancock holding companyHBHC
US41013X1063 Hancock john preferred income fund iiHPF
US4103451021 HanesbrandsHBI
US41135V3015 Hanwha q cells co., ltd. - american depository shares, each representing five ordinary sharesHQCL
US41150V1035 Harbor biosciences incHRBR
US4123243036 Hardinge, inc.HDNG
US4128221086 Harley-DavidsonHOG
US4128651076 Harleysville svgs fnHARL
US4131601027 Harmonic inc.HLIT
US4132163001 Harmony Gold Mining Company LimitedHMY
US4138751056 HarrisHRS
US4158641070 Harsco CorporationHSC
US4165151048 HartfordHIG
US4169061052 Harvard bioscience, inc.HBIO
US41753F1093 Harvest capital credit corp.HCAP
US4180561072 HasbroHAS
US4191311079 Hauppauge digitalHAUP
US4195961010 Haverty furniture cos., inc.HVT
US4198701009 Hawaiian electric industries, inc.HE
US4198791018 Hawaiian Holdings IncHA
US4202001073 Hawkins, inc.HWKN
US40412C1018 HCAHCA
US4041321021 Hcc insurance holdings, inc.HCC
US40414L1098 HCPHCP
US40416M1053 Hd supply holdings, inc.HDS
US40415F1012 Hdfc bank ltdHDB
US4219461047 Healthcare Realty Trust IncorporatedHR
US4219061086 Healthcare services group, inc.HCSG
US4219243098 Healthsouth corp.HLS
US4223471040 Heartland express, inc.HTLD
US4227041062 Hecla Mining CompanyHL
US42278K1025 Hedgepath pharmaceuticals incHPPI
US4228061093 Heico CorporationHEI
US4228191023 Heidrick & struggles international, inc.HSII
BMG4388N1065-US Helen of troy limitedHELE
US42327L2007 Helios and Matheson Analytics IncHMNY
US42330P1075 Helix Energy Solutions Group IncHLX
US4234521015 Helmerich&PayneHP
US8064071025 Henry ScheinHSIC
KYG4412G1010-US Herbalife ltd.HLF
US4270965084 Hercules Capital IncHTGC
US42727J1025 Heritage insurance holdings inc.HRTG
US6005441000 Herman miller, inc.MLHR
US4277461020 Heron therapeutics, inc.HRTX
US4278661081 HersheyHSY
US42806J1060 Hertz global holdings inc.HTZ
US42809H1077 HessHES
US42824C1099 Hewlett Packard Enterprise CoHPE
US40434L1052 Hewlett-PackardHPQ
US4282911084 Hexcel corp.HXL
US4285671016 Hibbett sports, inc.HIBB
US4288391042 Hickok incorporatedHICKA
US4290601065 Hickory tech corporationHTCO
US43113X1019 Highpower international incHPJ
VGG4481U1066-US Highway holdings limitedHIHO
US4312841087 Highwoods Properties IncHIW
US4314751029 Hill-rom holdings, inc.HRC
US4315711089 Hillenbrand IncHI
US43300A2033 Hilton WorldwideHLT
US43289P1066 Himax technologies, inc. - american depositary shares, each of which represents two ordinary shares.HIMX
US4333231029 Hingham institution for savingsHIFS
US40423D1063 Hk ebus corpHKEB
US40424G1085 HMN Financial IncHMNF
US40425J1016 Hms holdings corpHMSY
US4380921084 Hni corpHNI
MHY3262R1009-US Hoegh lng partnersHMLP
US4361061082 Hollyfrontier corp.HFC
US4362331005 Hollywood media coHOLL
US4364401012 HologicHOLX
US4370761029 Home DepotHD
US4381283088 Honda Motor Co Ltd ADRHMC
US4385161066 HoneywellHON
US4395553013 Hopewell holdings limited adrHOWWY
US4397341045 Hopfed bancorp, inc.HFBC
US4403271046 Horace mann educators corp.HMN
IE00BQPVQZ61-US Horizon pharma plcHZNP
US44045A1025 Horizon Technology FinanceHRZN
US4404521001 Hormel FoodsHRL
CA4405231081-US Horn petroleum corporationHPMCF
US4405431069 Hornbeck offshore services inc.HOS
US4408941031 Hortonworks IncHDP
US44107P1049 Host Hotels&ResortsHST
US44244K1097 Houston wire & cable companyHWCC
US4424872038 Hovnanian enterprises, inc.HOV
US44267D1072 Howard Hughes CorporationHHC
US4042804066 HSBC Holdings PLC ADRHSBC
US40432E1038 Hst global inc.HSTC
US4433041005 Huaneng power international, inc.HNP
US4433201062 Hub Group IncHUBG
CA4436281022-US Hudbay minerals inc.HBM
US4441441098 Hudson technologies, inc.HDSN
US4447171020 Hugoton royalty trust (tx)HGT
US4448591028 HumanaHUM
GB00B60BWY28-US Hummingbird resour ord gbp0.01HUMRF
US4461501045 Huntington BancsharesHBAN
US4470111075 Huntsman corpHUN
US4473241044 Hurco Companies IncHURC
CA4488832078-US Hydrogenics corporationHYGS
US4491721050 Hyster-yale materials handling, inc.HY
US4494891033 I.d. systems, inc.IDSY
US4507221038 Iahl CorporationIAHL
CA4509131088-US Iamgold Corp.IAG
US4508281080 Iberiabank corporationIBKC
US4592001014 IBMIBM
US4511001012 Icahn enterprises l.p. - depositary unitsIEP
US45104G1040 Icici Bank Limited ADRIBN
US45103T1079 Icon plc - ordinary sharesICLR
CA45107N2059-US Iconic minerals ltdBVTEF
US4510551074 Iconix brand group, inc.ICON
US44930G1076 Icu medical, inc.ICUI
US4511071064 IDACORP IncIDA
US45170X2053 IdentivINVE
US45168K3068 Idera pharmaceuticals, inc.IDRA
US45167R1041 Idex corporationIEX
US45168D1046 IDEXX LabsIDXX
US4489475073 IDT CorporationIDT
US45169Q1040 Ientertainment network, inc.IENT
US4495361010 Igen international inc.IGEN
US4516951005 Igene biotechnologyIGNE
US4495931028 Igo, incIGOI
US45174N1046 Igs capital groupIGSC
BMG475671050-US IHS Markit LtdINFO
US9021041085 Ii-vi incorporatedIIVI
US44967H1014 ILG IncILG
US4523081093 Illinois Tool WorksITW
US4523271090 IlluminaILMN
US45244C1045 Image Sensing Systems IncISNS
CA45245E1097-US Imax CorpIMAX
US4525211078 Immersion corporationIMMR
US4525253062 Immucell corporationICCC
US45254C2008 Immune Pharmaceuticals IncIMNP
US45253H1014 Immunogen, inc.IMGN
US4529071080 Immunomedics IncIMMU
CA45257A1021-US Impact silverISVLF
US45256B1017 Impax laboratories, inc.IPXL
US45262P1021 Imperial tobacco group plcIMBBY
US45321E1064 Imperva incIMPV
US4532041096 Impinj IncPI
US45337C1027 IncyteINCY
US19533Q1085 Independence federal savings bankIFSB
US4538361084 Independent BankINDB
US4538386099 Independent Bank CorporationIBCP
US4540891037 India Closed FundIFN
US4563141039 Industrial Services of America IncIDSA
US4564631087 Industrias bachoco, s.a.b. de c.v.IBA
US45662N1037 Infineon technologies ag (adr)IFNNY
US45667G1031 Infinera corporationINFN
US4569103066 Infinite group inc.IMCI
US45663L5021 Infinity Energy Resources IncIFNY
US45665G3039 Infinity Pharmaceuticals IncINFI
US45665Q1031 Infinity Property & CasualtyIPCC
US45675Y1047 Information Services Group IncIII
US4567842061 Infosonics corpIFON
US4567881085 Infosys Limited- American DepINFY
US4568371037 ING Group NV ADRING
IE00B6330302-US Ingersoll-rand plc (ireland)IR
US4570301048 Ingles markets, incorporated - class aIMKTA
US4571871023 Ingredion incINGR
US45773Y1055 InnerWorkings IncINWK
US4576422053 Innodata IncINOD
US45774N1081 Innophos Holdings IncIPHS
US45768S1050 Innospec inc.IOSP
US45782D1000 Innovation Pharmaceuticals IncIPIX
US45769N1054 Innovative solutions and support, inc.ISSC
US45781M1018 Innoviva incINVA
US45773A1079 Innovo group, inc.INNO
US45780V1026 Inotek phamaceuticals corp.ITEK
US45781D1019 Inovalon holdings incINOV
US45773H2013 Inovio Pharmaceuticals IncINO
US45765U1034 Insight enterprises, inc.NSIT
US45765Y1055 Insignia systems, inc.ISIG
US4576693075 InsmedINSM
US45774W1080 Insteel Industries IncIIIN
US45824V2097 Insys Therapeutics IncINSY
US45826H1095 Integer Holdings CorpITGR
US4579852082 Integra lifesciences holdings corporationIART
US4581181066 Integrated device technology, inc.IDTI
US45810J1034 Integrated technologies incITKG
US4581401001 IntelINTC
US45826J1051 Intellia Therapeutics IncNTLA
CA4581731011-US Intellipharmaceutics international inc.IPCI
US4583341098 Inter parfums, inc.IPAR
US45841N1072 Interactive brokers group, inc.IBKR
US45845P1084 Intercept pharmaceuticals, inc.ICPT
US45857P6088 Intercontinental hotels group plcIHG
US45866F1049 IntercontinentalexchangeICE
US45867G1013 InterDigital IncIDCC
US4586653044 Interface, inc.TILE
US4590441030 International Bancshares CorporationIBOC
US4599021023 International Game TechnologyIGT
US4601461035 International PaperIP
MHY410531021-US International seaways incINSW
US4603352018 International Speedway CorporationISCA
US4603782016 International stem cell corpISCO
IL0010834435-US Internet gold golden linesIGLD
US46059T1097 Internet Initiative Japan Inc ADRIIJI
US4605931066 Interphase corporationINPHQ
US4606901001 Interpublic of CompaniesIPG
CA4609191032-US Intertape polymer group, inc.ITPOF
US4611421011 Intervoice inc.INTV
NL0009693779-US Interxion holding n.v.INXN
US46115H1077 Intesa Sanpaolo SpA PKISNPY
US4611481080 Intevac IncIVAC
US4583721091 Intl fcstone inc.INTL
US46116X1019 Intra-cellular therapies inc.ITCI
US46121Y1029 Intrepid potash, incIPI
US46122T1025 Intrexon corp.XON
US46121E2054 Intrusion inc.- newINTZ
US4612021034 IntuitINTU
US46120E6023 Intuitive SurgicalISRG
US4612031017 Invacare corpIVC
US46123X4097 Inventergy global, inc.INVT
BMG491BT1088-US InvescoIVZ
US9209551012 Invesco bond fundVBF
US92112B1070 Invesco california value municipal income trustVCV
US9209131005 Invesco high income trust iiVLT
US46131B1008 Invesco Mortgage Cap.IVR
US61745P4524 Invesco municipal income opportunities trustOIA
US9209351033 Invesco municipal opportunity trustVMO
US9209191074 Invesco municipal trustVKQ
US92112T1088 Invesco pennsylvania value municipal income trustVPV
US61745P7345 Invesco quality municipal income trustIQI
US9209611097 Invesco senior income trustVVR
US9209291064 Invesco trust for investment grade municipalsVGM
US9209311029 Invesco trust for investment grade new york municipalsVTN
US61745P7915 Invesco value municipal income trustIIM
US46145F1057 Investment Technology Group IncITG
US4618041069 Investors title companyITIC
US46186M2098 InVivo Therapeutics HoldingsNVIV
US4620442073 Ion Geophysical CorpIO
US4622221004 Ionis Pharmaceuticals IncIONS
US44980X1090 IPG Photonics CorporationIPGP
US4626841013 Iridex corporationIRIX
US46269C1027 Iridium Communications IncIRDM
US4627261005 Irobot corporationIRBT
US46284V1017 Iron MountainIRM
US46333X1081 Ironwood Pharmaceuticals IncIRWD
US4500472042 IRSA Inversiones Y RepresentacionesIRS
US4642611069 Isbre hldgs corpISBH
US4642874329 Ishares 20 year treasury bond etfTLT
US4642883726 Ishares global infrastructure etfIGF
US4642882579 Ishares msci acwi index fundACWI
US4642881829 Ishares msci all country asia ex japan index fundAAXJ
US4642891315 Ishares msci brazil small-capEWZS
US46429B6719 Ishares msci china etfMCHI
US4642882736 Ishares msci eafe small-cap etfSCZ
US4642891802 Ishares msci europe financials etfEUFN
US4642875565 Ishares nasdaq biotechnology index fundIBB
US4642884302 Ishares s&p asia 50 index fundAIA
US4642882249 Ishares s&p global clean energy index fundICLN
US4642878874 Ishares s&p smallcap 600 growth etfIJT
IL0002810146-US Israel chemicals ltd.ICL
US4651414066 Isramco, inc.ISRL
US4653531008 Italk incTALK
CA4654481080-US Itasca capital ltd.ICLTF
US4655621062 Itau Unibanco Holding S.A.ITUB
US4657411066 Itron IncITRI
US4657433003 Itronics incITRO
US4509111021 Itt corporationITT
CA4657905093-US Ivanhoe energy, inc.IVANF
CA46579R1047-US Ivanhoe mines ltd.IVPAF


US4660321096 J & j snack foods corp.JJSF
US5784731003 J W Mays IncMAYS
US7081601061 J.C. PenneyJCP
US4660902069 JA Solar Holdings Co LtdJASO
US4663131039 Jabil CircuitJBL
US4262811015 Jack henry & associates, inc.JKHY
US4663671091 Jack In The BoxJACK
US4697831042 Jaco electronics, inc.JACO
US4698141078 Jacobs EngineeringJEC
CA47009M4002-US Jaguar mining inc.JAGGF
US47012E1064 Jakks pacific, inc.JAKK
US47023A3095 Jamba, inc.JMBA
US47030M1062 James hardie industries plcJHX
US4710911086 Japan smaller capitalization fund incJOF
US4456581077 JB HuntJBHT
US47215P1066 Jd.Com Inc AdrJD
US9255501051 Jds uniphase corpVIAV
US4750701082 Jefferson pilot corporatiJP
US4771431016 JetBlue Airways CorporationJBLU
US47759T1007 JinkoSolar HoldingJKS
US46621E1010 Jlm couture inc.JLMC
US8326964058 JM SmuckerSJM
US8004221078 John b. sanfilippo & son, inc.JBSS
US4778391049 John bean technologies corporationJBT
US4097351070 John hancock financial opportunities fundBTO
US4101231037 John hancock income securities trustJHS
US4101421034 John Hancock Investors Closed FundJHI
US41013W1080 John Hancock Preferred Income Closed FundHPI
US41013T1051 John hancock premium dividend fundPDT
US4781601046 Johnson & JohnsonJNJ
IE00BY7QL619-US Johnson ControlsJCI
US4791671088 Johnson outdoors inc. - class aJOUT
US48020Q1076 Jones Lang LaSalle IncorporatedJLL
US46625H1005 JP MorganJPM
US46623C2026 Jp morgan chase capital iJPT
US48138L1070 Jumei international holding limitedJMEI
US48203R1041 JuniperJNPR
US48205A1097 Juno therapeutics, inc.JUNO
CA48213W1014-US Just energy groupJE
US4822261073 Jv group, inc.ASZP
CA4991131083-US K92 mining inc.KNTNF
US48282T1043 Kadant incKAI
US4837091010 Kandi technologies group, inc.KNDI
US4848361014 Kansas city life insurance companyKCLI
US4851703029 Kansas City SouthernKSU
US48576U1060 Karyopharm therapeutics inc.KPTI
US4866061066 Kayne anderson mlp investment companyKYN
US50049M1099 Kb financial group, inc.KB
US48666K1097 KB HomeKBH
US48242W1062 KBR IncKBR
US48668E1010 KCAP Financial IncKCAP
US4878361082 KelloggK
US4881523074 Kelly Services B IncKELYB
US4881522084 Kelly services, inc. - class aKELYA
US4883602074 Kemet corp.KEM
US4891701009 Kennametal inc.KMT
US4893981070 Kennedy-wilson holdings inc.KW
US4925151015 Keryx biopharmaceuticals, inc.KERX
US4928541048 Kewaunee scientific corporationKEQU
US49309J1034 Key Energy Services IncKEG
US4931431013 Key technology, inc.KTEC
US4931441095 Key tronic corporationKTCC
US4932671088 KeyCorpKEY
US49338L1035 Keysight Technologies IncKEYS
US4937321010 Kforce, inc.KFRC
US49427F1084 Kilroy realty corpKRC
US4944141054 Kimberly Parry Organics CorpKPOC
US4943681035 Kimberly-ClarkKMB
US49446R1095 KimcoKIM
US49456B1017 Kinder MorganKMI
CA4969041033-US Kingsway financial services inc.KFS
CA4969024047-US Kinross gold corp.KGC
US4972661064 Kirby CorporationKEX
US4974981056 Kirklands IncKIRK
US49803L1098 Kite PharmaKITE
US48248M1027 Kkr & co. l.p.KKR
US4824801009 KLA-TencorKLAC
US4825641016 Kmg Chemical IncKMG
MHY481251012-US Knot offshore partners lpKNOP
US5002551043 Kohl'sKSS
US5004675014 Koninklijke ahold n.v.ADRNY
US5004723038 Koninklijke philips n.v.PHG
US5006001011 Kopin CorporationKOPN
US50060P1066 Koppers Holdings IncKOP
US5006311063 Korea Electric Power CorpKEP
US5006341003 Korea fund, inc. (the)KF
US5006432000 Korn/ferry international (de)KFY
US5006921085 Koss CorporationKOSS
US5007541064 Kraft HeinzKHC
US50075W1045 Kraig biocarft laboratories, incKBLB
US50077B2079 Kratos Defense & Security SolutionsKTOS
US5010441013 KrogerKR
US5012421013 Kulicke and soffa industries, inc.KLIC
US4827381017 Kvh industries, inc.KVHI
US5015562037 Kyocera corpKYO
US5017971046 L BrandsLB
US5024131071 L3 TechLLL
US5034596040 La Jolla Pharmaceutical CoLJPC
US7487181031 La quinta holdings inc.LQ
US5053361078 La-z-boy inc.LZB
US50540R4092 Laboratory of AmericaLH
US5116371007 Lakeland bancorp, inc.LBAI
US5117951062 Lakeland industries, inc.LAKE
US5128071082 Lam ResearchLRCX
US5128151017 Lamar advertising company - class aLAMR
US5138471033 Lancaster Colony CorporationLANC
US5147661046 Landec corporationLNDC
US5150981018 Landstar system, inc.LSTR
US51509F1057 Lands’ End IncLE
US5160121019 Lannett company inc.LCI
CA5166831092-US Lara exploration ltd.LRAXF
CA51669T1012-US Laramide res. ltd.LMRXF
US5168061068 Laredo petroleum, inc.LPI
US5178341070 Las vegas sands corpLVS
US5179421087 Lasalle hotel propertiesLHO
US51828C1062 Latin American Discovery Closed FundLDF
US5184151042 Lattice semiconductor corporationLSCC
US5207761058 Lawson Products IncLAWS
US5210501046 Layne christensen companyLAYN
BMG540501027-US Lazard ltd. lazard, ltd. class aLAZ
US3500601097 LB Foster CompanyFSTR
US50189K1034 LCI IndustriesLCII
US50183P1084 Ld holdings inc.LDHL
CA52170U2074-US Leading brands incLBIX
CA52171T1003-US Leading edge materials corp.LEMIF
US5218652049 Lear CorporationLEA
US5220151063 Learning tree international, inc.LTRE
US5237681094 Lee enterprises, inc.LEE
US5247075022 Legacy reserves lpLGCYO
US5247074033 Legacy reserves lpLGCYP
US5247073043 Legacy Reserves LPLGCY
US5249011058 Legg MasonLM
US52469B1008 Legg mason bw global incomeBWG
US5246601075 Leggett&PlattLEG
US21988G4038 Lehman abs corpCCT
US50187J1088 Leju holdings ltd (adr)LEJU
US52603A1097 Lendingclub corporationLC
US5260571048 LennarLEN
US5261071071 Lennox international incLII
HK0992009065-US Lenovo group ltd npvLNVGF
US5263531072 Lentuo international inc (adr)LASLY
US5272881047 Leucadia NationalLUK
US5290431015 Lexington realty trustLXP
US50186V1026 LG Display Co LtdLPL
US5305551013 LibertyLBTYA
US5301581048 Liberty all-star equity fundUSA
US5299001025 Liberty all-star growth fund inc.ASG
US5305553092 Liberty CLBTYK
US53046P1093 Liberty expedia holdings inc.LEXEA
GB00BTC0M714-US Liberty Global LiLAC ALILA
CA53056H1047-US Liberty gold corpLGDTF
US53071M1045 Liberty InteractiveQVCA
US53071M8560 Liberty Interactive Venture ALVNTA
US5312298707 Liberty Media AFWONA
US5312297063 Liberty Media Braves ABATRA
US5312298889 Liberty Media Braves CBATRK
US53190A1060 Lifeapps digital media inc.LFAP
US53219L1098 LifePoint Health IncLPNT
US53215R1005 Lifepoint inc.LFPI
US53222Q1031 Lifetime Brands IncLCUT
US5319141090 Lifeway foods, inc.LWAY
US53220K1815 Ligand pharm incLGNXZ
US53220K1732 Ligand pharm incLGNZZ
US53220K5048 Ligand pharmaceuticals incorporatedLGND
US53224K2033 Lightbridge CorpLTBR
US5322578056 Lightpath technologies, inc. - class aLPTH
US53261U2050 Lime energy co.LIME
US53261M1045 Limelight networks, inc.LLNW
US5335351004 Lincoln Educational ServicesLINC
US5339001068 Lincoln electric holdings, inc.LECO
US5341871094 Lincoln NationalLNC
US5355551061 Lindsay CorporationLNN
US5357711093 Link Reservations IncLRSV
US5361911093 Lion bioscience aktiengesellschaftLEON
US53630X1046 LipocineLPCN
US53635B1070 Liquidity services, inc.LQDT
US53634X1000 Liquidmetal technologies inc.LQMT
US5367971034 Lithia motors, inc.LAD
US53680P3082 Lithium exploration group incLEXG
CA5368161017-US Lithium x energy corp.LIXXF
US5370081045 Littelfuse IncLFUS
US5380341090 Live Nation Entertainment IncLYV
US5381421008 Live ventures incLIVE
US5381461012 Liveperson, inc.LPSN
US53838A1043 Livewire ErgogenicsLVVV
US5018892084 LKQLKQ
US5394391099 Lloyds Banking Group PLC AmeriLYG
US8941851078 Lmp corporate loan fund incTLI
US5398301094 Lockheed MartinLMT
US5404241086 LoewsL
CH0025751329-US Logitech international saLOGI
US54142L1098 LogMeIn IncLOGM
US54304F1066 LongFin Corp Class ALFIN
US5463471053 Louisiana-pacific corp.LPX
US5486611073 Lowe'sLOW
US5488621016 Loxo oncology inc.LOXO
US50213V1098 Lrad corporationLRAD
US5021601043 Lsb Industries IncLXU
US50216C1080 Lsi industries inc.LYTS
US5021751020 Ltc properties, inc.LTC
US5492821013 Lubys IncLUB
US69343P1057 Lukoil oaoLUKOY
US5500211090 Lululemon athletica inc.LULU
US55003T1079 Lumber liquidators holdings, incLL
US55024U1097 Lumentum Holdings IncLITE
US55027E1029 Luminex corporationLMNX
US5503511009 Luna innovations incorporatedLUNA
CA5503721063-US Lundin mining corpLUNMF
US55068R2022 Luxottica group s.p.a.LUXTY
US5508191062 Lydall, inc.LDL
JE00B29LFF73-US Lydian intl ltd npvLYDIF
AU000000LYC6-US Lynas corporation npvLYSCF
NL0009434992-US LyondellBasell IndustriesLYB


US55261F1049 M&T BankMTB
US55305B1017 M/I Homes IncMHO
US5540941029 Mabcure inc.MBCI
US5543352083 Mace Security IntlMACE
US5543821012 MacerichMAC
US5544891048 Mack cali realty corpCLI
US55405Y1001 MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings IncMTSI
US55616P1049 MacysM
US5588681057 Madrigal pharmaceuticals incMDGL
IL0010829161-US Magal security systemsMAGS
US5590801065 Magellan midstream partners lpMMP
IL0010823123-US Magic software enterprisesMGIC
IL0010823958-US Magicjack vocaltec ltd - ordinary sharesCALL
CA5592224011-US Magna international inc.MGA
US5926711012 Magnachip semiconductor MX
US56035L1044 Main Street Capital CorporationMAIN
US56062Y1029 Mainsource financial group, inc.MSFG
US5608773009 Makita CorpMKTAY
IE00BBGT3753-US Mallinckrodt plc ordinary sharesMNK
KYG5784H1065-US Manchester united MANU
USG5784H1061 Manchester United Ltd Class AMANU
CA5625682045-US Mandalay resources corp.MNDJF
US5627501092 Manhattan associates, inc.MANH
US5631221000 Manhattan scientifics incMHTX
US5637712036 Mannatech, incorporatedMTEX
US56400P7069 MannKindMNKD
US56418H1005 ManpowergroupMAN
US5645631046 ManTech International CorporationMANT
US5658491064 Marathon OilMRO
US56585A1025 Marathon PetroleumMPC
US6200971058 Marcus & millichap, inc.MMI
US5663301068 Marcus corp. (the)MCS
US56804Q2012 Marina biotech cmnMRNA
US5684231070 Marine petroleumMARPS
US5679081084 Marinemax, inc.HZO
US5705351048 Markel corp (holding co)MKL
US57060D1081 Marketaxess holdings inc.MKTX
US5711571068 Marlin business services corp.MRLN
CA57143F1045-US Marquee energy ltdMQXDF
US5719032022 MarriotMAR
US57164Y1073 Marriot Vacations WorldwideVAC
US57165B1061 Marrone Bio Innovations IncMBII
US5717481023 Marsh&McLennanMMC
US5730751089 Marten transport, ltd.MRTN
US5732841060 Martin Marietta MaterialsMLM
US5733311055 Martin Midstream Partners LPMMLP
BMG5876H1051-US Marvell technology group ltd.MRVL
US5745991068 MascoMAS
US5747951003 Masimo CorporationMASI
US5763231090 MasTec IncMTZ
US57636Q1040 MastercardMA
US5764852050 Matador resources companyMTDR
US57665R1068 Match group inc.MTCH
US57667K1097 Mateon Therapeutics IncMATN
US57667T1007 Materialise nvMTLS
US5768531056 Matrix Service CompanyMTRX
US57686G1058 Matson IncMATX
US5770811025 MattelMAT
US5770971084 Mattersight corporationMATR
US5771281012 Matthews International CorporationMATW
CA57776G1063-US Mawson resources ltd.MWSNF
US5779031070 Max & erma's restaurants, inc.MAXE
US57772K1016 MaximMXIM
US5779331041 Maximus inc.MMS
US57776J1007 MaxLinearMXL
US57774B1098 Maxus realty trust incMRTI
US5777671067 Maxwell technologies, inc.MXWL
US57886P1030 Mazor robotics ltd.MZOR
US57887Q2093 Mb financialMBFIP
US55262C1009 Mbia inc.MBI
US5797802064 McCormick&CoMKC
PA5800371096-US Mcdermott international, inc.MDR
US5801351017 McDonald'sMCD
US58039P1075 Mcewen mining inc.MUX
US5805891091 McGrath RentCorpMGRC
US58155Q1031 McKessonMCK
US5526761086 MDC Holdings IncMDC
CA55267W3093-US Mdc partnersMDCA
US58285P1084 MdcorpMDCX
US5526901096 MDU Resources Group IncMDU
US5835382020 Mechanical technology incorporatedMKTY
US5838406081 Mechel pao (adr)MTL
US5845072066 Medical care tech.MDCE
US58455T1043 Medical connections holdings inc.MCTH
US58463A1051 Medical marijuana inc.MJNA
US58463J3041 Medical Properties Trust IncMPW
US58468P2065 Medicinova, inc.MNOV
CA58469E4085-US Medicure, inc.MCUJF
US58470H1014 Medifast incMED
US58503D2009 Medite cancer diagnostics, inc.MDIT
US5908291074 Medley capital corporationMCC
IE00BTN1Y115-US Medtronic plcMDT
US58513U1016 Meet Group IncMEET
CA58516W1041-US Mega uranium ltd.MGAFF
US55279B2025 MEI Pharma IncMEIP
US5854641009 Melco crown entertainment ltd (adr)MLCO
IL0011017329-US Mellanox technologiesMLNX
US5871831047 Mentor Capital, Inc.MNTR
US58733R1023 MercadoLibreMELI
US5874051015 Mercantile bankshares corporationMRBK
US58933Y1055 Merck&CoMRK
US5894001008 Mercury General CorporationMCY
US5893781089 Mercury Systems IncMRCY
US5894331017 Meredith corp.MDP
US5894991026 Merge healthcare incorporated.MRGE
US5895841014 Meridian bioscience inc.VIVO
US7441211049 Meridian medical technologies inc.PVHO
US5898891040 Merit medical systems, inc.MMSI
US59001A1025 Meritage homes corpMTH
US59001K1007 Meritor incMTOR
US5903282094 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals IncMACK
US59064R1095 Mesa laboratories, inc.MLAB
US5906601068 Mesa Royalty TrustMTR
US5906721015 Mesabi trustMSB
US3208781019 Meta financial group, inc.CASH
CA59151K1084-US Methanex corporationMEOH
US59156R1086 MetLifeMET
US59163F2048 Metro one telecommunications, inc.WOWI
US5926881054 Mettler-ToledoMTD
US5928351023 Mexico Closed FundMXF
US5928341057 Mexico Equity and Income Closed FundMXE
US55272X1028 MFA Financial IncMFA
KYG606301037-US Mfc bancorp ltd.MFCB
US5527211024 Mfri, inc.PPIH
US5527271093 Mfs charter income trustMCR
US5529391006 Mfs government markets income trustMGF
US1957431091 Mfs high income municipal trustCXE
US1957991011 Mfs high yield municipal trustCMU
US1957631070 Mfs intermediate high income fundCIF
US55273C1071 Mfs intermediate income trustMIN
US1957681067 Mfs investment grade municipal trustCXH
US5527371083 MFS Multimarket Income TrustMMT
US5527381066 Mfs municipal income trustMFM
US55274E1029 Mfs special value trustMFV
US5527681036 Mgc diagnostics corporationMGCD
US55277P1049 MGE Energy IncMGEE
US5528481030 MGIC Investment CorporationMTG
US5529531015 MGMMGM
US55303J1060 Mgp ingredients, inc.MGPI
US55302P2020 MGT Capital Investments IncMGTI
VGG607541015-US Michael kors holdingsKORS
US5948373049 Micro focus international sp adrMFGP
US59503A1051 Microbot medical incMBOT
US59502G1031 MicroChannel Technologies CorpMCTC
US5950171042 MicrochipMCHP
US5951121038 MicronMU
US5951371005 Microsemi CorporationMSCC
US5949181045 MicrosoftMSFT
US5949603048 Microvision, inc.MVIS
US5951761080 Microwave filter company, inc.MFCO
US59522J1034 Mid-America ApartmentMAA
US59560V1098 Mid-Con Energy Partners LPMCEP
CA59562B1013-US Midas gold corp.MDRPF
US59564R1041 Midatech Pharma PLCMTP
US5966801087 Middlesex Water CompanyMSEX
US60041A1025 Millennium blockchain incMBLC
US6005511059 Miller industries inc. (tn)MLR
LU0038705702-US Millicom intl cell com usd1.50MIICF
IL0010851827-US Mind c.t.i. ltd. - ordinary sharesMNDO
US6031581068 Minerals Technologies IncMTX
CA6046731031-US Miranda gold corpMRDDF
CA6046801081-US Mirasol resources ltd.MRZLF
US6048711039 MISONIX IncMSON
US6065011040 Mitcham industries, inc.MIND
US6067102003 Mitek systems, inc.MITK
US6068221042 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MTU
US6068272029 Mitsui & Company LtdMITSY
US60687Y1091 Mizuho financial group incMFG
US55306N1046 MKS Instruments IncMKSI
US55315J1025 Mmc norilsk nickel ojscNILSY
US60740F1057 Mobile mini, inc.MINI
US60739U2042 Mobileiron, inc.MOBL
US6074091090 Mobil’nye Telesistemy PAO ADRMBT
US6074951087 Mod-pac corp.MPAC
US6078281002 Modine manufacturing coMOD
US60786L2060 Moduslink global solutions, incMLNK
US6081901042 Mohawk IndustriesMHK
US60855D1019 Moleculin biotech incMBRX
US60871R2094 Molson Coors BrewingTAP
US60877T1007 Momenta Pharmaceuticals IncMNTA
US60879B1070 Momo inc.MOMO
US6090271072 Monarch casino & resort, inc.MCRI
US6092071058 Mondelez InternationalMDLZ
US60937P1066 MongoDBMDB
US6098391054 Monolithic power systems, inc.MPWR
US6102361010 Monro muffler brake, inc.MNRO
US61166W1018 MonsantoMON
US61174X1090 Monster BeverageMNST
US6153691059 MoodysMCO
US6174464486 Morgan StanleyMS
US61744U1060 Morgan stanley asia-pacific fund, inc.APF
US6174681030 Morgan Stanley China A Share Closed FundCAF
US61744G1076 Morgan Stanley EmergingMSF
US61744H1059 Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets DebtMSD
US61745C1053 Morgan stanley indiaIIF
US6177001095 Morningstar IncMORN
US61945C1036 MosaicMOS
US6098421091 Mosys, inc.MOSY
US6200763075 MotorolaMSI
US6245801062 Movado group, inc.MOV
US61745P8749 Ms income securities, inc.ICB
US6027201044 Msa safety incMSA
US5535191093 Msb financial corp.MSBF
US5535301064 MSC Industrial Direct Company IncMSM
US55354G1004 MSCI IncMSCI
US62474M1080 Mtn group ltd (adr)MTNOY
US5537771033 MTS Systems CorporationMTSC
US6247561029 Mueller industries, inc.MLI
US6247581084 Mueller Water ProductsMWA
US6253831043 Multi-color corporationLABL
US6261373012 Mundus group inc.MNDP
US6267171022 Murphy OilMUR
US62845B1044 MutualFirst Financial IncMFSF
US6284641098 Myers industries inc.MYE
NL0011031208-US MylanMYL
US62856H1077 Myrexis inc cmn stkMYRX
US62855J1043 Myriad genetics, inc.MYGN
BMG6359F1032-US Nabors industries ltd.NBR
US6295791031 Nacco industries inc.NC
VGG639071023-US Nam tai property inc.NTP
US6300761078 Nanologix inc.NNLX
US6300771051 Nanometrics incorporatedNANO
US6300791018 Nanophase tech corpNANX
US63009Y2037 Nanotech entertainment inc.NTEK
US6304021057 Napco security technologies, inc.NSSC
CA63228P1080-US Natcore technology inc.NTCXF
US6323471002 Nathan's famous, inc.NATH
US6336438048 National bank of greece (adr)NBGGY
US6361801011 National fuel gas co. (nj)NFG
US6362744095 National grid plcNGG
US63633D1046 National health investors, inc.NHI
US6365181022 National instruments corporationNATI
US6370711011 National Oilwel VarcoNOV
US6372151042 National presto industries, inc.NPK
US6374171063 National retail properties incNNN
US6375461026 National security group, inc.NSEC
US20440W1053 National Steel CompanySID
US6376401039 Nationstar mortgage holdings inc.NSM
US6388423021 Natural alternatives international, inc.NAII
US63888P4063 Natural health trends corpNHTC
US63900P6088 Natural resources partners l.p.NRP
US6390271012 Nature's sunshine products, inc.NATR
US6390501038 Natus Medical IncorporatedBABY
US63905A1016 Natuzzi, s.p.a.NTZ
US63910B1026 Nautilus incNLS
CA6390971043-US Nautilus minerals inc.NUSMF
US63938C1080 Navient CorNAVI
US63935N1072 Navigant consulting, inc.NCI
MHY621591012-US Navios maritime acquisition corporationNNA
MHY621961033-US Navios maritime holdings inc.NM
US6372291053 Navios maritime midstream partnersNAP
MHY622671029-US Navios maritime partnersNMM
US63934E1082 Navistar international corporationNAV
US6287781024 Nbt bancorp inc.NBTB
US6288522047 Nci building systems, inc.NCS
US62886E1082 Ncr corp.NCR
US6402681083 Nektar therapeuticsNKTR
US64031N1081 Nelnet incNNI
CA64065J1066-US Neocasc inc.NVCN
US6404911066 Neogen corporationNEOG
US64049M1098 Neogenomics, inc.NEO
US64051M4024 Neonode inc.NEON
CA64077P1080-US Neptune technologies & bioresourcesNEPT
US6410694060 Nestle adrNSRGY
US64107N2062 Net 1 ueps technologies, inc.UEPS
US64111R3003 Net element, inc.NETE
US64110D1046 NetAppNTAP
US64110W1027 NetEaseNTES
US64110L1061 NetflixNFLX
US64111Q1040 Netgear, inc.NTGR
US64118P1093 Netlist, inc.NLST
US64115T1043 Netscout systems, inc.NTCT
US64115A2042 Netsol technologies inc.NTWK
US64125C1099 Neurocrine biosciences, inc.NBIX
US6412553025 Neurometrix, inc.NURO
US6412661018 Nevada gold corp.NVGC
US6418761077 New america high income fund, inc.HYB
US6444651060 New germany fund, inc.GF
US6456731040 New ireland fund, inc. (the)IRL
US6460251068 New jersey resources corpNJR
US64704V1061 New media investment group inc.NEWM
US6475811070 New oriental education & technology group incEDU
US64828T2015 New residential investment corp.NRZ
US6486911034 New senior investment group inc.SNR
US6492743058 New world development adrNDVLY
US6494451031 New york community bancorp inc.NYCB
US6496045013 New York Mortgage Trust IncNYMT
US6501111073 New york times co.NYT
US6511911082 Newcrest mining limited adrNCMGY
US6512291062 Newell RubbermaidNWL
US6512901082 Newfield ExplorationNFX
US6515111077 Newlink genetics corporationNLNK
US6515871076 Newmarket corpNEU
US6516391066 Newmont MiningNEM
US6517185046 Newpark resources, inc.NR
US65249B2088 News CorpNWS
US65249B1098 News Corp ANWSA
US6525262035 Newtek business services corp.NEWT
US65340G2057 Nexpoint credit strategies fundNHF
US65336K1034 Nexstar broadcasting group inc.NXST
US65342K1051 Nextdecade corp.NEXT
US65339F1012 NextEra EnergyNEE
US65341B1061 Nextera energy partners lpNEP
US62914B1008 Nic inc.EGOV
US6536561086 Nice-systems limited - american depositary shares each representing one ordinary shareNICE
US65373J2096 Nicholas financial, inc.NICK
GB00BWFY5505-US Nielsen NVNLSN
US62913F5089 NII Holdings IncNIHD
US6541061031 NikeNKE
US6544453037 Nintendo co ltd.NTDOY
US6546241059 Nippon telegraph & telephone corp. (japan)NTTYY
US65473P1057 NiSourceNI
US6291564077 Nl industries, inc.NL
US6293371067 Nn, inc.NNBR
US6548921088 Nobility homes incNOBH
GB00BFG3KF26-US Noble CorporationNE
US6550441058 Noble EnergyNBL
US6549022043 Nokia corp.NOK
US65535H2085 Nomura holdings incNMR
CA65548P4033-US Norbord, inc.OSB
BMG657731060-US Nordic american tankers limitedNAT
BMG657721087-US Nordic amern offshoreNAO
US6556631025 Nordson corporationNDSN
US6556641008 NordstromJWN
US6558441084 Norfolk SouthernNSC
CA65626P1018-US Noront resources ltdNOSOF
US6565531042 Nortech systems incorporatedNSYS
US6565674016 Nortel inversora sa, adrNTL
CA6568441076-US North american energy partnersNOA
CA65704X1096-US North american palladium ltdPALDF
BMG6613P1297-US North atlantic drilling ltd.NADLQ
US6593101065 North european oil royalty trustNRT
US6625463087 North springs resources corp.NSRS
CA66516A1057-US Northern graphite corp.NGPHF
US6657511035 Northern states fiNSFC
US6658591044 Northern TrustNTRS
US6666101000 Northpoint communications group, inc.NPNTQ
US6667641053 Northrim bancorp incNRIM
US6668071029 Northrop GrummanNOC
US66705Y1047 Northstar asset management group, inc.CLNS
US66706L1017 Northstar realty europe corp.NRE
US66737P6007 Northwest Biotherapeutics IncNWBO
US6676551046 Northwest natural gas co.NWN
US6677461013 Northwest pipe companyNWPX
BMG667211046-US Norwegian Cruise LinesNCLH
US66987V1098 Novartis ag baselNVS
US6700021040 Novavax, inc.NVAX
US66988N1063 Noven pharmaceuticals, inc.NOVN
US6701002056 Novo nordisk a/s adrNVO
JE00BYSS4X48-US Novocure limitedNVCR
US48669G1058 Novogen limited (adr)KZIA
US67011P1003 Now inc.DNOW
US64118U1088 Nq mobile inc. american depositary shares, each representing five class aNQ
US6293775085 NRGNRG
US62942X4051 Nrg yield incNYLD
US62942M2017 Ntt docomo, inc.DCM
US67018T1051 Nu Skin EnterprisesNUS
US67020Y1001 Nuance Communications, Inc.NUAN
US6703461052 NucorNUE
US67053A1025 Numerex corp. - class aNMRX
US67058H1023 Nustar energy l.p.NS
US6312261075 Nustar gp holdings llcNSH
US6289161084 Nustar logistics, l.p. 7.625% fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes due 2043NSS
US67059N1081 Nutanix inc.NTNX
CA67077M1086-US Nutrien ltdNTR
US67069D1081 Nutrisystem incNTRI
US67061W1045 Nuveen arizona premium income municipal fundNAZ
US67066Y1055 Nuveen california dividend advantage municipal fundNAC
US67062C1071 Nuveen california municipal value fund, inc.NCA
US67063R1032 Nuveen california select tax-free income portfolioNXC
US67060D1072 Nuveen connecticut premium income municipal fundNTC
US6705091089 Nuveen enhanced municipal value fund common shares of beneficial interestNEV
US67066V1017 Nuveen enhanced quality municipal income fundNAD
US67061Q1076 Nuveen maryland premium income municipal fundNMY
US67061E1047 Nuveen massachusetts premium income municipal fundNMT
US6709791031 Nuveen michigan quality income municipal fundNUM
US67062J1025 Nuveen municipal income fund, inc.NMI
US6709281009 Nuveen municipal value fund, inc.NUV
US67066X1072 Nuveen new york dividend advantage municipal fundNAN
US67062M1053 Nuveen new york municipal value fund, inc.NNY
US67063V1044 Nuveen new york select tax-free income portfolioNXN
US67060P1003 Nuveen north carolina premium income municipal fundNNC
US6709801012 Nuveen ohio quality income municipal fundNUO
US6709721087 Nuveen pennsylvania investment quality municipal fundNQP
US67075A1060 Nuveen preferred and income term fund common shares of beneficial interestJPI
US67073B1061 Nuveen preferred income opportunities fundJPC
US67072C1053 Nuveen preferred securites income fundJPS
US67061T1016 Nuveen select maturities municipal fundNIM
US67063C1062 Nuveen select tax free income portfolio 2NXQ
US67062F1003 Nuveen select tax-free income portfolioNXP
US67063X1000 Nuveen select tax-free income portfolio 3NXR
US67067Y1047 Nuveen senior income fundNSL
US6709831050 Nuveen texas quality income municipal fundNTX
US67064R1023 Nuveen virginia premium income municipal fundNPV
US6294452064 Nve corporationNVEC
US62948J1034 Nw tech capital incNWTT
NL0009538784-US NXPNXPI
BSP733981026-US Nymox pharmaceutical corporationNYMX
US67107W1009 O2micro international limited (adr)OIIM
US6740012017 Oaktree capital group, llc class a units representing limited liability company interestsOAK
US67401P1084 Oaktree specialty lending corpOCSL
US6742151086 Oasis petroleum inc.OAS
US67424L1008 Obalon TherapeuticsOBLN
CA7078871059-US Obsidian energy ltdOBE
US6745991058 OccidentalOXY
US6746311066 Ocean bio-chem, inc.OBCI
US6748704078 Ocean Power Technologies IncOPTT
MHY643542050-US Ocean Rig UDW IncORIG
CA6752221037-US Oceanagold corporationOCANF
US6752321025 Oceaneering international, inc.OII
US6752341080 Oceanfirst financial corp.OCFC
US67555N2062 Oclaro IncOCLR
US67572P1012 Octagon 88 resources, inc.OCTX
US6757463095 Ocwen financial corp.OCN
US6761182012 Odyssey marine exploration, inc.OMEX
US6762201068 Office depot inc.ODP
PR67103X1020-US Ofg bancorpOFG
US6708371033 Oge energy corp.OGE
US67778H2004 Ohr pharmaceuticals, inc.OHRP
US6780261052 Oil states international, inc.OIS
US6778641000 Oil-dri corp. of americaODC
US6792951054 Okta inc.OKTA
US6795801009 Old dominion freight line, inc.ODFL
US6802231042 Old republic international corp.ORI
US6802771005 Old second bancorp, inc.OSBC
US6806652052 Olin CorporationOLN
US68162K1060 Olympic steel, inc.ZEUS
US6819361006 Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI
US68210P1075 Omega protein corp.OME
US6821431029 Omeros corporationOMER
US68217C2089 OmintoOMNT
US68213N1090 Omnicell, inc.OMCL
US6819191064 OmnicomOMC
US68212U1043 Omnicomm systems, incOMCM
US6821291019 Omnova solutions incOMN
US6821591087 On assignment, inc.ASGN
US6821631008 On deck capital inc.ONDK
IL0010834682-US On track innovationsOTIV
CA6823101077-US Oncolytics biotech, inc.ONCYF
US68234L2079 Oncosec medical inc.ONCS
US68235H2058 One horizon group, inc.OHGI
US6826801036 ONEOKOKE
US6828751098 Onstream media corpONSM
CA6837151068-US Open text corporationOTEX
US6837451037 Ophthotech corporationOPHT
US68375N1037 Opko health incOPK
US6837501039 Opnet technologies inc.OPNT
US6839601084 Opti inc.OPTI
US68401P2056 Optimumbank holdings, inc.OPHC
US6839481032 Option care, inc.OPTN
US6840081052 Options media group holdingsOPMG
US68389X1054 OracleORCL
US68403P2039 Oramed pharmaceuticals, inc.ORMP
US6840601065 OrangeORAN
US68554V1089 Orasure technologies, inc.OSUR
US6855593041 Orbit international corporationORBT
US68557N1037 Orbital atk incOA
IL0010823388-US Orbotech ltd. - ordinary sharesORBK
US68571X1037 Orchid Island CapitalORC
US67103H1077 OreillyORLY
US6861643020 Orexigen therapeutics, inc.OREX
US68620A1043 Organovo HldgsONVO
VGG678281061-US Origin agritech limitedSEED
US6862283057 Originclear incOCLN
US68628V3087 Orion group holdings, inc.ORN
US6863301015 Orix corp. (japan)IX
US6866881021 Ormat technologies incORA
ANN6748L1027-US Orthofix international n.v.OFIX
CA68759M1014-US Orvana minereals corpORVMF
US6882392011 Oshkosh corp (new)OSK
US6710441055 Osi systems, inc.OSIS
US68827R1086 Osiris therapeutics, inc.OSIR
CA68827L1013-US Osisko gold royalties ltd.OR
US68906L1052 Otonomy, inc.OTIC
US6896481032 Otter tail corporationOTTR
US19259P3001 Outerwall, inc.CSTR
US69036R8631 Overseas shipholding group, inc.OSG
US6903701018, inc.OSTK
US6907321029 Owens & minor, inc.OMI
US69073F1030 Owens corningOC
US6907684038 Owens-IllinoisOI
US6914973093 Oxford industries, inc.OXM
US6915431026 Oxford lane capital corp.OXLC


US6928305084 P & f industries, inc. - class aPFIN
US6931491061 P.a.m. transportation services, inc.PTSI
US7156841063 P.t. telekomunikasi indonesia (persero)TLK
US69404D1081 Pacific biosciences of california, inc.PACB
US69404P2002 Pacific capital bancorpPCBC
US6941031022 Pacific Coast Oil Trust UnitsROYT
US69423U3059 Pacific ethanol, inc.PEIX
US69331C1080 Pacific Gas&ElectricPCG
US69439P2092 Pacific health care organization inc.PFHO
US6945521002 Pacific mercantile bancorpPMBC
US69478X1054 Pacific premier bancorp incPPBI
US6951271005 Pacira pharaceuticals inc.PCRX
US6951561090 Packaging of AmericaPKG
US6952631033 Pacwest bancorpPACW
US69562K5065 Pain therapeuticsPTIE
AU000000PDN8-US Paladin energy ltd npvPALAF
US6974351057 Palo alto networks, inc.PANW
CA6979001089-US Pan american silver corp.PAAS
CA69806Y1060-US Pan orient energy corpPOEFF
US69811Q1067 Panacos pharmaceuticals, inc.PANC
US69832A2050 Panasonic corpPCRFY
US6983541078 Pandora media, inc.P
US6988131024 Papa john's international, inc.PZZA
US35803U1088 Papa murphy's holdings, inc.FRSH
US69916A1051 Parallax health sciences inc.PRLX
US6993743029 Paratek pharmaceuticals, inc.PRTK
US7004162092 Park electrochemical corp.PKE
US7006661000 Park-ohio holdings corp.PKOH
US7008851062 Parke bancorp, inc.PKBK
US7010811013 Parker drilling co.PKD
US7010941042 Parker-HannifinPH
US7013543001 Parkervision, inc.PRKR
US70211M1099 Partner communications company ltd. - american depositary shares, each representing one ordinary sharePTNR
US70213A1034 Partners trust financial group, inc.PRTR
US7021491052 Party city holdco inc.PRTY
US7033431039 Patrick industries, inc.PATK
US7033951036 Patterson companies, inc.PDCO
US7034811015 Patterson-uti energy, inc.PTEN
US6247521015 Paul mueller companyMUEL
US7043261079 PaychexPAYX
US7021451031 Paylocity holding corporationPCTY
US70450Y1038 PayPal Holdings IncPYPL
US69317R2022 Pbs holding inc.PBHG
US69318J1007 Pc connection, inc.CNXN
US69325Q1058 Pc-tel, inc.PCTI
US69327R1014 Pdc energy, inc.PDCE
US6932821050 Pdf solutions, inc.PDFS
US69329Y1047 Pdl biopharma, inc.PDLI
US7050151056 Pearson plcPSO
US7055731035 Pegasystems inc.PEGA
CA7059071034-US Pele mountain resources inc.GOLDF
CA70706P1045-US Pengrowth EnergyPGH
US7075691094 Penn national gaming, inc.PENN
US7080621045 PennantPark Investment CorporaPNNT
US7084301032 Penns woods bancorp, inc.PWOD
US7091021078 Pennsylvania real estate investment trustPEI
US70931T1034 Pennymac mortgage investment trust common shares of beneficial interestPMT
US70959W1036 Penske automotive group incPAG
IE00BLS09M33-US Pentair plc. ordinary sharePNR
CA70964T1030-US Pentanova energy corpPENYF
US7127041058 People's UnitedPBCT
US7097891011 Peoples bancorp inc.PEBO
US7105771072 Peoples bancorp of north carolina, inc.PEBK
US7134481081 PepsicoPEP
US71361F1003 Perceptron, inc.PRCP
US7136614036 Peregrine pharmaceuticalsPPHMP
US05368M1062 Peregrine pharmaceuticals inc.CDMO
US71375U1016 Perficient, inc.PRFT
US7140461093 PerkinElmerPKI
US7141571049 Perma-fix environmental services, inc.PESI